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July 7, 1951 to September 1, 1951

The following log is taken from Joe Sarno's Space Academy Newsletter's Number 7 & 8.

The log consists of Tom Corbett summer reruns, which were usually three 15 minute weekday episodes edited and condensed to 30 minute shows narrated by Frankie Thomas.
The Episode Log Copyright (c) 1979, Wade Williams, Written by Terry Harms from 16mm kinescope prints.

CAST: Frankie Thomas, Jan Merlin, Al Markim, Edward Bryce, Carter Blake,Margaret Garland.

SPONSER: Kellogg's Variety Pack, Kellogg's Corn Flakes & Raisin Bran

Technical Director: Noel Warwick
Production Assistant: Muriel Maron
Costumes: Eddie Taliaferro

Directed by: George Gould
Produced by: Allen Ducovny

#1 SPACE WEEK - July 7, 1951 (NBC #: 51-2044)
written by Jack Weinstock & Willy Gilbert
Script Editor: Albert Aley

Additional Cast: ERIC RATTISON - Frank Sutton

Synopsis: A Space Academy tournament, consisting of sports, a written exam, and a space race, pits the Polaris unit in competition against other Cadet units at the Academy. The chief competition is the Vulcan unit led by Eric Rattison. Controversy cast a shadow over the Polaris unit when evidence indicates that a member of the Polaris crew has stolen an examination paper from Dr. Dale's office.

Additional Notes: This may be the first appearance of Eric Rattison, who makes numerous appearances in subsequent episodes, frequently bumping heads with Roger Manning. Rex Marshall as "Lieutenant Saunders", does the first commercial for Kellogg's Variety Pack. Frankie Thomas takes a break from his narration to do the second commercial for Kellogg's Corn Flakes

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# 2 THE MARTIAN REVOLT - July 14, 1951 (NBC #: 51-2098)
written by Marc & Anne Siegel
Script Editor: Albert Aley

Additional Cast: COMMANDER ELBLAS - Joe DeSantis CAPTAIN BEX - Ralph Camargo

Synopsis: An apparent plan by the Solar Council on Mars to break up Space Academy into three separate Academy's actually masks a much more sinister plot to start a revolution with the goal of destroying the entire Solar Guard.The Space Cadets wind up imprisoned inside an old rocket that has been programmed to go out of control and crash into the Martian surface.

Special Notes: Frankie Thomas As Tom Corbett, tells us about the availability of a punch-out model of a jet fighter plane (10 different models in all) in every box of Raisin Bran.

#3 TRIAL IN SPACE - July 21, 1951 ( NBC #51-2154)
written by Jack Weinstock & Willie Gilbert
Script Editor: Albert Aley

Additional Cast: CADET HARVEY - John Weaver

Synopsis: Astro is believed to have contracted "Space Fever" a disease which could result in having him permanently grounded from space travel, and thus, out of the Polaris Unit. During his narration, Frankie Thomas defines for the viewers just what a 3-man Space Cadet unit, like the Polaris, really is.

Special Notes: This was also written for radio, and broadcast as two half our programs an 2/26/52 and 2/28/52.

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#4 GRAVEYARD OF THE ROCKETS - July 28, 1951 ( NBC #51-2210)
written by George Lowther
Script Editor: Albert Aley

Additional Cast: PROFESSOR CHAMBERS - James Van Dyke NORGERSON - Ralph Riggs
Synopsis:The Space Cadets, along with Captain Strong, Commander Arkwright, and Dr. Joan Dale, seek an Academy scientist lost on a distant planet in an uncharted solar system. Their search takes them to the legendary RocketGraveyard, where dozens of lost ships have accumulated over the past 200 years. The graveyard appears to be otherwise deserted, but there are unknown foes waiting -- not all of which are human.

Special Notes:Lieutenant Saunders (Rex Marshall) demonstrates the Space Academy Electroscope (Electron Telescope). George Lowther has done previous comic strip & Comic book writing, and penned the 1942 SUPERMAN Novel.

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#5 THE ASTEROID OF DEATH - August 4, 1951 (NBC #51-2269 )
written by Jack Weinstock & Willie Gilbert
Script Editor: Albert Aley

Additional Cast:JODIE MORTON - Clifford Sales
Synopsis:A clue provided by a youthful stowaway provides the only hope of preventing Roger and Captain Strong from making contact with an anti-matter asteroid and instantaneous annihilation.

Special Notes:Lt Saunders shows us some of the Academy's important Space equipment in the first commericial.

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#6 THE MYSTERY OF ALKAR - August 11, 1951 ( NBC #51-2322)
written by Frank Thomas & Ray Morse
Script Editor: Albert Aley

Additional Cast:ELBLAS- Joe DeSantis LUXOR: Ralph Riggs
Synopsis:The Cadets are menaced by a weird, near-mute visitor from Alkar, the legendary black planet lying beyond the orbit of Neptune. But a much more deadly threat comes from an old and very dangerous enemy, that could lead to an attack against the entire Solar Alliance.

Special Notes:In the second commercial break, Tom speaks directly out of the Space Cadet News, informing all viewers how they can form their own Space Cadet Squadrons, and obtain their Space Cadet Membership Kits through Kellogg's Corn Flakes. Tom Poston guest stars as the mysterious invader from Alkar, though he is not identified in the credits. Poston also guest starred as Captain Turner in the premiere Corbett episode on October 2, 1950.

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#7 "The Lost Colony of Venus" - August 18, 1951 (NBC #51-2378 )
(Arbitrary title by Author)
written by George Lowther
Script Editor: Albert Aley

Additional Cast: "Ace of Space" BRADLEY - Chester Stratton
Synopsis:An adventurer calling himself the "Ace of Space"- stows aboard the Space Cadets' ship (the Ventura on this occasion) with the aid of the impulsive Roger. But "Ace" thereupon commandeers the ship and forces the Cadets to fly to Venus and help him search for the legendary Lost Colony. They do find it, amidst the Venusian jmgles, but they also encounter the very same menace that wiped out the original Colony, established by the first colonists from earth 200 years ago!

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#8 SUMMER SPACE MANEUVERS - Part. I - August 25, 1951 (NBC #51- ?? )
written by Jack Weinstock & Willie Gilbert
Script Editor: Albert Aley

Synopsis:The Polaris, on a mission to destroy a dangerous contra-terrene asteroid, is crippled by a split in the servo-gyro and forced to land on Jupiter for repairs.

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#9 SUMMER SPACE MANEUVERS - Part. 2 September 1, 1951 (NBC #51-2502)
written by Jack Weinstock & Willie Gilbert
Script Editor: Albert Aley

Synopsis:Cadets Astro, Roger Manning, and Eric Rattison, out on space maneuvers aboard the Polaris, run into trouble when the Servo unit (which controls the automatic steering unit) on the space ship goes out of commission, and they are forced to make an emergency landing on Jupiter. Problems with Jupiter's intense gravitation field and ammonia storms threaten the ships' survival, and also hinder the efforts of Tom and Captain Strong to come to their aid.

Special Notes: NBC Sound Engineers: Ken Arbor & William Goetz NBC Film Control: Norm Albert

End of NBC SUMMER RE-RUNS: July 7, 1951 to September 1, 1951

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DuMont Network: August 29,1953 - May 22, 1954
NBC Network December 11, 1954 to June 25, 1955
THE FINAL TEST- Script of last TC television show

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