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What's New and Cadet News on the Solar Guard Web site.

This page has been revised after a very long period of time. The update page will rely on the Solar Guard newsletters as a main source for site updates. Between published newsletters, the Cadet News page will highlight current projects. The navigation on the left of this page will be the direct link to all updates.

The Solar Guard Academy newsletter is about and for Space Opera fans that remember and enjoy the shows of the 1950's. Addresses for the newsletter are NOT on a public server. If any URL's listed in a newsletter fails to link, copy and paste the URL address into your browser.

The Academy is using a new mass email program to email the newsletters. You may elect to receive a HTML version or a standard text version of the newsletter. Current subscribers will receive the standard text version until cadets request the HTML version. The HTML versions will be posted on the WHAT'S NEW page as an update

To be placed on the newsletter mail log, email with your request. Be sure to indicate Standard email or HTML format.

If you wish to be removed from the newsletter, please email with REMOVE in the subject line.

News items from and about cadets will be posted by year on these pages. The main page will have links to past and present news items of interest. Prior years will be archived as Adobe Acrobat files for storage in the Academy Archives.