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March 9 -12, 2005
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Welcome to news and updates of fan activities, events, special projects and just about anything relating to 1950's Space Opera material. If you have news or events related to our hobby, drop a line to the Academy for the page. So, cool your jets and enjoy.... Cadet Ed


Ed "Capt Strong" Bryce

Posted 12/07/99
Capt Strong in commandThe sad news of the death of Ed Bryce reached the Academy last night from Jan Merlin.   Ed Bryce, who played the Captain of the Polaris crew, passed away yesterday. Our condolences to the family in their loss.

Ed Bryce's son Phil, thanked those who have expressed their sorrow at the passing of his father and said he had been in contact with Jan Merlin, Frank Thomas and George Gould's wife.

... and many memories were shared (theirs, of course--I was only a boy) about good days on Space Cadets. My dad was a terrific guy who had an exciting career and a good life, and who faced death with courage and grace that would have made Captain Strong most proud.

"Roger Manning's" comment for the site was:
Spaceman's Luck, Captain Strong, the rest of the crew will join you in a while...

Cards my be sent to:
Mrs. Ed Bryce
5 Bradley Street
Westport, CT 0688

We share in the loss with the family of a childhood hero and wish them peace and comfort in the knowledge that Ed Bryce will be remembered by his many fans. A special page in the Academy's Hall of Fame has been added in Ed's memory.
Spaceman's Luck to all


New Space Opera Guns page

Posted 10/27/99
Gene Metcalf has added new pages to his excellent Toy Ray Gun Website. He has documented many of the space guns from the 1950's TV shows with pictures and commentary. Gene also mentions that he has received help from one our fellow crew mates, Cadet Chuck Lassen. Good Job Gene! Check out the new pages at for some fun and excellent information on a main stay of Space Opera ... the Ray Gun!!!

New Ray Gun Book from Gene NEW RAY GUN BOOK!! In addition to Toy Ray Gun's new revised look ... a new book on ray guns by Gene will be available soon. Published by Fotofolio, Raygun will be available at all major booksellers in the first week of November, 1999. To place an advance order for the book call 800-955-3686. Just click on the banner on the raygun site for more information.

Write in Campaign for Capt Video and Rod Brown video tapes

Posted 10/22/99
Dale Ames reports that Wade Williams is moving forward with plans to issue video tapes of the Rod Brown and Flash Gordon TV series. This is a much needed project since few if any episodes are available to fans. Your support of the project is needed so Write Wade Williams and let him know you support the project. Also needed are pictures from the shows that could be used in the project. Wade's address is:

Wade Williams Productions
13001 Wornall Road
Kansas City, Mo 64145

For more information check out issue # 34 of Dale's Galaxy Patrol Newsletter. If you don't have a subscription.. contact Dale at for information on how to get a subscription.

Thanks go to both Dale Ames and Terry Harms for working with Wade on this project. Spaceman's Luck.


Posted 10/21/99
capvid1sml.jpg - 5908 BytesSpace Ranger Mike Elmo is designing another 50's style space jacket and needs your help. Check out the his draft design and give him some input on the emblem and layout. Ok fellow cadets let Mike hear from you. CLICK here to see layout.


Terra V Model from Herb Deek's now available

Posted 9/21/99
From Dale Ames:
Herb Deeks Models
ANAHEIM , CA. 92805
has just issued a notice that the TERRA 5-A SPACE PATROL ROCKET SHIP can now be purchased. Be the First Kid IN Your Block to own this fine kit and install your own Terra 5 on the take off pad and fly into outer space with Commander Buzz Corry and Cadet Happy . By the outer ring of Saturn this is great news for all Space Cadets . We have waited to many years for this Large Scale Model . Over 18" long --yes over 18" long, room to fit your friends on board when you blast off on a thrilling adventure in outer space.

Terra 5 comes with stand and is designed from "Official Space Patrol Plans" located at Terra City HQ in the office of Major Robertson. Kit is only $69.95 + $5 P/H and a box top (ok box top is my idea but mail a box top just as if you are still a kid) .

Remember this kit is for Space Patroller only and this information must not fail into the hands of the evil Prince Bacaratti . I wish to thank all Galaxy Patrollers and Solar Guard Space Cadets who worked with Herb on this fine Space Ship After you purchase you kit would you please contact me with your comments on the Terra 5 Model Kit.---- Galaxy Patroller Dale L. Ames


NOTE from the Academy. Special thanks go to Cadet Jack McKirgan who helped Herb with some of the early design work. Also a picture of the prototype TERRA V can been seen on the Monster Rally page. None other than Ed Kemmer, Commander Corry, is holding the Terra V model..... Check it out here.

New SF stories in the Dig Allen tradition

Posted 9/17/99
From David Baumann:
"... a team of three people (of whom I am one) is writing a new series. It is in the style of the old Dig Allen series (1959-1962). If you want to know more, everything we can tell you, right up to the minute, will be found at the Starman web site at "

Sounds good to me!!! Cadets are urged to check out the site. Spaceman's luck to David Baumann, Jon Cooper, Mike Dodd.... Cadet Ed


Posted 9/2/99
FROM Jeff Berkwits:
Just thought you might enjoy seeing the new review in Science Fiction Weekly (posted yesterday, 8/23/99) of Englewood Entertainment's Space Patrol release "The Giants of Pluto No. 3." Classic Science Fiction Reviews

Englewood has already got another one on tap (at least according to their Web site), and I hope to have the chance to cover that one too - if I do, I'll definitely let you know!

Thanks Jeff for the heads up. Sorry I didn't get this posted sooner. The Academy has been a little busy for the past few weeks. There is a second video from Englewood, "Amazons of Cydonia", which contain shows broadcast on the USA network's late night show in the mid 1980's. You can also order the new video's from for $16.00.

Also, Bruce David at has some excellent early Space Patrol copies of out of copyright kinescopes never released to the public. The first of a series of 12 tapes includes three very early Kit Corry episodes and sell for $12 each. I have viewed the first two tapes in the series and they are well done at an excellent price. Check Bruce's site at

XV/2 Orbit Jet Model

From Gary Rocchio:

The Rocky Jones Space Ranger XV/2 Orbit Jet is now shipping from Sci-Fi Matters!
This beautiful ship, from kit designer John Geigle, is 24" tall and is an impressive piece of sci-fi history.
Check it out at: Look under the category of "Model Kits" then click "Sci-Fi Matters & Masterpiece Models".

It is indeed a fine looking ship. Check out Gary's site for other SF related models.


George Gould

Posted 8/25/99
The loss of George Gould effects us all. A real pioneer in early special effects for LIVE television. By all accounts of those who knew him personally, he was an encourager. If you would like to send your regrets and to encourage his family during their grief.... cards may be sent to:

Mrs. George Gould
704 Heritage Hills
Somers,NY 10589


Posted 8/24/99
Sad news has once again reached the Academy. The innovative producer of Tom Corbett and other early Space Opera shows has passed away. Jan Merlin reports the following:

George Gould, our television director and dearest friend to all our crew and all who met or knew him, passed away today..after a long battle with colon cancer. May the stars accept him, for all our futures were enhanced by his presence.

Roger Manning was better because of him.

Jan Merlin

Cadet updates

Posted 8/18/99
Cadet Chuck Lassen has added more pictures of Frankie Thomas to his website at Space Academy South. You can see them at

Cadet Dick Dyszel (creature feature) will be hosting a New Year's Eve party on Channel 20 in the Washington DC area. See his website for more information. Good to see you back on TV Dick. I will be up watching. Cadet Ed

Ralston Rocket's Double life

Posted 8/11/99
Fellow Cadet Dick Dyszel (AKA Gore De Vol) has an interesting story about the famous Ralston Rocket:

I met Cadets Chuck and Mike at Monster Rally '99 and after much conversation about both Space Patrol and Rocky Jones, decided to muddy the water a bit concerning the Ralston Rocket. I specifically remember the Ralston Rocket touring Chicago in the early 50's. I really wanted to win it! However, several years later either the same rocket or one very similar was in a Chicago neighborhood parade, but this time it had Rocky Jones' picture on it and the sponsor was Silvercup bread. After looking at the photos on the website, I'm not sure it was the same rocket. I have a short movie clip of the ship in question and will try and find and post it.

Thanks Dick for the heads up on yet another strange twist of fate for the touring rocket. Dick has his own website (Creature Features) where you can follow his work as a "Creature Feature" host and DJ. We look forward to the pictures of the Ralston Rocket in it's alternate role as a Rocky Jones spacecraft.

Update on Ralston Rocket from Dr. Ward Dean

We have heard from Ward about his work in tracking down the Ralston Rocket in the late 1970's:

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you--several years, now. I just saw some of the speculations about what happened to the Ralston Rocket on your website. I can bring everyone up to date, but I'm going to need to dig up my notes. I'll write a story about it when I get a few spare minutes. I never owned the rocket--I just tracked it down in 1979, and shortly thereafter.

I was surprised to see how well the pictures came out of me climbing around the rocket in my Space Patrol flight suit (taken in October, 1979), after I located it in Quincy, Illinois. Also, was surprised to see the "Space Cadet March" piano arrangement which my piano teacher Mrs. Noland did. It's the only thing I can still play.

Thanks Ward, it's good to hear from you again. We all look forward to hearing the "Rest of the Story" from someone who has seen and touched the famous rocket. The pictures of Ward and the Ralston Rocket can be seen on the Ralston Rocket search page.

JULY 1999

Jan Merlin's Books

Posted 7/14/99
Correction: Jan's books GUNBEARER and BROCADE are available via For a short time it appeared that they would not be supplied, but the supply lines are reinstated.
Tom Corbett & Space Patrol on DVD

Posted 7/14/99
From Jeff Berkwits:

Image Entertainment Signs Output Agreement with Corinth Films to Release Titles from the Wade Williams Collection on DVD

CHATSWORTH, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 14, 1999--

65 Camp-Classics from Director Ed Wood, Jr. to be released, including Plan Nine From Outer Space

Image Entertainment, Inc. (NASDAQ:DISK), one of the leading licensees and distributors of optical disc programming (DVD and laserdisc) in North America, today announced the signing of an exclusive output agreement with Corinth Films, Inc. to release at least 40 titles from the Wade Williams Collection on DVD.
The deal also covers the DVD release of a number of classic `50s television series to be released on DVD including, Space Patrol, featuring Ed Kemmer and Lynn Osborne, the adult science fiction series Tales Of Tomorrow with episodes starring James Dean, Paul Newman, Rod Steiger, Leslie Neilsen, Boris Karloff, Lee J. Cobb, Lon Chaney, Jr., Burgess Meredith, and many other noted stars making their television debuts; Tom Corbett: Space Cadet, based on the popular story by Robert Heinlein and 13 color episodes of Jungle Boy, an adventure series from 1955. In addition to superb visual quality resulting from film-to-digital transfers from original prints and pre-print elements, Wade Williams has taken great pains to create truly astounding packaging concepts which Image plans to incorporate into the new DVD releases. Original 50's poster art as well as new original artwork will be used to market and promote these new DVD editions.

Jeff's email also included two website to check out for more information:
and Ken Crane's DVD and Laserdisc Superstore on-line at:

Thanks for the heads up Jeff. Now I will HAVE to get a DVD player!!!

New Juvenile Space Opera fiction

Posted 7/14/99
Jonathan Cooper's interest in the early Dig Allen Space Explorer series has led to a new project that encourages new stories in the tradition of the series books of the 50's. Jonathan has a site for the Dig Allen series and responded to my question about new Dig Allen stories:

" reference to 'possible new Dig Allen titles', check out this site:

for a complete listing of the 22 new 'Dig Allen' titles that we're hoping to write (the first one is already well into production). We wanted to use Dig Allen, but unfortunately Golden Press said no, so we thought up a new universe that's very similar to Dig's. Also, you might want to checkout the Open Syndicate page, which gives details on how we hope to write and distribute them:

Hopefully before long we'll have a stack of new volumes, every bit as good and rewarding as the old ones."

An excellent idea. Check out the syndicate and see if this is a project you would be interested in. Spaceman's Luck Jonathan.

JUNE 1999

Capt Video in the News

Posted 6/28/99
From Dale Ames:
The Friday issue of The N.Y. Daily News on page 44 is a article on Captain Video by Kevin Butler "Saluting Captain Video" a story on the 50 anniversary of this series. Copy can be obtained from Daily New or from libraries.Thanks Dale for the tip.

Now, fellow cadets can help Dale out. Due to an experience we all have with computers... Dale lost his hard drive and email addresses. He would like to rebuild his address book, so drop him a line with your email by either clicking on his name above or sending an email to Dale
More Space Patrol Videos

Posted 6/28/99
Swap Sale now has 11videos ( a total of 43 episodes! ) of Space Patrol for sale. Plus Bruce has both Al Hodge and Richard Coogan Captain Videos available on tape and a number of Tom Corbett videos as well. The site also has a varity of Space Patrol, Tom Corbett and Captain Video toys and comics for sale. Drop by and tell them Cadet Ed sent you.
Tom Corbett G&D novels On Hand Held Computers

Posted 6/27/99
From Dennis Caro
Thought you might be interested in the following., browse, science fiction - The first 7 books of the G & D series are available for the PalmPilot. It won't be as good as the actual books, but this may be what tips me over to buying one of the toys.

Thanks Dennis for the lead. Now you can take your electronic TC book with you!! I checked with Boondock Books and Peanut Press is licensed to produce the books. I too would like a nice toy like the Palm Pilots.

Music of the Space Opera's

Posted 6/27/99
From Fellow Cadet Lou Rugani
In regard to the Tom Corbett March and Song:

I think this is really Henry "Hank" Sylvern, who did lots of radio/tv/film music. He wrote the TCSC March, and did Arthur Godfrey's live music. You'll see his name on children's records. He was a keyboard man.

Thanks Lou for reminding us that there were a number of people behind the childhood memories. I believe Mitch Miller was also noted on some of the children's Records.Mitch is remembered from the 60's TV shows that he appeared on and had.


Posted 6/17/99
Ed Kemmer will be attending Monster Rally 99 in Arlington, Va August 6th - 8th 1999. From Convention organizer Gary Svehla:

Ed will be participating in our OPENING CEREMONY, he will participate in our AWARDS PROGRAM Saturday night introducing someone who will induct one of the greats into the Hall of Fame, and he will participate in the 1950s Science Fiction panel discussion, along with other guests Yvette Vickers, Rex Reason, Coleen Gray, etc. We will keep Ed busy.

Check out Ed Kemmer's home page for details as we receive them.

Cadet Bob Burns at Wonderfest

Posted 6/16/99
It appears that there was a good gathering of fans at WONDERFEST. There are 5 pages of photos from the event held earlier this month in Louisville, KY. There is a models page with a nice looking Robby the Robot. Check it out on Bob's web site .Thanks to Bob's webmaster, Joyce Meyer for helping us find the Monster Rally site on the web.
Review of Tales of Tomorrow

Posted 6/16/99
Cadet Jeff Berkwits has a review on the ScFi Weekly site that has a slight connection to Tom Corbett. Check it out at the Classic Science Fiction Reviews section.

Space Cadet insignia IN SPACE

Posted 6/14/99
Yes, the old TC emblem may be in space soon. Cadet Chuck Lassen reports that one of the new TC insignia's may be worn into space via the Space Shuttle . More on this later as it develops. If you haven't seen one of these insignia's check out Chuck's ad in the FOR SALE section of the Solar Guard.

MAY 1999

Paul S. NewmanMay 30, 1999
Paul S. Newman,author of the Tom Corbett Newspaper Strip and Dell Comics has died. It is with a great deal of sorrow that we have to announce the loss of Paul. He passed away this morning. Please check his webpage for more information.

Jan Merlin's New Book

Posted 5/18/99
Jan Merlin has published a second book GUNBEARER and his first novel, BROCADE has been reissued. Go to the new book page "Solar Guard Library" by clicking on the Book Update icon for more information about his new book.

APRIL 1999

Bob Burns RUMOR

Posted 4/30/99
The following information was received from Bob Burns website:

There is a rumor making the rounds that goes roughly like this:

Bob Burns has sold part of his collection and he is selling offmore--SUPPOSEDLY because of financial and or health reasons--depending whereyou hear it.

*FACT: Bob has NOT SOLD ANY PART of his collection. He's not a dealer;he's a collector and archivist.
*FACT: Bob has NO INTENTIONS OF SELLING any of his collection. He's not adealer; he's a collector and archivist.
*FACT: There are no health or financial reasons that would prompt him to dothis.

This is straight from Bob. Believe it. Toss this "fish in the pond" andlet it spread some truth. :)

What is not a rumor is Bob's upcoming book "Bob's Basement" Let's hope there are some early space heroes lurking in the basement.

TERRA 5 Model from Herb Deeks

Posted 4/26/99
From Dale Ames:
   I spoke to Herb Deeks and he has the Terra 5 mole completed ( I have seen pictures of the mole of Terra 5 and it is beautiful and approx. 18Ē long) . Herb feels that Terra 5 is silver in color ---is this correct???? And also Herb needs help on the correct color of the decals to put on the outside hull. Also what type of lettering to use ---slanted or what???? He said something about a picture of showing a red interior of the cockpit---can you help --- can you help (my idea) of any way to make a decal showing the crew in the window ---maybe bad idea because of small scale.---

   Please contact Herb as soon as possible by mail and phone (714-7747326) with words and pictures on what is needed to complete the outside of Terra 5 Hull with proper lettering and decals. Hope to hear from you that you have contacted Herb

Herb's Address can be found in the Solar Guard Resource Page


Posted 4/23/99
The Solar Guard Academy and Roaring Rockets websites received the Kogar Award from Bob Burns, Science Fiction Archivist and Researcher. Bob appears in SciFi Buzz segments on the SciFi Network and has had a long and interesting Hollywood career. Our thanks to Bob and to Joyce Meyer, Bob's Web Architect, for the award and kind words. A special thanks to Space Ranger Mike Elmo for nominating the sites for the awards.

Visit Bob's site at:

Drop by Bob's site for an eye feast of SF movie collectibles and information on current projects. A new Book by Bob and John Michlig is in the works. Stay tuned to the Cadet News page for updates.
New Rocky Jones Spaceship Model

Posted 4/20/99
From Mike Elmo:
Just talked to John at Masterpiece Models ( ) and he said he hopes torelease the kits for the XV2 and 3 around May 27th. Scifimatters ( and C & S Hobbies CO (, will be the first to carry the kits, I'll keep you allup on any other developments.

Thanks Mike for the updates. There seems to be a number of new "space opera" type of spaceships models coming out now. Check the resource page for other links.

March 1999

Space Opera
Book and Article Information

Posted 3/23/99
From: Jeff Berkwits
Short Mention of 1950's Space Opera In Cinescape Insider:
Just wanted to let folks know that the new issue of Cinescape Insider, whichshould go on sale April 6 at most newsstands, will include a short sidebar onpage 29 featuring quotes and photos from Frankie Thomas, Jan Merlin and EdKemmer. Titled 'Retro Rockets,' the piece asks each of these pioneeringspacemen what they thought of Star Wars when it first came out in 1977vis-ŗ-vis their own outer space TV adventures. Hope you folks enjoy it -there'll be more to come in other publications soon!

From: Cindy Peery
Captain Video DuMont Book Update:
Was just browsing thru the great pictures from the film festival and ranacross the question about the Captain Video Book (I was a BIG fan of thatshow!). Checked Barnes and Noble's web site. They have the book listed inhardback for $22.95 with a 3-5 week delivery. The book was published inOct. of 1992 by Loosenstrife Press, Incorporated and is 288 pages. Spaceman's luck in finding it. Happy Trails too - Cindy

P. S. The Fourth Williamsburg film festival will be held at the Holiday InnPatriot on Feb. 24-26, 2000. Mark you calendar now!

Thanks Jeff and Cindy for the heads up.

Polaris II Crew
Land In Williamsburg

Posted 3/16/99
Cadets Jack McKirgan, Chuck Lassen, Mike Elmo and Ed Pippin attended the Williamsburg Film Festival in February. A good time was had by all and the visit with Jan and Barbara Merlin was better than any of the Cadets imagained. Follow the events starting with the Williamsburg introduction page. Thanks Jan, it was great!!

DUMONT Capt Video Book

Posted 3/16/99
Dale Ames requested help in the December 1997 Cadet News in locating "The Captain Video Book: The Du Mont Television Station Network Story "Author: Neil Sullivan Publish By: Loosestrife Press ( 1992 )

After more than a year, a fellow cadet has some answers. From Clarke Ingram , the following information was forwarded to the Academy:

Hi Ed,
Here's an update for when you next revise your web site. The Neil Sullivan book DOES exist, and Bruce DuMont at the Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago has seen it. Whether this is a "prototype" or the finished product is not clear, but at least it exists. I'll keep you posted if I come up with a copy.

Thanks Clarke, keep us informed. If there are others who may know of this book, please contact either Dale Ames or the Academy.

Radio Shows on the Internet

Posted 3/16/99
Randy Collinsí Site of the Week has added a Space Patrol radio show to this weeks lineup. Aside from the great show, the commercials have information on the NAME THE PLANET contest, Space Coins from Weather Bird Shoes and those great pitches about Wheat Chex's. It's interesting to hear that the "fathers of the kids" were taking turns in driving the Terra IV around for others to see.
The next two week's of Tom Corbett shows are Part I & II of Pursuit of Danger. Thanks Randy for providing these shows for our listening pleasure.

February 1999

Ed Kemmer as the Prince in Sleeping Beauty

Posted 2/9/99

The following from Jean-Noel:
A quick note about the Sleeping Beauty video that contains the documentary with Ed Kemmer: This video is a Disney "limited edition" and just went off-sale a month ago. It happens to be a collector's item for that reason. The video tape sales places I called in L.A. told me it was hard to find, but I finally found a collector who told me to try Target, K-Mart or Costco because they often buy big inventories and would still have it. Target had plenty of copies. Evidently in a few years, the price on these limited Disney videos can go as high as several hundred dollars - not a bad investment right now at $20. There's a booklet that comes with the tape that has a photo of Ed in it - again no credit.

This stems from a discussion on Rory Coker's Roaring Rockets site about Ed's part in modeling for the animated film. A fact that will be added to his Web Page on the Hall of Fame page. Sounds like this video is a must have for Space Opera fans.


Posted 2/9/99

Two fellow Cadets have forwarded information on errors they found on the site, which will be corrected asap :-)

A. Joseph Ross
Tom Corbett:
I just noticed an error on the Tom Corbett homepage. It says that theseries began on DuMont, then changed networks a couple of timesthereafter. Not quite. It began on CBS, then moved to ABC. While on ABC,there were repeats for awhile on NBC. Then, after Kelloggs cancelled theseries, it returned about a year later for one season on DuMont. Andfinally, it had its last season, for Kraft, on NBC.

And from the Space Patrol site:
On the introduction to the Space Patrol TV logs, it is mentioned that CBScancelled the show after it couldn't buy the rights from Helen Moser. Thatshould be ABC, of course.

Jim Douglass
Space Patrol Site:
In the Tom Corbett log by Joe Sarno, he mentions the "Kraft VideoTheater". The correct name of the series was"Kraft Television Theatre".

Thanks to Joe and Jim for keeping us honest. This is the type of work we need to keep the information correct. The internet allows for a much faster response than a published book. In the published format, the error could be passed on for many years. Keep up the good work. Any other errors found on the site..... please feel free to contact the Academy.

Dig Allen Space Explorer

Posted 2/7/99

Cadets who like the adventures of Tom Corbett need to check out Jonathan Cooper's Site for Dig Allen Space Explorers. Who is Dig Allen and what is his relationship to the 1950's Space Opera heroes? The adventures are set in the 22nd century and follow the adventures of a three-man team of teenage space explorers. Sound familiar? There are six books in the series published by Golden Press. The series first appeared in 1959 and ran to 1962. The connection to Tom Corbett, other than a three man crew, is the author Joseph Greene. Mr Greene has contributed to the development of the Tom Corbett and is one of the early juvenile SF authors. A letter to Jonathan from Joseph Greene Son, Paul, gives additional insight in the relationship he had with Tom Corbett

Jonathan needs help with some research and he would like any information on the publishing history of the series. All six of the books were issued in the Golden Press hard cover edition. He needs help in determining if the all six of the books were re-issued in paperback format. Check your stock and see if you can help him out. Drop by his site or email him if you can help.

Tom Corbett, Space Cadet Boards the Rocket!
The Rocket eBook That Is

Posted 2/2/99

This press release just in:
Boston, MA (February 2, 1999) Electronic publisher, Boondock Books announced today that it will re-issue the Tom Corbett, Space Cadet book series as electronic books for the Rocket eBookÔ from NuvoMedia. Also to be released will be The Survivalist science fiction series by Jerry Ahern.

Boondock Books will initiate its Rocket eBook publishing program with seven titles from the Tom Corbett series in February and March along with between 10 and 15 of the Survivalist books. The remaining Survivalist titles will be released over the following three months. "The Tom Corbett TV series is one of the icons of the Fifties. Almost everyone who grew up during that era was a Tom Corbett fan. If you check out Ebay today, thereís a tremendous business in selling Tom Corbett "artifacts", commented. Segroves. "The series was based on the best selling book Space Cadet by Robert A. Heinlein and several of the plotlines of the books appear to be loosely based on books Heinlein had published."

For the whole story and press release go to:

Roaring Rockets.. its good to see the old series back in "print". I know Boondock Books would like feedback on their efforts to bring back some of the classic series books. Drop them a line at . You can also post your comments on the Solar Guard Bulletin Board.

January 1999


Posted 1/29/99

Space Ranger Mike Elmo has commissioned a professional model building firm to construct a beautiful model of Rocky Jones's Spaceship- the XV2 Orbit Jet. The ship is 24 inches tall, 3 inches round and made of aluminum, the body was turned on a leathe and the fins were cast from an aluminum alloy resin, very strong and heat resistant. The XV2 is about 6 pounds and quite strudy. You can see Mike's model on in the bottom left hand side of the opening page. Mike has promoised pictures of the model for the site. We look forward to seeing and posting them. A Rocky Jones Page is in the works, so all of you Space Rangers stand by and send in any and all ideas to the Academy.

Posted 1/14/99

The Tom Corbett series books will be available as electronic novels from the internet soon. Boondock books will have the eight Grosset & Dunlap books online for downloading. They will be $4.95 each and require a reader (which is free) for viewing. We donít know if there are illustrations with the books but it may be worthwhile for those who would like to read missing books in the series to check them out. As of 1/14/99, the promotional page was up and downloading the novels may be available soon. The Tom Corbett Page is located at and information on the readers is located at Stay tuned for more updates.


Posted 1/14/99

Donít forget to drop by Randy Collinsí Site of the Week and listen to a Tom Corbett radio show in Real Audio format. This week is Part II Revolt On Prison Rock. Randy plans to have the whole series and maybe some Space Patrol radio shows as well. Soooo tune that dial to and listen to Tom, Roger and Astro as they blasted off into Space in 1952!!! Updates on which shows are playing may be found on the Tom Corbett Home Page of the Solar Guard.


posted 1/14/99

Donít Forget.... Jan Merlin will be appearing in Williamsburg, VA February 25th - 27th 1999. See the announcement page at Jan's page for the details. There will be several cadets there who will be remembering and viewing some of the old videoís. You never know, Jan may join us. Email the Academy if you need further information.

Comments & suggestions may be sent to the Solar Guard Academy

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