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Tom Corbett Space Cadet Radio

ABC Radio Network:    

Tom Corbett
Roger Manning.....JAN MERLIN
Astro .......AL MARKIM
Capt Strong ........EDWARD BRYCE
Commander Arkwright .....CARTER BLAKE

The following log is presented in two parts. Part A is a line listing by date and title (or description) for a quick reference. Part B is a detailed listing of shows with reference to actors and authors. Some problems have occurred in locating early shows and many dates are from trader's catalogs. A 1976 request made to the ABC radio network for any information on dates and/or story lines of the TC radio show was unsuccessful. Now, with over 50+ years distance from the original source, a 100% accurate log may not be possible.

The current log was updated from research conducted by Martin Grams Jr. Martin's work is extensive and should be as accurate as we can expect. Further updates or correction to this radio log may be directed to the Academy.

Thanks to Martin for his help in improving this log. Martin has a number of books on Old Time Radio that are a great resources for OTR fans. Other works by Martin include "Suspense: Twenty Years of Thrills and Chills," "The History of the Cavalcade of America," and co-author of "The CBS Radio Mystery Theater: An Episode Guide and Handbook to Nine Years of Broadcasting, 1974-82." Current work includes "Have Gun, Will Travel" and "The Alfred Hitchcock Presents Companion".

OTR fan and fellow cadet Jeff Quick, has placed all of the known radio shows into circulation in re mastered MP3 format. For information on how to get copies of the shows see the Cadet News article at this link. Some of the shows were Canadian broadcasts that contained different Commercials for Kelloggs - Corn Flakes instead of PEP cereal. Some of the broadcast end with information about the Tom Corbett Newspaper comic strip. The radio log will be updated with the different commercials for the Academy archives.

PART A : Radio Log Quick Checklist

| Introduction | Part A Quick List | Part B Show Summary | Missing Shows | Top

By Martin Grams Jr. with additional research by Gordon Payton

Only 52 episodes were broadcast, which makes sense as 52 was a very common number for syndication (once-a-week). Most program recorded and later broadcast had 52 or 104 episodes. The series was recorded in New York City, using New York actors in the roles.

The show was broadcast Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, originating from WABC in New York, 5:30 to 6 pm, EST.

Although this series was broadcast at the same time as the television counterpart, I suspect that the radio scripts were adaptations of the television scripts, so if one was to browse through the old TV Guides one might find the same plots with titles and fill in the blanks.
The "*" indicates lost recording, no one seems to have an existing copy.
(This info came from official records.)

Episodes #  --------- Guests:
1 - 2, Peter Capell
9 - 10, Berry Kroeger
21 - 22, Connie Lempke and James Monks
23 - 24, Peter Capell, Maurice Tarplin, and Elspeth Eric
25 - 26, Luis Van Rooten
27 - 28, Ian martin, Gilbert Mack (known for supplying the voices of dogs, cats, and other animals on numerous radio shows), and Paul Ford
29 - 30, Sarah Bushel
37 - 38, Luis Van Rooten
39 - 40, Ian Martin and Susan Douglas
41 - 42, Leon Janney and Connie Lempke
43 - 44, Joseph Ballow, William Keen, and James Monks
45 - 46, Maurice Tarplin
47 - 48, Ian Martin and Dick Keith
49 - 50, Ivor Francis and Ian Martin

Quick List

1. [Title Unknown] [part one] (1/1/52) *
2. [Title Unknown-Crystal Smugglers of Titan] [part two] (1/3/52)
3. "Rocket Into Danger" [part one] (1/8/52)
4. "Rocket Into Danger" [part two] (1/10/52)
5. "Space Station of Danger" [part one] (1/15/52)
6. "Space Station of Danger" [part two] (1/17/52)
7. "Shanghaied on a Deep Spacer" [part one] (1/22/52)
8. "Shanghaied on a Deep Spacer" [part two] (1/24/52)
9. "Operation: Hide and Seek" [part one] (1/29/52)
10. "Operation: Hide and Seek" [part two] (1/31/52)
11. "Doomed Cargo" [part one] (2/5/52)
12. "Doomed Cargo" [part two] (2/7/52)
13. "Interplanetary Space Tournament" (2/12/52) *
14. "Interplanetary Space Tournament" (2/14/52) *
15. [Title unknown] [part one] (2/19/52) *
16. [Title unknown] [part two] (2/21/52) Ice caves of Pluto.
17. "Trial in Space" [part one] (2/26/52)
18. "Trial in Space" [part two] (2/28/52)
19. "Asteroid of Danger" [part one] (3/4/52)
20. "Asteroid of Danger" [part two] (3/6/52)
21. "The Giant of Mercury" [part one] (3/11/52)
22. "The Giant of Mercury" [part two] (3/13/52)
23. "Atmosphere of Death" [part one] (3/18/52)
24. "Atmosphere of Death" [part two] (3/20/52)
25. "Mission of Mercy" [part one] (3/25/52)
26. "Mission of Mercy" [part two] (3/27/52)
27. "Double Cross in Space" [part one] (4/1/52)
28. "Double Cross in Space" [part two] (4/3/52)
29. "The Mystery of the Sparkling Meteor" [part one] (4/8/52)
30. "The Mystery of the Sparkling Meteor" [part two] (4/10/52)
31. "Holiday of Terror" [part one] (4/15/52)
32. "Holiday of Terror" [part two] (4/17/52)
33. "The Riddle of Astro" [part one] (4/22/52)
34. "The Riddle of Astro" [part two] (4/24/52)
35. "Escort of Death" [part one] (4/29/52)
36. "Escort of Death" [part two] (5/1/52)
37. "Danger in Deep Space" [part one] (5/6/52)
38. "Danger in Deep Space" [part two] (5/8/52)
39. "Marooned with Death" [part one] (5/13/52)
40. "Marooned with Death" [part two] (5/15/52)
41. "The Greatest Show in the Universe" (5/20/52)
42. "The Greatest Show in the Universe" (5/22/52)
43. "Revolt on Prison Rock" [part one] (5/27/52)
44. "Revolt on Prison Rock" [part two] (5/29/52)
45. "The Vultures of Space" [part one] (6/3/52)
46. "The Vultures of Space" [part two] (6/5/52)
47. "Satellite of Death" [part one] (6/10/52)
48. "Satellite of Death" [part two] (6/12/52)
49. "Pursuit of Danger" [part one] (6/17/52)
50. "Pursuit of Danger" [part two] (6/19/52)
51. "A Round Trip to Disaster" [part one] (6/24/52) *
52. "A Round Trip to Disaster" [part two] (6/26/52) *

by Cadet Ed Pippin

| Introduction | Part A Quick List | Part B Show Summary | Missing Shows

Captions in (    ) are commonly noted titles from OTR traders catalogue's.

As noted, some Canadian radio transcriptions in circulation have different commercials. If you note a different commercial, please forward information to the Academy for inclusion in this summary log.

Episode 1- 01/01/52 Part 1 - Title Unknown- Missing
Episode 2- 01/03/52 Part 2 Title Unknown- Crystal Smugglers of Titan
Cast: Deck Officer: Peter Capella
Commercial: Magic Eye rings in PEP

The three members of the Polaris unit are in their dorm room ( Section 42-D) when they are called to duty to investigate a smuggling ring that is stealing Titan crystal. While at the briefing Lt Mesko, an undercover agent from Titan, crashes his ship while trying to land. The ship was turned into pure Titan crystal, a substance stronger than steel. The unrefined crystal will turn metal into crystal and someone had sabotaged Lt Mesko's ship. The Cadets discover a Martian Deck Officer is smuggling the crystal aboard the Mary Wells freighter at night with a reported "lost" jet boat. The cadets stowaway on the jet boat, but are discovered and locked into the hold. In order to escape, the cadets pull away the insulation of the jet boat exposing it to the crystal. The jet boat turns to crystal and the cadets escape in their spacesuits and are pickup by Capt Strong on the Polaris.

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Episode 3- - ROCKET INTO DANGER - Part 1 - 01/8/52
Written by Jack Weinstock & Willie Gilbert
Commercial: Magic Moving Picture eye rings - 16 different.

(The Lost Pilot)The Space Station M5 in orbit around Mars is receiving a routine report from a rocket scout when transmission is cut off causing the Solar Patrol to go into alert. The Polaris unit is assigned to find the missing scout. Astro and Roger are having a fight when Capt Strong shames the cadets for not showing more team work. They must rely on teamwork later when Astro and Roger go out to repair the radar of the Polaris. They must save each other when a near miss by an asteroid throws Roger off of the Polaris.

Episode 4- ROCKET INTO DANGER - Part 2 - 01/10/52
(Search for Missing rocket scout) Searching for Capt Parker seems to be fruitless until Roger sights a lifeboat near the orbit of Jupiter. The lifeboat is empty but the ships log indicates Parker is on the surface of Jupiter. The atmosphere and gravity pose a problem for the cadets but the pilot is rescued while the cadets have to drag Parker out of the atmosphere and dodge Jupiter quakes.
NOTE: Sometimes these two episodes are listed as searching for Capt Parker

Episode 5- SPACE STATION OF DANGER - Part 1 - 01/15/52
Written by: Jack Weinstock & Willie Gilbert
Commercial : Magic Eye Rings

Tom & Roger are sent to Venus Space Station for training while Astro is on special assignment. Before leaving for Venus the cadets witness Capt Loring ordered grounded for disobeying Space Regs. Loring plans revenge against the company who took his franchise by causing accidents. He disables a freighter causing it to crash into the Venus Space Station. Meanwhile aboard the space station Roger Manning has altered the communications so he can call his girl on Earth. AS USUAL Roger is caught and placed on report after he returns the set to normal use. Not long after Roger's reprimand the sabotaged freighter crashes into the station and Roger is held for investigation. Roger's word as a cadet leads to an investigation of the wreck which indicates sabotage. Loring and his pilot Ross are questioned and Ross confesses and flees out an air lock in panic. Roger is cleared and placed on probation .

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Episode 6- SPACE STATION OF DANGER - Part 2 - 01/17/52
Canadian broadcast- Kellogg's Corn Flake sponsor.
Commercial: Baking pans and bowls from Kellogg's

After Roger is cleared, Capt Strong is overpowered by Loring while transporting him to Venus. Loring escapes to the Venus jungles in a jet boat leaving Strong knocked out in the Scout ship. Astro returns to the unit and joins Tom in the search for Loring in the Venus jungle. The cadets find Lorings hideout only to be captured by Loring and frozen by a parollel ray gun leaving them as a meal for a T. Rex dinosaur. Roger and Capt Strong search for the missing cadets only to watch in horror as Loring tries to take off in the jet boat and be eaten by the T. Rex he made Tom and Astro bait for. The cadets were frozen and ignored by the dinosaur, but Loring was moving and a prime target. The unit regroups and heads back to the Academy.

Episode 7-- SHANGHAIED ON A DEEP SPACER - Part 1 - 01/22/52
While returning from a vacation Tom is Shanghaied by Dawson, first mate of the deep space freighter Constellation. Tom tries to explain to Capt. Pickering that he was a Space Cadet, but is ignored. Tom is befriended by a fellow shipmate, Harris, and jump ship at Venusport.

Episode 8- SHANGHAIED ON A DEEP SPACER - Part 2 - 01/24/52
Tom and Harris are found by the Venusport port guards and taken to the Port Commander. However, Chief Warrant officer Porter doesn't believe Tom's story and turn him over to Pickering who tries to kill Constellation before it can reach it's destination in deep space, Sirius.

Episode 9- OPERATION HIDE AND SEEK - Part 1 - 01/29/52
Written by: Don Hughs
(Training Mission)The Polaris unit take part in Space Maneuvers with Capt Strong the two with work. Tom leads a mutiny, the Polaris crew blast off to intercept the as an Outlaw and the Polaris Unit as the trackers. Using a Sniffer the cadets find Capt Strong and another radiation pattern which they follow. They find a rocket scout, thinking it is Capt Strong, but are fired on . A fake radio call scares the pirates away from the Polaris and allows the cadets to escape.

Episode 10- OPERATION HIDE AND SEEK - Part 2- 01/31/52
Astro recovers from his head injury and urges the Polaris crew to continue the search for the pirate ship. Unknown to Tom, Roger plotted a pursuit course of the highjacked rocket cruiser, Pollux, into the Asteroids. Tom places the Polaris in front of asteroid 149 to screen them from the pirate’s radar and observe the pirate crew “burying” their stolen cargo on Asteroid 406. Capt Thorne, the pirate captain, sights the Polaris and threatens to blast the unarmed Polaris to Atomic dust. Tom creates a fake Solar Guard transmission with Astro pretending to be Commander Wood of the Solar Guard’s 3rd Space Fleet. The fake transmission panics the pirates into surrendering to the “overwhelming” force of the 3rd fleet. Tom joins Capt Blake and his cadet crew on the Pollux where they were being held as slave laborers for the pirates. Capt Blake had reinforced Tom’s bluff about a large Academy fleet with misinformation that helped panic the pirates.
Sponsor: Kellogg’s Corn Flakes
Canadian broadcast

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Episode 11- DOOMED CARGO - Missing - Part 1 - 02/5/52

Episode 12- DOOMED CARGO - Part 2 - 02/07/52
(Vanadium smugglers)Vanadium is hijacked from the Elise Joe and the Solar Guard believe the hijacking was an inside job of the Elise Joe's crew.The Polaris chase a rocket scout from the Elise Joe only to be out distanced by the scout which disappears on the dark side of Mercury. The hijacker's camp is located but the cadet's spacesuits are short circuited by the cold and emergency batteries are used to warm their suits. While Astro and Roger lay down as decoys,Tom gets the drop on the them and rounds up the criminals.

Episode 13- INTERPLANETARY SPACE TOURNAMENT - Missing Part 1 - 02/12/52
Episode 14- INTERPLANETARY SPACE TOURNAMENT - Missing Part 2 - 02/14/52

Episode 15- Title unknown- Missing Part 1 - 02/19/52
Episode 16- Title unknown- (Ice caves of Pluto) Part 2 - 02/21/52
Written by: Richard Jessup
Cast: Barry Kroger

(Astro gets lost in ice caves of Pluto)The crew of the Polaris and Major "Blastoff" Connel are looking for caves on Pluto suitable for future colonies. While Tom and Connel look around, Astro and Roger take the jet boat for a test ride against orders only to crash the jet boat. Connell hand the two cadets 99 demerits (100 gets you expelled) and are ordered to stay out of trouble. Tom and Roger are cut off by a snow avalanche from Astro and Connell. Tom saves the two by using the back wash of the jet boat to melt the snow from the entrance of the ice cave.

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Episode 17- TRIAL IN SPACE - Part 1 - 02/26/52
Written by: Jack Weinstock & Willie Gilbert
Commercial: Magic Movie Eyes
Cast: Cadet Harvey- Jack Grimes
Note: Cadet Harvey is played by the same Jack Grimes that replaces Roger on the Radar deck as Cadet T.J. Thistle when Jan Merlin left the show in 1954. Cadet Harvey was played by John Weaver for the TV broadcast (See TV log- July 21, 1951). The radio and TV shows had the same space fever plot line with a different final crisis for the TV broadcast.

(Astro gets Space Fever) Returning from training, Astro becomes ill and Tom must bring the ship down alone. Blaming fatigue, Astro doesn't feel he is sick until he drops a deadly acids while in the lab and Tom has to save him again. DR Dale fears Space Fever, which would give Astro a medical discharge from the Academy. Cadet Harvey takes Astro's place and the Polaris unit blast off to Mars with Astro aboard as a patient to test his reaction in Space.

Episode 18- TRIAL IN SPACE - Part 2 - 02/28/52
(Cadets Shipwrecked) On Mars Tom tries to help Astro and suggests a leave of absence only to make him mad and threatens to resigns. Due to Astro's mood and Roger's heckling the two are ready to fight when the Polaris is caught in a space storm (sunspots) and crash-land on Mars. Capt Strong is hurt, Roger is lost on Mars looking for the oxygen booster plant and Astro saves the Polaris crew and gets everyone back to the Academy. Test proves Astro was suffering from fatigue and is allowed to return as a full cadet again.

Episode 19- ASTEROID OF DANGER - Part 1 - 03/04/52
Written by: Gilbert Brann
(Dr. Dale & Manning disappear) A rare ore from Asteroid 2049 is given to the Polaris Unit for a class room assignment. The ore proves to be a new fuel and Roger and DR Dale are sent to the Asteroid to conduct experiments only to disappear. Tom & Astro investigate the rocket scout only to be trapped in the ship which is about to explode. The cadets cut their way out in time and back to the Polaris.

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Episode 20- ASTEROID OF DANGER - Part 2 - 03/06/52
(Manning kidnaped) Several incomplete radio messages indicate the Mason gang kidnaped DR Dale and Roger. Tom uses the Polaris as a decoy and rescue DR Dale and Manning while Capt Strong fires a space torpedo into the kidnappers ship leaving the Mason gang stranded on the Asteroids.

Episode 21- THE GIANT OF MERCURY - Part 1 - 03/11/52
Written by: Don Hughes
Cast: Connie Lympky and James Montes.
Commercial: PEP magic eyes.

While heading to Venus for leave the cadets are ordered to investigate Zero A Fever on Mercury Space Station. The station is in shambles and the two teams of scientist are missing. The station log states the scientist saw giant men. Tom & Roger find giant robots and are cut off from the Polaris. Roger saves the day by jamming the radio frequency of the robots.

Episode 22- THE GIANT OF MERCURY - Part 2 - 03/13/52
Medics arrive and try to treat Tom for Zero A Fever but are surprised by giant robots controlled by Capt Strong and Roger. However, the pirates gain control over the robots and capture a nurse and demand the Solar Guards surrender. Tom uses a stronger transmitter over powers the pirates control only to be confronted by an atomic warhead aimed at the Polaris. Tom wins out by sending the robots up the rocket launcher of the pirate ships, blowing up the crew.

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Episode 23- ATMOSPHERE OF DEATH - Part 1 - 03/18/52
Written by: Elwood Holfman
Cast: Peter Capell, Marie Tarplin William Keens, Elsfit Eric

Barton Reed,an emissary from Venus and escorted by Tom & Roger, is killed by Alexandria Stone using an outlawed heat ray. The cadets grab a ride on a Solar Guard ship in pursuit of Stone. They transfer in mid space to the passenger line heading for Venus where they find their contact (Mr Deagon) knocked out with Marco-gas. When revived he warns of a bomb on board. The cadets find and disposed of it out of the air lock and kills Stone in the blast.

Episode 24- ATMOSPHERE OF DEATH - Part 2 - 03/20/52
Tom & Roger find the rebel group on Venus who plan to suffocate the planet by blowing up the atmosphere stations. Dodging assassination the cadets round up the rebels and make Venus safe.

Episode 25- MISSION OF MERCY - Part 1 - 03/25/52
Written by: Hal Rine
Cast: Luis Van Rooten

Tom & Roger are both campaigning for President of the Cadet Body when an epidemic of unknown origin breaks out on Titan. The Polaris is ordered to evacuate the children from the Titan colony but Roger breaks quarantine to see a girl. Tom contracts the disease after he goes after Roger and is accused of jumping ship. Tom's illness becomes critical when he volunteers to act as a guinea pig for an untested vaccine.

Episode 26- MISSION OF MERCY - Part 2 - 03/27/52
The Toris from Titan is stricken with the disease and is missing. DR Lee,Tom and the rest of the Polaris crew search for the missing ship when Tom, still weak from being ill, makes a mistake in navigation. The Polaris is hit by a meteor, Capt Strong is knocked out and the Toris is found while on the way to Mars for repairs. The Polaris's power system is out and Tom jumps to the Toris using an oxygen bottle as a jet. Tom uses the vaccine and the children on the Toris are saved.

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Episode 27- DOUBLE CROSS IN SPACE - Part 1 - 04/01/52
Written by: Richard Jessup
Cast: Paul Ford, Ian Martin, and Gilbert Mack.
Commercial: PEP cutouts for Cadets and DR Dale. Commercial includes a call from the titan station asking for more PEP

Roger leaves the Academy thinking he washed out, instead of washing out he was on the honor roll. Roger becomes involved with two asteroid miners, Brady and Peters. The three head out to the asteroids on the Jenny Alden. The robbery of N72C interrupts Tom search for Roger, while Roger finds the missing N72C on the Jenny Alden.

Episode 28- DOUBLE CROSS IN SPACE - Part 2 - 04/3/52
The N72C is critical to the Solar Guard fleet and is grounded until it can be found. Capt Strong and Tom go underground to find the missing N72C, where Tom meets an underground contact Skinny who finds Brady's ship. They bugg Brady's ship but Tom falls into a trap on the 2d Moon of Jupiter. Skinny rescues Tom and revels he was an enlisted guardsman and always wanted a solar medal. (Skinny is also a character in the Grosset and Dunlap book series)

Episode 29- MYSTERY OF THE SPARKLING METEOR - Part 1 - 04/08/52
Written by: Jack Weinstock & Willie Gilbert
Cast: Sarah Bushel (DR Dale???)

Sector 7 comet watch fails to report on schedule and the Polaris crew are ordered to investigate. The sector has claimed the lives of 3 Solar guardsmen under questionable conditions. The Polaris find a ship drifting in space with Capt Powers and his son aboard. Capt Powers is unconscious from a fever and is taken back to the academy by Capt Strong while the cadets stay on comet watch. Roger missed plotting the course of a strange meteor that sparkled when it files by and the crew has to return to the Academy.

Episode 30- MYSTERY OF THE SPARKLING METEOR - Part 2 - 04/10/52
Roger, Capt Strong and DR Dale search for the sparkling meteor to analyze it. When the meteor is found Roger and Capt Strong jump toward the comet to take a sample. Jody,Power's son, has stowed away on the Polaris and warns DR Dale that the comet is contra terra. If Roger and Strong touch it they will be blown up. With the radio out DR Dale has to move the Polaris between the comet and Capt Strong. The Mystery is solved and the Polaris heads home.

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Episode 31- HOLIDAY OF TERROR - Part 1 - 04/15/52
Written by: Don Hughs
Commercial: PEP announces a new PEP package.
Venus celebrates its 100 years of independence and the cadets have a weeks leave to spend at Astro's uncle Gold mine in Gold City, Venus. The boys find the town deserted and the people loading the towns gold into a freighter along with robots (referred to in Giants of Mercury episode). Roger heads for the patrol while Tom and Astro free the camp. Roger is shot down and the pirates escape in a faster ship.

Episode 32- HOLIDAY OF TERROR - Part 2 - 04/17/52
The cadets find the pirates den only to be confronted with many super-science inventions. The pirates have doubled back to Venus into an underground hanger where the pirates are forced out into the open with a fake radio message. The cadets are outnumbered until Tom bobby trapped the freighter causing the pirates to blast themselves and the robots.

Episode 33- THE RIDDLE OF ASTRO - Part 1 - 04/22/52
Written by: Ben Peter Freedman
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Floods of Midwest and request for help from the Red Cross.

(Murko Kidnaps Astro) Astro is captured by his cousin Murko while on leave in Venusport and drugged to learn about the patrol and his friends. Murko takes Astro's place but Tom is suspicious until Murko says he has forgetful spells due to a head injury. Tom follows Murko and finds a package he was carrying. Murko is overcome by Astro when Murko pulls a gun on Tom and a plan is revealed to use patrol ships to smuggle RDX into Mars Colony.

Episode 34- THE RIDDLE OF ASTRO- Part 2 - 04/24/52
(Astro impersonates his crooked cousin) (Astro takes Murkos place) Murko frees himself and calls his contact Beale telling him the RDX will be on the Polaris. Astro is in Marsport contacting the smugglers while Tom and Roger are waylaid by Beales men. Astro is on the Monorail where Beale's men try to throw him over a chasm when Roger and Tom rescue Astro.

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Episode 35- ESCORT OF DEATH - Part 1 - 4/29/52
Written by: Gilbert Brann

Tom & Roger are ordered to guard Sally Wood,daughter to one of the largest spaceship designers in the system and a large sum of money she is carrying in Polar City. The cadets are drugged and wake up in a hotel in Polar City and Sally is missing. Reading the tele-news the cadets find that their ship has crashed and they are being sought as fugitives by the Solar Guard. The cadets chase a ship with Sally Wood in it but are forced down by the Solar Guard. Sally is being held by Anders who is after the ship plans Sally is carrying.

Episode 36- ESCORT OF DEATH - Part 2 - 5/1/52
Tom and Roger set up a meeting with Capt Strong only to be shot down by the Guard where they crash near the Anders Mansion. Anders captures the cadets, but they escape through the air ducts, have an adventure in the jungle and rescue Sally. Capt Strong arrives with the Solar Guard and the cadet's names are cleared.

Episode 37- DANGER IN DEEP SPACE Part 1 - 5/6/52
Written by: Richard Jessup
Cast:Thruston-Luis Van Rooten

Date-May 6th 2352 (note date of show) and the cadets report to Major "Blastoff, however the cadets report to the wrong ship and receive demerits before reporting to the Anne Jones for a test of a long range transmission beam. Two enlisted men, Thruston and Lewis, jump and replace the regular crew of the Anne Jones causing trouble for the cadets with Major Connell through sabotage. Their plan works and Roger & Astro are relived of duty and the two saboteurs are put in their place. The site of the test is a moon of Tara made of copper, a valuable metal for space flight. Lewis tries to suffocate Tom and the Major by locking them outside of the airlock. The plan backfires and Lewis is killed and Thruston is placed under arrest.

Episode 38- DANGER IN DEEP SPACE Part 2 - 5/8/52
The copper moon is turned into a large rocket ship with timed explosions. Roger makes a mistake, firing a charge an hour to soon, resulting in a fight with Thruston. However, the fight is a calculation of Thruston to push Roger's button. Tom is overpowered and the Major and Astro are marooned on the moon and are saved by a free fall trick of Tom and recaptures the Polaris. Thruston is recaptured, the charges on the Tara's moon are reset and the cooper moon is blasted into Earth's solar system.

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Episode 39- MAROONED WITH DEATH - Part 1 - 5/13/52
Written by: Gilbert Brann
Cast: Capt Yates-Eian Martin, Daughter- Susan Douglas
Commercial: Official Space Cadet Goggles to be used for sunglasses etc. Send 25 cents and Kellogg's box top to B-346 Battle Creek Mich
Special Note: This radio play was adapted and rebroadcast at two conventions-Newark NJ Radio Convention Oct 1993 and the 2001 Williamsburg Film Festival.

The Polaris is sent to another solar system to investigate the disappearance of four other expeditions. A new frontier planet in the distance solar system, Object Delport, holds promise with a tropical climate and an abundance of fresh water and food. The Polaris must land on Object Delport for supplies when a sun flare causes their supply rocket to miss its meeting with the Polaris. Roger complains about the regulation of wearing a spacesuit on a new planet when a tidal wave washes over the ship and crew. The Polaris is damaged and a trial of smoke is seen in the distance.

Episode 40- MAROONED WITH DEATH - Part 2 - 5/15/52
A colony under Capt Yates, Commander of the first expedition, is discovered. Remnants of other 4 expeditions are evident in the colony and a confrontation between the cadets and Yates land the cadets in a cave where digging noises attract the cadets to a cell next to them. The cadets tunnel to the sounds and find Capt Larkin, Commander of the 4th expedition, imprisoned. Not expecting more than one person, Yates is overpowered and the cadets take over.

Episode 41- THE GREATEST SHOW IN THE UNIVERSE - Part 1 - 5/20/52
Written by Palmer Thompson
Cast: Maja-Connie Lemkie, Vance-John Griggs(?), Col Wilberforce-Leon Janny.

The Polaris unit are assigned to transport Col Rosco Wilberforce and his circus to Venus. The cadets solve the problem of transporting animals in free fall and blast off is without a problem. However, the big cats are freed by Vance,their keeper, in order to wreak the circus. The cats trap Tom, Roger and Maja but Tom places the ship in free fall and freeze the cats with a paralyzer ray.

Episode 42- THE GREATEST SHOW IN THE UNIVERSE - Part 2 - 5/22/52
On Venus, Maja checks her cats only to find Vance setting fire to the circus. Maja is captured by Vance and a fire started by Vance covers his escape with Maja. The fire is extinguished and the circus is saved due to the low oxygen and gravity of Venus. Vance is trying to convince Maja to join another circus and blast off in a jet boat. Tom & Roger ram the jet boat forcing it to land where they overpower Vance.

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Episode 43- REVOLT ON PRISON ROCK Part 1 - 5/27/52
Written by Ben Peter Freedman
Cast: Bull Carson-William Keen, Hauge-James Montes, Jeffers-Joseph Ballow
SPECIAL INTEREST: Frankie Thomas announces that the Tom Corbett Show has won the Boy Scouts of America's Award of High Standard for Family Entertainment.

Bull Carson and Hauge overpower the warden of a maximum security asteroid jail, Prison Rock, steal the Solar Patrol's code book and send a fake message to the Polaris on guard duty orbit around the asteroid. When Tom, Roger and Capt Jeffers land they are led into a trap by Hauge, but the cadets and the warden escape to the radio room. They find that the radio is smashed but use their spacesuits to swim the canal system to the atmosphere generators. With the air generators shut down the convicts pass out, allowing the cadets to disarm them. All of the convicts are recaptured, except Bull and Hauge who steal the Polaris and escape.

Episode 44- REVOLT ON PRISON ROCK Part 2 - 5/29/52
The escaped convicts raid the spaceways with the Polaris and a pirate crew. The buccaneers steal a shipment of vanadium from the spaceship Alpha. Tom and Roger are surprised by the pirates when they approach the Alpha and make an emergency landing on Sam Harvey's asteroid Titanium mine. Harvey doesn't want to help but let the cadets know that the Polaris is nearby. Harvey tries to make a deal with the pirates, but he and Houge are thrown from the ship. The cadets use the two pirates misfortune to overpower the convicts and the pirate crew.

Episode 45- THE VULTURES OF SPACE - Part 1 - 6/3/52
Written by Gilbert Brann
Cast: Marice Tarplin.

Tom and Astro are in Equator City while Capt Strong and Roger are in the newly developed Planet Delport (See Marooned with Death). The cadets are to officiate the start of a 5 ship race for land and mineral deposits on Delport. Leo "Lucky" Polk request to be a substitute pilot and is "lucky" replacing a pilot who happens to get hurt. A fire on the rocket field serves to cover someone planting a bomb on one of the ships in the race. When the bomb explodes Tom and Astro receive aid from Chadfield in his ship the Vespian (one of the led ships).

Episode 46- THE VULTURES OF SPACE - Part 2 - 6/5/52
Three ships are in the led when the cadets enter the atmosphere of Delport - The Argosy, New Worlds and the Vespian. All three ships are headed for the rich mineral deposit near the lake with the Vespian last. Chadfield orders Polk to slow down but Polk ignores the order and causes the Argosy to crash and sink in the lake. Meanwhile the cadets land and place Chadfield under arrest, but Polk has jumped ship to claim the best mineral rights. Polk rigged the bomb on the ship, disabled the pilot of the Vespian and caused the crash of the Argosy in order to claim a larger share of the mineral rights. Chadfield panics Polk, who has the drop on the cadets, which allows the cadets to overcome Polk and clear Chadfield.

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Episode 47- SATELLITE OF DEATH - Part 1 - 6/10/52
Written by Don Hughs
Cast: Col Collins- Dick Keith Malver-Eian Martin
Note: Astro is never heard in the story and is always down below or busy.

The cadets are assigned to a "milk" run to Titan with a science professor. Much to Rogers delight the Professor is an intelligence agent, Col Collins, sent to investigate Rea a Moon of Saturn and the rumored loss of Virucide F-3. Pirates have stolen a shipment of the Virucide and plan to destroy the Virucide plant on Rea in order to corner the market. A pirate stow away jumps Tom but is overcome by the crew. The Polaris is damaged by some Space Junk during the hijack attempt and the Col and Tom hope to make it to the Rea colony in a jet boat to warn the miners. The Polaris will limp to the colony on emergency power.

Episode 48- SATELLITE OF DEATH - Part 2 - 6/12/52
The manager of the colony is dead and Malver, the radio communicator, is in charge. Malver is part of the pirate plan to take over the colony by blowing a hole in the atmosphere shell and killing everyone in the colony. This would allow the pirates to steal all of the Virucide and blow up the plant. Tom and Col Collins are tied up, but are freed when the intelligence agent cuts their bonds with a diamond-lite blade hidden in his shoe. The miners are warned in time and make it to their spacesuits. The Polaris arrives at the colony in time to ram the pirate ship resulting in a land battle with the pirates using a Marsian Killer tank on the colonist. Tom uses a jet pack and some acid jars on the tank to overcome the pirates and restore order.

Episode 49- PURSUIT OF DANGER - Part 1 - 6/17/52
Written by Richard Jessup
Cast: Morgan- Eian Martin Rice-Ivor Francis.

Tom and Roger are visiting the Venus Interplanetary Expo at Venusport when the cadets follow some girls to a space ride. The ride is a front for Eddie Morgan and Bill Rice who plan to steal the Energy lock that is being sealed in a time lock at the Expo. The cadets are suspicious of the ride and find out that the two are hauling dirt in orbit from the mine shaft they are digging next to the Energy lock vault. The crooks capture the cadets, placing them down the shaft for burial but are outsmarted by the cadets when they find a communicator belt and contact the Solar Guard.

Episode 50- PURSUIT OF DANGER - Part 2 - 6/19/52
The two crooks are using the Energy locks to raid Solar Guard and private space vessels. The Energy Lock will open any vault or safe in space and the heavy cruiser Arena is captured and pressed into pirate duty by the two. Plan F is placed into effect by the Solar Guard and the Polaris engages the Arena, however the Polaris is out gunned and Plan Z is ordered. Knowing that the pirates are using the Solar Code books on the Arena Tom traps the pirates with a decoy from the Titan colony. Both Rice and Morgan are taken prisoner.

Episode 51- A ROUND TRIP TO DISASTER - Part 1 - 6/24/52 - Missing
Episode 52- A ROUND TRIP TO DISASTER - Part 2 - 6/26/52- Missing

Please contact the Academy if you think you have ANY of these 8 missing shows.
1- 01/01/1952 - Part I of first show- Unknown title. Part II is Crystal Smugglers of Titan
2- 02/05/1952 - Part I of DOOMED CARGO
5- 02/19/1952 - Part I of Unknown title - part II is Ice Caves of Pluto.
6- 06/24/1952 - Part I of A ROUND TRIP TO DISASTER
7- 06/26/1952 - Part II of A ROUND TRIP TO DISASTER

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