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Tom Corbett Space Cadet Photo Album - Vol 2

By Cadet Chuck Lassen

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TC Photo Album Vol 2

Welcome to Volume 2 of the Tom Corbett Photo Album!

Little did I realize, when I decided to scan and electronically preserve a dozen old photos on aging paper from my childhood, what a great resource would eventually evolve!

That initial beginning of twelve Tom Corbett TV show photos on three floppies has grown into over one hundred floppies, a wonderful archive of not only Tom Corbett, but all of the other early Space Operas as well. The collection includes not only cast publicity photos, but candid photos of the actors, photos of premiums, souvenirs, comics, book covers and other memorabilia, some from my own collection, but much of it generously contributed by other collectors who have found Cadet Ed Pippin's great Space Opera Site, and through it, filtered their way on down to my Tom Corbett Photo Album, Volume 1. Cadet Ed has graciously included this in his site, not to mention doing all of the html work for me on these pages.

Although I have never met the people who have contributed material, I feel that I am well acquainted with them, and we have become good friends through our frequent e-mails based on our mutual interests and memories of the Golden Age of Space Opera.

Volume 2 is a compilation of the most rare, outstanding, and interesting contributions received from these other fans who share my delight in these memories. There's not enough room to show everything, but I have hand picked my favorites for your enjoyment.

Thanks to all my new friends who contributed this fine material!

Cadet Chuck Lassen

To start your trip down memory lane, either follow the arrows or choose a link to a photo from below.

Prepare to Blast off into the Age of the Conquest of Space!!!!!
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