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Cadet News

February 28 - March 2, 2002

The Polaris crew has returned to their duty stations in California and the events of the Williamsburg Film Festival are now part of the Academy archives. A good time was had by all and our thanks to the Williamsburg Committee for making the cadets feel welcomed. Bill Sasser who was working during the whole event; Larry Floyd, who made sure we were having a good time; the ladies at the registration tables who seemed to "live" at their post and others who put in a lot of time and effort to pull off a great event. There will be a thank you page for the tireless workers of the show.

Bill Sasser

Registration Table

Larry and Larry

The number of cadets attending the festival did increase this year. There were 12 cadets who made a commitment to be at the festival. Ten of the 12 did arrive and another group of cadets, almost as large, attended the Friday Tom Corbett Panel and Radio Recreation event. There will be a comments page for those who attended, so Tim, Marc, Harvey, Ted and several others who made the visit, contact the Academy with your thoughts, it was great seeing you. The Academy name tags were very useful in making contact with these cadets. I met many at Frankie and Jan's tables and some in the hallway.

Frankie and Jan had one of the most popular tables in the dealer's room. Frankie was running at a D-2 rate, that's 1/4 space speed for the earthworm cadets in the audience. He had just gotten out of the hospital, but being the trooper that he is, he was there for the fans. Jan was a dynamo who was well known by everyone and was once again in the spotlight when he participated as the holder for a whip act. The trick would also curve your need for cigarettes.

There were three cadets at the event with digital cameras. As with all great minds, all three were using the Nikon 880 series camera, a real workhorse of the digital world. Cadets Chuck Lassen, Mike Turco and Ed Pippin were there photographing the event and we will have a number of good shots for many pages.

It was a real pleasure to see Frankie back in uniform and the radio recreation was one of the hits at the festival. There were over 100 people who attended the "space events" on Friday. Applause greeted Frankie when he arrived in uniform for the Panel talk and recreation of "MAROONED WITH DEATH", a Tom Corbett Radio show. The script for Marooned was transcribed and updated from two radio episodes from May 13th and 15th, 1952 by members of the original Polaris Crew ( Jan and Frankie).There will be a lot of pictures in upcoming pages of Frankie in the original Tom Corbett Uniform as well as pictures of Jan and Cadet Chuck in their Solar Guard uniforms, so stand by. You can order a VHS copy of the TC panel and Radio Recreation from the Festival committee for $20 + $4 postage. Order from:

William Sasser
PO Box 524
Gloucester Point, VA 23062

There may be copies of the radio recreation script available from the committee. Check the Cadet News page for updates.

The number of attendees watching episodes of Tom Corbett TV and Rocky Jones shows increased over prior showings and many became first time fans of the early live shows. Cadets had several good exchanges of ideas with festival attendees. One cowboy even said they never knew how much fun live TV was and they were now hooked. Let's hope that's the case for many others. The biggest drawback we face is getting the shows into public view.

Cadet Mike Turco treated the cadets to some excellent night viewing of Saturn, Jupiter and assorted star systems. Mike's Astro Physics Refractor gave meaning to the space slang "… by the Rings of Saturn". Because of Mike's expertise in the field, he has been designated Academy Astronomer for the Solar Guard Academy. Let's hope there will be many more events that Mike can attend and show us some of the wonders of Space.

Congratulations to Mike and Kim Elmo, winners of the drawing for the wall quilt. Cadet Mike will be displaying the quilt in his rocket room. A special thanks to Cadet Rae Pippin for all of her hard work and time she put into making the quilt. There were many nice things said about the quilt and it was a true work of space art. If we are fortunate enough to have another Space Hero attend the Williamsburg Festival next year, we may be able to persuade Cadet Rae to work on another one. Solar Guard Commemorative Wall Quilt

The banquet on Saturday night was highlighted by song,dance and a good visit with the guests who attended the show. The Academy cadets shared a table with other fans and really enjoyed the show. The highlight for the cadets was the exhibition of whip cracking and nerves of steel displayed by Roger Manning. You will have to see the pictures to appreciate it. The cadets attending the festival made a new friend in Frankie's step daughter, Julie.   An Academy thank you goes out to Julie for attending and helping Frankie and his fans have a good time.

We had a great time and look forward to another visit next year.

Keep checking the navigation bar on this page for pages as they are added to archives. Pictures of the 1999 event are located at http://www.solarguard.com/janwwf99.com  Cadets Chuck Lassen, Jack McKirgan and Ed Pippin met and had a great time with Jan Merlin in 1999. This year Frankie joined Jan and it was another good time for cadets who attended.

Information about this years and future film festivals may be obtain from the Festival's website:

Till later
Spaceman's Luck
Cadet Ed
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