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The Science Fiction Reader by EMSH


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During the early 1950's Space Opera received the spotlight from many popular magazines ranging from Collier's, Theater Arts ,Newsweek to Women's Day and Popular Science. It seemed everyone had an interest in this new T.V. sensation and wanted to explain why it was so popular with the kids. Many times these articles were written with tongue planted firmly in the cheek. Although semi-serious in nature many of the articles provide a glimpse into the past and revels something about one of our favorite space heroes. The 1970's articles began to take our heroes a little more seriously and many fans began to publish articles in magazines and books. Less gosh wow and more or a positive slant began. Articles are still appearing in the 1990's and a larger effort is being made by fans and professionals alike to find as much information about our heroes as can be done after 40 + years.

This page will try to document all of the articles and books related to the early TV space heroes. It is by no means complete. New material appears from time to time and makes it way to the site. There is a big hole of information in the 1960's I would like to fill and there are many articles and books from the 1980's not included as of this update. The format is subject to change and your input and information is needed to make this a repository of information. So, send in information, suggestions or a friendly e-mail about any and all of the material presented here. Please forward any information about articles or books about the early shows to the Academy , no matter how small it may be.

This list articles have been rated and briefly discussed. Please feel free to send in additional notes about the articles or send in your own ratings:

* * * * Collector's item
* * * Worth collection
* * Ave General information
* So,So

new.gif 0.1 K July 1998:

Beth Flood (Lyn 'Cadet Happy' Osborne's Sister has sent the Academy a number of magazine references from Lyn's scrapbook. Thanks Beth, you filled a lot of holes.

The Academy is working on a checklist that can be carried with fans for to use when they are hunting through those "back issue" book bins. Stay tuned.

Also, the Academy would like to start an archive of the magazine articles for research. If you have a good photocopy of the text and pictures of any Space Opera articles or a scan of the article including pictures contact Cadet Ed. Hopefully the articles can be transferred from aging paper and old microfiche to a more readable source.

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THE 1940'S

January 17, 1949 - page 67 - 73
Detailed black and white paintings show a trip to the moon. The space ship and space suit designs shown had a tremendous impact on illustrators and cartoonists and movie and TV prop builders. Compare the space suits shown here to those drawn a few years later by Wally Wood in EC comics. Compare the moonship here to that shown very briefly in the original version of ROCKETSHIP X-M (1951). Compare the control deck to that shown in DESTINATION MOON (1951). And so it goes.
Submitted by Rory Coker

THE 1950'S

January 1, 1952 Rating * * * *
"Planet Parenthood" by Murray Robinson
4 pages/full color page of kids in various space suits.
5 pictures of the major shows.

Background on Tom Corbett and Space Patrol along with information on the writers and actors of the show. The full page illustration and 5 small pictures set off the article. Starts on page 30.


new.gif 0.1 KMarch 12, 1951

2 pictures - title ?

Submitted by Beth Flood
new.gif 0.1 KSept. 1, 1952 'Space Patrol Conquers Kids'

4 Columns, 9 pictures. This issue was confirmed by Beth Flood as a Life magazine article from an earlier submission by Albert.

Submitted by Albert Hale & Beth Flood
January 25, 1954 - page 43
Three small photos show the awarding of the Ralston Rocket to Ricky Walker.
Submitted by Rory Coker

September 13, 1954 - page 20 - 22
Incredible double-pagespread photo (20 inches by 11 inches) shows Captain Video(Al Hodge) and the Video Ranger (Don Hastings) surrounded by 15villains from the DuMont Series. Three smaller photoson the next page show a video matte special effect, special effects filming with the model of the incredibleGalaxy II spaceship (the only available photo of this gorgeous craft!),and a good shot of the Video Ranger space suits (NOTDestination Moon castoffs).
Submitted by Rory Coker

September 7, 1959 - Cover
Cover photo shows William Lundigan(in MEN INTO SPACE space suit) and Gene Barry
Submitted by Rory Coker


April 2, 1951 Rating * *
"Hi-Yo Tom Corbett"
1 column / 1 picture

General information about one of the special effects on the show.


March 1, 1952 Rating * * * *
"No Lobster men from Neptune."
ll pages / no pictures

A must for Tom Corbett fans. Mr. Whiteside interviews Allen Ducauny ,Program Manager of TC Rockhill Productions, with a tour of the TV sets, Winestock and Willie Gilbert, Writers, and Hal Davis, advertising agent for Kelloggs. He follows a story conference and a rehearsal for a show. Excellent information starts on page 32.


Nov. 1952 :Three page story, 'Space Cadets Blast Off'. Five pictures. One small one on cover.
Submitted by Albert Hale

Feb. 1953 : Two page story, 'Space Cops', about Space Patrol. Four pictures.

Submitted by Albert Hale


September 1952. Rating * * *
"How TV tricks take you space traveling" by Harry Walton
4 pages / 6 pictures

Article reveals the secrets of how George Gould did the live special effects needed in the Tom Corbett Shows. Pictures include one of Mr. Gould and special effects box with Tom, Astro, Roger and Dr Dale. Several illustrations and a short text on the show. Starts on page 106.


Oct. 1951 : Two page story on Tom Corbett. Four pictures. One in color.
Submitted by Albert Hale


new.gif 0.1 KApril 28, 1950
'The younger Set' 4 Columns, 2 pics from Space Patrol
Submitted by Beth Flood
new.gif 0.1 KNovember 1950
4 Columns, 3 pics from Space Patrol

One picture is of Mike Moser & Dik Darley, another shows Buzz and Carol Kissing, wrapped in each other's arms (the only one I've seen-Beth)

Submitted by Beth Flood
new.gif 0.1 KMay 1952
'That Gang of Mine' 4 Columns, 5 pics by Nina Bara about Space Patrol
Submitted by Beth Flood
June 26, 1955
'Whispering Willy' Half page article on Tom Corbett
Submitted by Albert Hale
August 11, 1952 Rating * *
No Title
1 column / 1 picture

Story about Mike Moser's Space Patrol Philosophy and picture of Mr. Moser. Mention is made of the Terra IV touring of the nation.


new.gif - 0.1 KSeptember 1954
"In the good old days" 2 columns, 8 pics of Cadet Happy and Barbara Whiting
Submitted by Beth Flood
The following of list of T.V. Digest's contain 1 column of information. At most the articles will cover one page. The information is very general but several have some pictures.

December 9,1950 Rating * * - 1 picture of Tom and Dr Dale. Tom is in a spacesuit coming into the ship while Dr. Dale is helping him. Text is column.

April 14, 1951 Rating * * - 3 pictures and 1 page about Captain Video. Background information on Al Hodge.

Oct. 11, 1952: Two page story on Space Patrol. Three pictures. Picture of Nina Bara on the cover.

Submitted by Albert Hale

February 16, 1952 Rating * * - 1 picture of Don Hastings and 1 picture of Don and Al Hodge (Capt Video). Background information on don. Text 2 columns.

April 26, 1952 Rating * * * - Philadelphia invaded- 5 pictures of the Polaris Crew's visit to Philadelphia on March 29th.

June 7, 1952 Rating * * * - Full picture of Frankie Thomas Jr. as Tom Corbett.


new.gif - 0.1 KJune 1954 :"Don't be a problem Pal". Space Patrol

4 Columns, 1 full page, 2 small pictures

Submitted by Beth Flood
July 14, 1951Two page story 'Tom Corbett, 2351 A.D.' Six pictures. Picture of Al Markim on the cover.
Submitted by Albert Hale

new.gif - 0.1 KAugust 2, 1952Two Page Story 'The World of Tomorrow'.

Cover Picture of Cadet Happy, with Ralston Rocket, Terra IV, (black & white with green background, Although one copy was found with a Blue background.

Four (4) pictures ( 1-Buzz 2- the five stars of the show 3-Ralston Rocket, 4-Interior of Terra IV, with america's oldest licensed pilot at the controls.

Submitted by Beth Flood


new.gif 0.1 KDec 25-31, 1954
'Space Happy' - Space Patrol
1 picture
Submitted by Beth Flood
August 1953 : Two pages on Space Patrol. Eight pictures.
Submitted by Albert Hale
new.gif - 0.1 KJune 1954
Space Patrol - 2 pictures.
Submitted by Beth Flood


Feb. 1953 : Four pages on Ed Kemmer and Space Patrol. Six pictures.
Submitted by Albert Hale


new.gif - 0.1 KOctober 1953 :"Poolside Patrol". Space Patrol

4 Columns, 7 pictures.

Submitted by Beth Flood


new.gif - 0.1 KJune 16-22, 1951 :"The World of Tomorrow".

2 Columns, 1 drawing of Cadet Happy

Submitted by Beth Flood
new.gif - 0.1 KJune 22-28, 1951 :"Space Patrol".

Cover picture: Head of Cadet Happy, with other cast members above (black & white on red background).

2 pages, 2 pics

Submitted by Beth Flood
new.gif - 0.1 KMay 31 to June 6 (no year) :"Cadet Happy".

2 Columns, 1 Pic

Submitted by Beth Flood
new.gif - 0.1 KMar 7 to 13 (no year) :"A Romance for Happy".

1 column

Submitted by Beth Flood
new.gif - 0.1 KDecember 8, 1950 :"The Atom Age is Old Stuff". Space Patrol

2 Columns, 5 pictures including a group shot with George (Dr Goehler) Slocum, Bela (Prince Baccaratti) Kovacs, and Mike Moser, who is being presented with a birthday cake.

Submitted by Beth Flood
new.gif - 0.1 KJan 19-25 1952 :"Space Patrolers: Preview 2000 A.D.". Space Patrol

5Columns, 3 pictures.

Submitted by Beth Flood
new.gif - 0.1 KJuly 4, 1952 :"Why I'm Unhappy by Cadet Happy".Space Patrol

4 Columns, 1 pictures

Submitted by Beth Flood
new.gif - 0.1 KJuly 3-9, 1954 :"Wanted: A Woman, by Cadet Happy". Space Patrol

2 Columns, 2 pictures

Submitted by Beth Flood


new.gif - 0.1 KApril 1954 Space Patrol Article

1 picture

Submitted by Beth Flood

new.gif - 0.1 KApril 29, 1952 :"Space Patrol Zooms 2 Thesps from $40 to $500 per week". Cover Article about Space Patrol

2 Columns on cover & 2 columns on inside.

Submitted by Beth Flood


August 1953 Rating * * * *
Three articles total of 20 pages.
1-Will Your Child visit the Moon?" By Jack Cluett
10 pages, Many illustrations

History of Science Fiction and how many marvels of today were first seen in the Science Fiction field. Mention is made of Dr Robert Richardson and Willy Ley's roles as Science Advisors to Capt Video(Richardson) and Tom Corbett(Ley). It is noted Willy Ley wrote the Star Dust part of the Tom Corbett Sunday Newspaper Strip.

2-Rocket Bye Baby" By Jack Cluett
4 pages, illustrations
Compares the old west with Space Opera. Discussion of Capt Video(DuMont),Space Patrol(ABC),Rod Brown(CBS),Tom Corbett (return to DuMont) and Mention of a new series Capt Starr of Space forABC Starts on Page 8.

3-Four Flight Tested Space-Helmets you Can Make
4 pages/4 color Pictures of helmets
2 pages of How-to diagrams

Excellent step by step instructions on how to make helmets for Space Parol and Capt Video. Starts Page 21.

THE 1970's

#66 July 1976 Rating * * * *
"Saturday Morning at the TV" By Earl Blair
4 Pages many pictures

A lengthy interview with Mrs. Muriel Buckridge, Associate producer of the TC TV show. Article later reprinted in Fantasy Filmbook 1977.

#76 May 1977 Rating * * * *
"Memories of a Space Cadet" By Frankie Thomas
5 pages with many pictures.

Printed on Newspaper style stock the information is straight from the Polaris Command Cadet. Very informative.

# 7 August 1977 Rating * * * *
"ROCKETSHIP X-M: From the Brink of Oblivion" pg 53
By Ed Naha
4 pages / excellent pictures and special full page art by Kelly Freas

Story of Wade Williams restoration of the Classic SF film Rocketship X-M. Excellent information.

# 9 October 1977 Rating * * * *
"Vintage Video-The Golden Decade of SF Viewing " pg 52
By David Smith.
4 Pages/ Pictures

Well balanced good overview of early 1950's shows. Everything from Capt Video to Capt Z_Ro.

# 26 September 1979 Rating * * *
"From Buck Rogers to Buck Rogers pg 56
By Stephen Sansweet

3 pages / Pictures of Space toys.

A Collector's dream written up by the collector. Includes nice view of a Space Patrol Rocket and other 50's toys. If you look closely you can see a Tom Corbett Compass, Decoder and Usalite Pin Lite and card.

THE 1980's


Apr/May 1988 Rating ****
Eleven page article on Space Patrol. 18 pictures.
Submitted by Albert Hale


# 39 October 1980 Rating * * * *
"Tom Corbett Remembers" pg 37
By Frankie Thomas Jr.
3 pages / Many standard pictures of TV show & 1 full page color picture of Frankie Thomas in full Cadet Uniform.

Excellent article with insight into the behind the scenes workings of the show. First hand account of how the show was developed by someone who was there from the beginning to the end.

# 41, 42, 43 Visions Column
By David Houston
-A series of four 1 -2 page columns on the early Space shows of the 1950's. Each column was devoted to a theme. Excellent pictures and good information. Column is on the last or next to last page of magazine.

# 41 December 1980 Rating * * *
Part I - "The 1950's Golden Age of Science Fiction Television"
Capt Video article and pictures.

# 43 January 1981 Rating * * * *
Part II - "Space Patrol and Tom Corbett"
Great Pictures of Space Patrol rocket car and Tom Corbett Sparkling Ray Gun.

#44 February 1981 Rating * * * *
Part III - " On the Other Space Bandwagon"
The mid-1950's space heroes - Rod Brown, Commander Cody and Capt Z_Ro.

#43 January 1981 Rating * * * *
"Space Cadet meets Space Patrol"
By Brian Mosserman
1 page / 1 full page picture of the two spacemen together.

Story of the development of the video " They went to the Stars when TV was live"

#45 April 1981 Rating * * * *
SF in the Comics Part 5 pg 54
"The Big 50's Boom"
By Ron Goulart
2 page text / 2 full page reprints of TC and Beyond Mars Sunday pages.

Excellent article on the 50's SF newspaper strips. Features full size Sunday page of Tom Corbett. In the Letters column, a picture of the Rocky Jones Rocket that was given away in the Wonder Bread giveaway contest. It is now in Michigan

THE 1990's

April / May 1995 Rating * * * 1/2
By Frank Kuznik
8 pages / Standard pictures of show with recent pictures of the Polaris Crew and George Gould.

Excellent update on the show with information on the St Louis Science Centers display of SF through the ages. The 1950's are well represented in the display. The website can be found on the Links page of this site and is well worth the visit. Many of the items pictured in the article can be found at the site. Some of the information is a rehash of material published in the 1950's articles, but is still interesting and important if you have not read the earlier articles.

FILMFAX Rating ****

Feb/Mar 1991
Eight page article on Tom Corbett. 15 pictures.
Submitted by Albert Hale


#2 1996
Seven page article on '50s TV Space TV. 13+ pictures.
Submitted by Albert Hale


# 212 March 1995 Rating * * * *
By Mark Phillips
"Tom Corbett's Pal"
6 pages / Recent picture of Jan Merlin

The Polaris Unit's "bad boy" Jan Merlin, Roger Manning, remembers the show. Excellent article for both the show and Mr. Merlin's perspective about his character. A must have for Jan Merlin and Space Cadet fans.

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