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spaceps1.jpg - 7.2 K Welcome to the Space Record, a History Page for reviews, articles and historical documents about the space heroes of the 1950's space race. The page will be updated as new information is unearthed. Therefore, this is a call to all cadets to search libraries, bookshops, attics and any other resource for information on our favorite heroes. Historical documents and popular magazine articles are the best source in research, so pass the information on to the Academy so other "solar scholars" may learn about and enjoy the early years.

This Tom Corbett, Space Cadet episode is the last program to be broadcast on television. Saturday - June 25, 1955.

The Golden Age of TV Space Heroes.
Rory Coker has supplied the Academy with an excellent fact filled article of our favorite space heroes.

Space Cadet Marching Song.
Many cadets remember the song and thanks to some work by Joe Sarno,Dorothy Sue Noland and Donna Payton we can enjoy it whenever we like. The site may have a sound file of the march in the future, so stay tuned and enjoy.

A Tom Ranger Adventure.
This adventure introduces the Mercury Men from the darkside of Mercury . The Mercury Men appear in several Tom Corbett Adventures...the Newspaper strip...the Marx toys etc. Geoffrey Tolle's research is paying off. Enjoy the pre-adventures of Tom and crew.

The following reviews reflect some of the thinking of the early 1950's about the Space Opera Shows. The first set are from the VARIETY WEEKLY.

Space Opera Checklist:
A checklist of magazine articles and book references to 1950's Space Opera shows. References include articles and information about some of the collectables associated with the shows.

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