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ACADEMY UNITS -Backbone of the Academy. Three cadets to a unit, each unit must work, room, study and train together as a unit. The unit is placed within the Academy classrooms and on duty aboard Rocket Cruisers. The unit derives their name from the rocket cruisers they are assigned too. These units must pass all tests together as a unit or fail as a unit

ALPHA CENTAURI - Closest star system to ours. Four light years away with the planet Tara and Tara Jr. Tara Jr. was found to have been 3/4 copper and a prize for the Alliance.

AMAZON CITY -City located in South American Federation along the tropical Amazon river. Many plantations and summer homes of the wealthy are located in or nearby . Amazon City is the largest city in the Southern hemisphere.

ANNE JONES -Freighter used in several stories. (1)Ship used by Loring to crash into Venus Space Station in G&D book Danger in Deep Space. (2)Name of ship used in radio show of Danger in Deep Space for the trip out to the moon of Tara.

AUSTIN, HELEN -One of Roger Mannings many girl friends. Helen was the " space doll" Roger was calling from Venus Space Station when the Annie Jones crashed into it.

AUTOWRITER -Voice transcriber from Audio to printed word.

ARKWRIGHT, COMMANDER -Commander of the Space Academy in all of the TC adventures except the Grosset & Dunlap books. In the G&D books Commander Walters is the head of the Academy.

ARCTURUS UNIT -The Polaris unit's arch rivals. The unit is second only to the Polaris unit in achievement and many other activities such as Mercury ball. Tony Curtis is the leader with McAvoy and Davison. The Unit's name was changed later to the Capella unit when their ship was retired.

ATMOSPHERE GENERATOR -Equipment to power the reduction of the "heavy" atmosphere of Venus into breathable air. (2)Also used to create atmosphere from Oxygen rich rocks such as those found on Mars (Note: this concept of Oxygen extraction was used in the 1964 movie classic ROBINSON CRUSOE OF MARS).

ATMOSPHERE STATION -Important for life on airless worlds and asteroids. On Venus the Stations are 2,000 miles apart and are the lungs of the planet taking air (which is heavy in Oxygen) reducing it to Oxygen at 8 X 10 6 cu.ft./min.

ATOM CITY -Show place of the Universe, center of Space Communications and the seat of the Solar Alliance. Built from Clear Crystal mined on Titan. One Quarter mile at its base and rising 3,000 feet into the sky. Located in a former desert area of the North American Confederacy .

AMARAT, GREGOR & STACY -Brother & Sister trying to steal Durol form space colony.



BADGER, RANDY -Con artist. Randy and daughter Kitten were charged for unlawfully use of Solar Communications to defraud by selling land on Saturn. (News # )

BARRET, DAVE -Prof Hemmingwell's assistant. Developed tunnel from Academy for testing of -Project I. Also one of the saboteurs of the project and almost causes the explusion of Astro and Roger from the Academy.

BARTER, -cadet on Titan mission with Polaris unit.

BARNARD, KIT -Former Solar Guard Office who resigned a great military career to go into private freight business. Created New Atomic Engine allowing a D-30 rate power rating.

BATTLE, CAPT. -Caps of girl cadets who gives Roger a hard time about the girl cadets while the two units are on Titan (News# ).

BEACHHEAD OPERATION -Developed by Academy line officers working with lab idea men, to investigate accidents in Sirius star system. Prof Sike's and Dr. Dale developed robot rocket which would orbit Thor in the Sirius system and gather data on the planet. (GD#8)

BELT COMMUNICATOR -Small communication device located on the belt buckle of Solar Guard uniforms for short range communications.

BLACK MASKED INVADERS -Mercurians who overran Station J on Venus.(News #1 & Tom Ranger Pilot ).

BLOW YOUR JETS- Get overly excited.

BUCK, LADDIE -Under cover agent in the Martian Separatist movement for Solar Guard.

BUILKER, JON -First spaceman to travel beyond our solar system.

BURR, -Legal wizard who saves Badgers in Flaxvillle (News# ).

BUSH, ED -Henchman for Paul Vidac (GD# Space Pioneers).

BRETT, CHARLEY -Owner of Space Knight and Owner of illegal uranium mine on Titan. 3

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CADET COUNCIL -Composed of cadets to settle disputes and infractions of rules by cadets. The most severe cases can cause expulsion of cadets from the Academy.

CAFE COSMOS -Located on Spaceman's row in Venusport. Underworld and Spacemen without space papers gather at the cafe.

CAGE -sever's henchman along with Monty who kidnap Tom in Sloppy Sam's on Mars (G&D #8).

CAPELLA UNIT -See Arcturus Unit.

CAZIPPI, JOSEPH -Alas used by Tom Corbett. Tom poses as an engineer from Titan.

CHANNEL SA-Special Emergency Channel to Space Academy.

CHIMES OF GALILEO -Academy Bells which toll the hour and the half hour.

COLLINS, RAYMOND -Solar Guard Colonel working for intelligence.(radio Satellite of Death).

COLONY F-G -Lush resort on Venus located above a rich deposit of Durol.

COMET WATCH -A one man patrol operation outside the orbit of Mars. Used in charting Meteors that stray into inhabited space. Referred to as astro-navigation watches.

CONGRESS OF CHIEFS -Martians Lts who planned to overthrow ofthe Solar Alliance on Mars. (news# ).

CONNEL, LOU -Major Blastoff Connel, 30 years in the Solar Guard. Awarded the Solar Medal three times (more than anyone else). He advanced through the ranks from enlisted to commissioned officer during an emergency in space.

CONTRA-TERRANE -Anti-matter, negative charged material explosive on contact with positive charged material. Anti-matter has negative charge in alternate universe while we are made of positive charged material in this universe.

COUNTDOWN -Sequence for liftoff..Energize cooling pumps, feed reactant at D5rate, gyro, countdown..5..4..3..2.. 1..liftoffl ! !

COSMIC DRIFT -No such thing. Used as a ruse by Tom to escape pirates in Radio show Satellite of death.

COXINE, BULL -Former Solar Guardsman who led a mutiny and was sent to the prison asteroid by Capt Strong. He engineered the theft of the Energy Lock and escaped the prison. Considered a criminal genius, he teamed with Gus Wallace to rob the Ganymede Credit exchange.

CREDITS -Standard money unit used in the Solar Alliance.

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D-9 RATE -Rate reactive fuel is feed into atomic engines in order to blast off.

D-12 RATE -Full space speed.

D-30 RATE -unheard of reaction rate achieved by Astro on the Cruiser GOOD COMPANY powered by Kit Barnard's new atomic engine.

DALTON, LYCURGUS -Judge and legal genius who lives in Flaxville Mars and defended the Badgers. (News # )

DAMP YOUR TUBES -Slow down, don't over react. (2)slow an atomic reaction by putting in Cargon rods.

DAWNE, GLORIA - Jet pilot who wants to be the first women to Alpha Centaur.

DEVERS, CARTER-Head of Jilolo Spaceways and mastermind behind blocking projectile project.

DIAMOND-LITE -Sharpest and strongest blades known. Only thing known to cut Dura-steel by mechanical means.

DIVISIONIST -Martian splinter group commanded by a renegade Solar Guardsman who wants independence from the Alliance. Symbol on inside of right palm denotes someone as a divisionist.

DOG STAR -Old freighter confiscated from the Titan smugglers and used in ON THE TRAIL OF SPACE PIRATES. (G & D# 4)

DUARTE, GIGI -Nick name "Gigi the Chicken"- well liked pilot killed by Brett in Titan Race.

DORA-STEEL -Thin yet strong steel, one of the hardest known metal wires.

DUROL -A fuel more precious than platinum.

DRAGO -Head of Divisionist uprising.

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EARTHWORM-(l)Earthmen who have never ventured into space (2)Anyone who has never left their native born planet (3)New candidate cadet at Space Academy.

EARTHWORM MANUEL - Book of regulations and traditions of the Space Academy. Each new cadet (earthworm) must know the book backward and forward when questioned by upperclassmen.

EDWARDS, BENJY -Cadet defense lawyer for Capella Unit in misconduct trial. Had run-in with Tom Corbett when Edwards had used excessive hazing of Earthworm cadets and was caught by Tom

ENERGY LOCKS - A very sophisticated lock using energy in the form of light as a locking mechanism. Impossible to open without right combinations. The lock is scanned by a light key that utilize color vibrations in a particular sequence projected into a electromagnetic lock.

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FISHBOWLS -Clear Bubble shaped space suit helmets.

FLAXVILLE MARS -Small out post on mars used by the Badges to escape Solar Alliance justice.

FORCE FIELD -Used to form a screen or dome around colonies in space such as Titan's where Methane is held out. Electronic impulses (pure energy) shot into an area pushing back deadly atmosphere forming a solid wall, creating a force greater and thicker in an area, then pump in pure oxygen into the space.

FULL SPACE SPEED -Top emergency speed.

FULL SPACE GEAR -Includes space suit, communicator, weapons. (2) Slang for "ready for any emergency. "

FUSE YOUR JETS -Don't get excited or in a hurry. Used by Roger Manning.

FREE FALL WRESTLING -Traditional wrestling in weightless conditions.

FRENCHIE - Female Cadet on mission to Titan with the Polaris Unit (News # ).
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GALAXY HALL -Located on the 1st floor of Galileo hall with exhibits of the Solar Guards early flights and the Academy material. Notable exhibit is the Solar Queen.

GALILEO TOWER -Admin.. office of the Solar Guard and Space Academy staff. Part of the Galileo complex made of Titan Crystal.

GENERALISSIMO -Head ofthe Marisian Divisionist Commandant ofthe Solar Guard on Mars who wanted to be emperor of Mars.

GOLDBERG -Kit Barnard's chief crewman and younger version of Astro.

GOLD CITY -Venus town that mines major source of gold in the Tri worlds. Astor Uncle's home.

GOOD COMPANY -Kit Barnard's space ship.

GRAVITY GENERATORS -Artificial gravity created by mechanical means for a ship in space.
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HAMMER, MAJOR -Worked up from ranks, same as O'Connell. Stern and sometime harsh on cadets.

HARDY, CHRISTOPHER -First Gov. on Roald around Star Wolf 359. (see Roald Colony and Wolf 359).

HAWKS, MIKE -Exposition commissioner for the Venus Centennial exposition. Retired Senior Officer of the Solar Guard (G&D Trail in Space).

HEAT RAYS -Illegal guns (lasers) not even carried by Solar Guards man.

HEMMINGWELL, PROF. -Created and in charge of project Projectile. Single handed raised money for project and did research at the Academy for testing.

HIGGINS, ALFIE -Science Cadet based at Space Academy for advanced science study. Known as the "brain" sometimes joins the Polaris crew.

HILL, GEORGE -Foreman of the Rex Sinclair Plantation.

HOT SOUP WAGON -Lead lined jet sled that removed the reactant piles from all ships down for more than 3 days.

HYPER DRIVE -Developed for deep space trips by Dr. Dale at the Academy.
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JAMES, PHILLIPS E. -Venusian delegate to the Grand Council of the Solar Alliance.

JENSEN, BILL -Friend of Astro's on Venus (GD# Revolt on Venus).

JET BOAT -A small two/three manned space or atmosphere jet boat used with larger space ships to ferry passengers and cargo from ship to planet. Ship has a limited range and may be used as a lifeboat.

JET CAB -Earth bound transportation similar to airboat. May be used as air or land transport.

JILOLO SPACEWAYS -Parent corp of Universal Jet Trucking and Surface Transportation. Pres.Carter Davers. Would lose a lot of money if Project worked.

JUNIOR PITCH -Tare's Moon made of 3/4 copper. Tara is located in the Alpha Centaur system. (GD# Danger in Deep Space)
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KEENE, AGNES -Astro friends on Venus who run a Rent-A-Jet Car company at Venusport (GD # Revolt on Venus).

KEENE, ROY -Brother to Agnes.

KLANK -Robot being tested on Titian by the Polaris unit. (News# )
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LISTER, HANK -Space prospector working with Willard and Wilson in stealing robot rocket tapes. (GD#8 Robot Rocket)

LOR1NG, BILL -Leader in taking over Annie Jones and crashing into Venus Space Station. Plotted to steal Tara's Moon. (GD# Danger in Deep Space)

LOGAN, HYRAM -One of the Space Pioneers landing on Wolf 3 59. Farmer with pretty daughter Jane 19 and son Billy 12. A widower who helps cadets (GD#4 Space Pioneers)

LUNA CITY -Thriving colony on the moon and center for most deep space takeoffs.
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MANNING, KENNETH ROGERS - Father of Roger Manning awarded the solar Medal for Bravery, killed in the first moon landing.

MANUALS-Complicated simulation tests for each area of a Space ship. The test are exactly like the real thing. They even incorporate tricks and emergency situations.

MERCURY BALL- Similar to soccer. A soccer - like ball with a smaller ball inside filled with Mercury is used on a standard field. The ball is kicked like a soccer ball but the mercury makes the ball take crazy dips and turns, leading to unexpected motions in the air and when it lands. Played by the cadets at Space Academy.

MANEUVER X-Every ship working on own accord. Used in Pursuit of Danger

MANEUVER- Z-A battle formation Maneuver, used in Pursuit of Danger

MARSLAN KILLER TANK- Large land/space tanks that are impervious to hand or heat rays. May be used in airless regions of space, can only be stopped by large guns.

MARSHALL, JEFF- Prof Sykes aide in Space Pioneers. Former cadet that did not make it who enlisted in science corp.(G&D # 4)

MARTIAN FI77-Carbonated Soda drink. What all good Cadets drink.

MASON, AL- Bull Loring accomplice in a plot to steal Tara's Moon- Jr Pitch. (G&D#2)

McKENNY, MIKE- ChiefWarrant Officer of cadets. Enlisted officer. Often an introduction character to a Tom Corbett Adventure.

MECHANICAL MOLES- Two man digging equip used by scientist to dig into ground for rock samples and fly as an air car under low gravity.

MERCHANT SPACE OFFICER UNIFORM-High peaked hats, trim jackets & trousers of different colors.

MESUKO, Lt - Murdered by smugglers while working on Titan Crystal Smuggling case

MILES, ROSS & QUENT- Twins who trick the officials at Titan race by using two different ships to win; Charlie Brett' pilot.

MONORAIL Basic rail /magnetic system of transpiration between major cities of earth. Travels at 200+ miles/hr.

MONROE, ALEX - Physics cadet, majoring in Nucleonics accompanying the Polaris unit to Thor. Flunked out as radarman and felt threaten by the Polaris Unit.
MONTY - Henchman of Devers who, along with Cage, kidnap Tom in Sloppy Sam's on Mars.

MORGAN, PHIL - Original member of Polaris unit that washed out and enlisted. Made rank of Master Sgt in short time period.
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N72C- Important catalysis used in making rocket fuel from pitch blend Atomic. fuel.

NANCY ADAMS-An old freighter used by Morgan and Rice to steal the energy formula in PURSUIT OF DANGER.

NARCO-GAS - A brain numbing gas that has little or no odor that puts you out and leaves you with a "head full of Cotton".

NATURAL TUTONIUM- Used to make Atomic fuel found only on Mercury.

NEW SAHARA-Largest Desert on Mars. Location ofthe Polaris Crew's crash in Stand By For Mars.
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OBJECT DELPORT - An earth like planet in deep space with rich mineral deposit. The discovery of the mineral deposits results in a land rush- space style.

OLYMPIA - Largest colony on titan-almost closed down due to force field screen failure

OVER HEAT YOUR TUBES -Getting over excited over nothing.
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PARALLO-RAY - Weapon, that affects, the nervous system casing paralyzation of the body. Electrical in nature with an effective Range of 50 yards. A negative discharge from gun is needed to release the effects ofthe guns blast. Used by the Patrol to subdue people as a humane control method.

PLAN F - An all out effort by the Solar Guard, using every available ship.

POLARIS - Rocket ship of the patrol - Tom, Astro and Roger's ship, Known as the Polaris unit.

POLARIS COLONY-A gigantic ice cave on Pluto named after the Polaris unit who discovered it. Used by miners and settlers of Pluto.


PRISON ASTEROID - A heavily guarded prison asteroid with a no return prison term for "lifers" (Incorrigible criminals) . The prison is condsidered a maximum security jail.

PRISON ROCK- Slang for Prison Asteroid.
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QUIS SEPARABIT HOMO-Who Shall separate mankind. Beacon of Venus Expo. See Solar Beacon.
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RINGS OF SATURN - Exclamation used mostly by Roger.

REA - Satellite of Saturn. Known as S. of Life due to strange crystals plants that can be used in curing deadly virus's.(See Virucide F-3)

RADIATION PATTERNS-Each rocket produces a unique detectable radiation pattern according to there atomic engines.

RDX - A powerful explosive.

ROALD COLONY- First deep space colony established around Star system Wolf 359. Over 1,000 travelled for 7 years to establish the colony and cannibalized the ships to provide housing and power for the colony. See also Wolf 359, Christopher Hardy,

ROCKET JUICE - Strong alcoholic drink sometimes laced with distilled rocket fuel .
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SAVAGE, ALAN MAJ - Commander of Prison Asteroid.

SECTION 42 D -Dorm room of the Polaris crew.

SHARKEY, AL- Pres of the Venusian Nationalist-only the figure head for the real leader Lactu.

SHINNY, NICHOLAS - Fixer in Spacemen's Row located in Venusport. Later revealed to be a former enlisted Solar Guardsman . (G&D #2)

SlKES, BARNARD - Referred to as Barney by the Cadet carp. Chief Astrophysicist of Solar Guard with a rep for a violent temper. A genius in his field and head above the scientist for the Roald Colony on Wolf 359 SP # 4

SIMMS, LUTHER -Under Gus Wallace in 0,T,T,N,S,P #4 Helping steal the Energy Lock.

SINCLAIR, REX - Plantation owner on Venus and secret leader of the Venusian Nationalist.

SLOPPY SAM s- Dive on spaceman's row in Marsport. Official Name Bad Sam's but the owner Sam became sloppy thus the name. Area where Tom is kidnaped by Cag & Monty.

SNIFFER- Radiation-detector and analyzer used in finding particles of atomic waste trails from rockets. (See radiation patterns)

SOLAR ALLIANCE -Governmental body of the inner planets in a solar system government Earth, Mars andVenus.

SOLAR BEACON -Light beacon of the Venus Expo. Light changed color every sec. with message Quis Separabit Homo- Who shall separate mankind."

SOLAR GUARD-The policing force of the Alliance with cadets from within the system as future guardsman

SPACE ACADEMY-The university of the planets, located between the low hills of the former desert of western part ofthe North American Commonwealth. Center for the Alliance's research and training of future Solar Guardsman of Earth, the colonies of Venus, Mars, the 3 large satellites the moon of Earth, Titan of Saturn and Ganymede of Jupiter.

SPACE CADET -Future Solar Guardsmen. Cadets are subject to very difficult training and testing. The cadets must serve a patrol shipof the Solar Guard until approved and promoted to Guardsman. Average age of cadet is 17 - 23.

SPACE CHESS- Basic space maneuvers. A Glass case is split into (7 fit cube) equal smaller cubes. Chess pieces consist of 3 rocket cruisers, 6 destroyers, and 10 scouts. Object ofthe game is to get a combination of cruisers, destroyers and scouts into a apace sector where it can knock out opponent's ships.

SPACE CYCLONE - Strong radiation turbulence and solar winds caused by the sun's Choronoshpere.

SPACE DEVIL Ship used to By Loring, Mason and Manning for the trip to Junior Pitch in Danger in Deep Space. ARer twenty years in the Venus Jungle the ship was refurbished for a trip out of the solar system.

SPACE FEVER - (l)Dreaded sickness of space that causes people to blackout and may mean permanent grounding of Pilots. (2)Low threshold of irritability, vertigo, passing out at critical moments due to a traveler subjected to fluctuating pressures.

SPACE GAS- Bragging or wild tale

SPACE HAPPY- (l)Crazy (2) Been in space to long and have becoming confused and disoriented. See Zero A Fever

SPACE JUNK - (l)Asteroids, stray pieces of metal or anything else that might cause a puncture in a spaceship(2) some of little worth.

SPACE KNIGHT- QuentMiles ship in Titan Race.

SPACE LANCE - Sticoon ship that was one of the three entered in Titan race,

SPACE PAPERS -Similar to seamen's rating-degree of Skill on ship and what job can be performed.

SPACE RAT & SPACE CRAWLER-Terms applied to the underground world and criminals

SPACE STORM - Caused by sunspots similar to solar winds.

SPACE TORPEDO-A nuclear warhead used in space with clean nuclear explosion.

SPACEMENS CODE - Formal and informal code of ethics. Formal - established in 2250 as rules, regulation for space flight . The code is administrated by the Solar Guard who may suspended papers (see space papers) Informal Code - to live by certain type of ethics needed for space travel. Such as giving aid and assistance to anyone who is stranded or needs help while in space flight.

SPACEMAN'S LUCK- (l)Parting wish of luck.

SPACEPORT BOQ - Military transit barracks at a spaceport

SPECIAL TELECEIVER - Audioceiver band l 7-83 used in Titan race by three ships in race.

SPEED, Lt - Worked with Tom during Marisian uprising.

STAND TO- A Call to attention for space cadets.

STATION J - Venus outpost overran by Black Masked invader. ( Mercury Men -Newspaper l0/5l) Pilot for Tom Ranger (proto Tom Corbett)

STICOON, WILD BILL- Capt of Space Lance owned by Marsopolis Limited. Daredevil pilot and friend of Tom Corbett. Killed by Quent Miles in Titan Race.

STRONG, STEVE Capt - 15 years as officer in Solar Guard. (#8)

STUDY SPOOL-Taped lectures used in study. Magnetic tape recordings used in recorders to study by.

SULTRA- Leader of the Martian Divisionist.
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TARA- 3rd Planet in Star System Alpha Centaur with a moon of 314 cooper (Danger in Deep Space) and jungles rich in mineral deposits

TAMEL, LIDDY-Famous stereo actress ofthe Sarah Bumheart class. Favorite actress of the Polaris unit

TELENEWS - News service via teletype machine printout- may be installed in rooms and private homes- World Wide-news services

TELERECEIVER -Long distance receiver and transmitter used as radio transmitter.

TERRA STATION -Two stations circling the Earth for Communications.

THERAPO-RAYS - Healing rays that stimulate health cells to mend.

THOR-Planet ofthe Alpha Proxima system with an Ammonia Atmosphere density of 7,200 degrees below zero. Almost pure fissionable U-235 areas of pure reactant.

T.J. THISTLE- Best communication cadet ofthe Mars academy. Replaces Roger Manning on Radar deck as Roger is transferred to Mars Academy.

TINY-Polaris unit friend in Atom city

TITAN CRYSTAL, Unique crystal on Satum's moon that when refined turns metal into hard crystal stronger than metal.

TOMBSTONE TERRITORY - Areas in Space where a number of Asteroids or space junk is heavy.

TRAVELER-Willard & Lester's Spaceship Class J-7 freighter used in Robot Rocket.

TRI-WORLDS- The three inner Planets, Venus, Earth and Mars. The primary group of planets at the heart of the Solar Alliance as the trade and cultural centers of the Alliance.

TROY, PAT- ProfHemminwell's assistant. accused of sabotaging the Projectile project but in reality and undercover agent ordered to protect it.

TURNER, TWINK- (First Newspaper adventure 10-51- ) Escaped from Station J as Invaders landed. Retums to Station with Polaris crew to stop invasion.

TWILIGHT ZONE-Thin band on Mercury where there is a mining operation and experiment station. Only area on Mercury where life-support buildings are built-between cold/hot .

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UNIT-Basic unit oftheAcademy used to handle a solar guard cruiser-3 men who can think, feel and act as one intelligent brain

UNIFORMS- Four identifying uniforms are found within the Space Academy-BLACK and GOLD of the officers of the solar Guard, SCARLET of the enlisted solar guard, ROYAL BLUE of the Senior Cadets of Space Academy and GREEN of first year Earthworm cadets. Enlisted uniforms are fancy in cut with a lot of color and show. Offcers-plain with few ornaments.
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VENGER- Sultra's Lt. (newspaper)

VENUS INTERPLANETARY SOLAR EXPOSITION- Earth time May 17 2353-A small scale model of solar system with a gathering of the greatest minds, thoughts and ideas in knowledgeable history of mankind. Lectures from the greatest minds in the system on all subjects. Exhibits include: Assembling a rocket cruiser, piece by piece in front of all visitors, greatest collection of musicians in the universe, continuously playing the most beautiful music in a hall built to seat a half million people. Three years in co-ordination ideas activity, and information. Included in a special events the lowering of a time capsule with all of the knowledge of the solar alliance in it.

VENUS SPACE STATION-One of many stations around the different planets that direct trafficbetwen the surface of the planet and outer space. The stations are also manned by cadets and used as training stations for the Space Academy.

VENUSIAN HILLBILLY-Term used by Manning to describe Astro.

VENUSIAN NATIONALIST- A separatist movement that wanted to revolt against the Alliance. Led by a secret leader known as Lactu, the nationalist used frosted helmets so they would not recognize one another. They divided the planet into Divisions led by Division chiefs. Terror was used to force many into the movement but the movement was defeated by the Polaris unit.

VENUSPORT - One of many space ports where rockets land from all over the universe. A trade center of Venus and the only metropolis on Venus.

VENUSPORT FREIGHT SHIP COMPANY- Small company of 4 ships that won Loring's franchise after Loring Lost his space papers. Loring later sabotaged the ship line an caused the wreak of the Anne Jones in the Space Station of Danger (radio).

VIDAL, PAUL -Lt Gov of Wolf 359- Roald. Replaced Strong and took over colony. (SPACE PIONEERS)

VIEWGLASS-A telescopic piece of glass aboard the Polaris used in viewing distant objects on planets when in orbit. Also found on some small jet boats as a telescope.

VIRUCIDE F-3- A medicine made from crystal plants found on Rea, Satellite of Saturn, able to cure any virus known to man.
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WALLACE, GUS-Second in command to Bull Coxine and leader -in stealing the Energy Lock in On The Trail of Space Pirates

WALTERS, COMMANDER- Commander of Space Academy in the Grosset & Dunlap books. (see Arwright, Commander )

WILLARD, BORIS - Space Prospector in Robot rocket who tries to steal the projectile project tapes. (G&D #8)

WILSON, JACK - Lab assistant and mastermind behind stealing the robot rocket tapes on Thor. (G&D #8)

WOLCHECK-Lt Unit Commander of Capella unit aboard the Arcturus.

WINTERS, TAD-Henchman for Paul Vidac in Space Pioneers had space papers suspended twice.

WOLCHECK-Lt Unit Commander of Capella unit aboard the Arcturus.

WOLF 359-Site ofthe first deep space colony. Over 13 light years away (50 Billion + Miles away). Star System. See also Roald colony, Hardy Christopher.
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X-32- Center for Espionage in (Newspaper strip)
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ZERO A FEVER - Similar to cabin fever, a person goes berserk under strain of cramped quarters, spacesuits, etc. Also known as Space Happy.

Z-2 - Deadly virus used against F-6 Colony which causes a dangerously high fever.


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