March 9th - 12th, 2005

Solar Guard Reunion


Williamsburg Festival

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The 2005 Solar Guard Academy reunion is set for March 9- 12, 2005 in Williamsburg Virginia. Cadets will be able to meet and greet each other and enjoy some of the classic episodes of the 1950's Space shows while at the festival. Check the Williamsburg Film Festival for the latest information on the guests and hotel reservations.

The Solar Guard Academy display theme for 2005 will be "Remembering Ed Kemmer, Commander of the Space Patrol". Some rare photos provided by Lyn Osborn's sister, Beth Flood, will be part of the display along with other cast members from the show. Fans may add their memories of the Commander of Space Patrol in a book at the display. The memories and favorite photos will be added to Ed's Memorial page on the SG site.

A message to those who have the official Solar Guard Decoder, here's a special message:

CODE POLARIS - 73,31,42,70,37,32,69,37,75,65,71,68,37
CODE ALTAIR - 12,7,55,48,51,15,53,11,20,52,14,48,56,60

Want to know about the decoder? Drop by the SG display while at the reunion for more information. For those who can decode the above message, contact Cadet Ed with your answer, but remember, its a secret code : -)

We will have four sessions;

Thursday March 10th 5 - 7 pm and 9 - 11 pm
Friday March 11th 5 - 7 pm and 9 - 11 pm

Selections will be announced via the SG Bulletin Board and SG Newsletter. One two-hour video session will be dedicated to Ed Kemmer with some favorite episodes from Space Patrol. Other videos will include Tom Corbett, Lucky Starr, Flash Gordon, Rocky Jones, SF Theater, Men in Space and other great SF shows of the 1950's IMPORTANT: We need another cadet to volunteer for Thursday's video session. Contact Cadet Ed ASAP if you can help.

There are other activities in the works, so plan to attend now. In order to receive you reunion badge and membership package, please contact Cadet Ed and let him know you will be attending.