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Welcome to news and updates of fan activities, events, special projects and just about anything relating to 1950's Space Opera material. If you have news or events related to our hobby, drop a line to the Academy for the page. So, cool your jets and enjoy.... Cadet Ed

December 1998

New Space Opera Article

Posted 12/18/98

Jeff Berkwits reports on the following Golden Age Article on the Newstand now:

..... there is a new article out featuring mentionsof lots of Golden Age TV sci-fi folks. In the Winter, 1999, issue of amagazine called SCI-FI FLIX, published by Sovereign Media, there is an featurecalled 'Before Kirk: Star Trek's roots go back to the beginning of televisedsci-fi.' Written by Allan Asherman, it covers many of the early shows like TomCorbett, Space Patrol, Rocky Jones, etc. It runs about 4-1/2 pages w/ a numberof pictures. Unfortunately there are no interviews (it's more of a surveypiece, and features lots of plot synopses), but I just wanted to keep you allup-to-date!

The magazine itself has a cover price of $4.99 and prominently features apicture of Patrick Stewart (as Jean-Luc Picard) on the cover.

Thank Jeff, the Academy plans on searching out the magazine. If anyone has found a source for the magazine, please post it on the bulletin board for others who would like to buy a copy before it goes out of circulation.


Posted 12/11/98

Attention fellow cadets: Fans of LUCA OLEASTRI's (Duo) Forbidden Planet and Grand Central Rocket - The excellent Space Opera site from Italy - need to know the following. NOTE: Some of these links may not be working due to the nature of many of the Free web space servers.
Email from Luca:

Dear sci-fi friend,
after many years I've lost my personal domain so I'm forced to put all mySci-Fi and weird stuff (more than 20MB) on various free Web space servers.If you have a linked one of my several sites, please update the links.

I've listed below the URLs with a brief descripition:

All on the best Sci-Fi movie of all time (all in english).

A nostalgic site devoted to the amazing space technology of old movies andTV shows, when the spaceships was not grace-less Apollo-style barrels, butsleek, needle-nosed and swept-winged silver rocketships (all in english).

PRE-STAR WARS MOVIES FROM 1926 TO 1976. Here you will find rare picturesand movie posters, information and web links on your preferred Sci-Fimovies (all in english).

Here you can find THE KHAN NOONIEN SINGH FILE, an enciclopedic ipertexdatabase, filled with images, on one of the best bad guy of the filmland(all in english).

My computer graphic gallery (Bryce 3D oriented) dedicated to Fantasy andScience Fiction (all in english).

A fantastic number of National Geographic of the future with KOANgenerative music comment (all in english).

What would have happened in the European skies if WWII had not finished on1945? What aircraft would the Allies have had to counter the technologicalpower of Germany? In this site you will find visual answers to thesequestions (all in english).

For now that's all folks! More to come!

Greetings from Italy,LUCA OLEASTRI

If you have been looking for the Grand Central Rocket site- now you know where it is. Pass the word to others of Luca's new arrangement. Cadet Ed

posted 12/8/98

Tom Corbett Radio Shows:
Randy has extended the run of the current Tom Corbett radio Shows on his OTR Shows of the Week site until 12-14-98. He has a link to the TC radio logs on the Solar Guard Site.. where you can read about the episode that is being broadcast from the TC log. A real Solar Alliance !! More Tom Corbett and maybe some Space Patrol will be featured on Randy’s site in the near future. So, keep checking his site as well as the Solar Guard’s Cadet News for updates.

Frankie Thomas at November 1998 SPERDVAC Meeting :
Speaking of Solar Alliance Links. Check Rory Coker’s Roaring Rockets at : the latest pictures of Frankie in his Tom Corbett costume that he wore at the November 1998 SPERDVAC meeting in Calif. Roaring rockets, it’s good to see the old uniform again! Spaceman’s Luck Frankie.

Space Themes on CD:

From Jeff Berkwits
Hi Folks -
Just thought I would let you know that there is a new CD out that has thethemes from a number of SF TV series including Capt. Video, Tom Corbett andSpace Patrol, among others. The disc is Sci-Fi's Greatest Hits, Vol. 4 -Defenders of Justice (TVT Records, TVT1953-2). It will go on sale Dec. 8(tomorrow, as I write this letter), and includes music from other programslike Astro Boy, Gigantor, Atom Ant, The Green Hornet, Batman (movie and TV),and many more - 37 tracks on this CD alone...and as you can probably tell,there are three other volumes too!

Thanks Jeff. Are these available via mail order or specialty house? If anyone has any other information about the CD, please forward it to the Academy.

Tom Corbett Movie:
Recent information received at the Academy confirms that there was an option for a Tom Corbett Movie. Which means that someone wants to do the remake and has securedthe rights, but there is no production as yet . Options are for limited time periods, but they can be renewed. Maybe not this year but a possible "maybe" for the near future:-)

posted 12/2/98

For all of you cadets who have been asking for some of the old time radio shows on the net, Cadet Randy Collins has placed one of the first TC radio shows on his site:

From Randy:
Ed--Just wanted to drop you a note to inform you and your webpage solarguard visitors that currently this week (11-30 to 12-07) I am carrying on my old-time radio page called RC's Shows of the Week both parts 1 and 2 of "Marooned With Death" in downloadable realaudio format. I took the liberty of using one of your photos this week on my site...thank you belatedly. I just wanted to repay the favor by informing you of the complete episodes available. My otr site is located at

Randy will try to carry future episodes of Tom Corbett on his site. I would like to encourage all cadets to visit Randy's site and drop him a thank you email ( for providing this service. Maybe there will be some of the Space Patrol shows on the net soon!! You will need to get the Real Audio player plug in for your browser at

Good Job Cadet Randy!!


I enjoyed listening to the TC episode. The download requires some time if you are using a modem. The file size is about 2.2 mb in size. I downloaded the program in 18 minutes using a 28.8 modem connected at 21.6 bps. The file transferred at 2.8 kbs. The program was played on a Win 98 233 Mhz laptop. The RealAudio player version 4.1 sounded great. Post your comments on the bulletin board and don't forget to thank Randy. Cadet Ed

November 1998

Cadet Jean-Noel Update
posted 11/22/98

Jean-Noel has an article in today’s Parade Magazine, Sunday Nov 22th 1998. If a few of us cadets are feeling a little tired or old, read Jean-Noel’s article about a 78 year old women bodybuilder. Interesting reading and encouraging to the rest of us.

Cadet Jean’s work on the Space Patrol book is progressing well with two new contacts with those who worked on the Show, a cameraman and a lighting director. Spaceman’s Luck Jean-Noel, we look forward to your book on the Space Patrol show. Anyone who would like to help Jean-Noel locate members from the Space Patrol program may contact her at her email address or mailing address located on the Space Patrol home page.

Tom Corbett Sighted
posted 11/13/98

Word reached the Academy that Frankie Thomas had appeared at a Halloween Party in the Full Space Cadet Dress Uniform of the Space Academy. Did anyone get a picture of this? IF so, please pass it on to fellow cadets. Also anyone attending the SPERDVAC on the 14th of November, please pass on any photo's of Frankie as Superman. Let's keep the Academy Spirit alive by sharing such events with each other. Till later Spaceman's Luck.... Cadet Ed

Entertainment Weekly- SCI-the-FI Issue
The Galaxy’s Top 100
posted 11/11/98

Entertainment Weekly # 454 ( for the Week of October 16, 1998 list the all time greatest works of Science Fiction. A quick review found only one entry for 1950’s SF TV.. Captain Video on page 52 and listed as #53. I hope this is not the rating of the show since the introduction of the article states “...a fans tribute...” and the inclusion of a series or movie was based on “...their impact on the collective imagination”...HUH??? It’s a good article but it demonstrates the loss of the “collective mind” when it comes to early SF Television . Many of the shows listed are “recent” TV series or movies. The older movies are the ones that are always in circulation either via TV or video. It’s a wonder Captain Video was even mentioned. More the reason to education the next generation to the “sense of wonder” we all felt when we were in our preteens and heard the call to the “Space Academy” of the 1950’s

Tom Corbett Meets Superman

posted 11/11/98

See Chuck Lassen’s posting on the Solar Guard Bulletin board about the November 14th SPEDVAC meeting in Calif. Thanks to Rory Coker for passing the news item on to everyone.


posted 11/2/98
Premire issue of Captain Cosmos - 1994

The first issue of Captain Cosmos , issue number 0 , was found for the Academy by a local comics store (Burke Books in Burke, Va). It appears to have been published in 1994 ( dated summer 1994) by Hamilton Comics, the publisher of Gladstone comics. This issue is known as an “ashcan” copy and introduces the new comic. It appeared 4 years ago and the Collector’s edition, issue number 1, appeared this past August 1998 at the San Diego Con. See past Sept Cadet News. The comic was produced to be part of a proposed TV show in the “tradition “ of the great TV shows of the 1950’s. This issue includes a great black and white space opera story titled “ Never Leave Me” and discusses the format of the proposed TV series.

It is the Academy’s hope that the show does make it to TV. The show would be done by fans FOR fans. Contact your local comics store and request a copy of Captain Cosmos 0 & 1. Let the Academy know if you found the comics.

Several vintage pictures from the 1950’s Space Shows are reprinted along with an article based on Joe Sarno’s excellent “Space Academy Newsletter”.
The pictures include:
The Polaris Crew looking out of the space port.
The complete Space Patrol Crew at the controls of the Terra IV
Several pictures of Capt Video and the Video Ranger
A full portrait of Capt Midnight in his SQ Jacket and Helmet
A full pose of Nana Bara as Tonga
and the back cover featuring Sally Mansfield as Vena and Richard Crane as Rocky Jones.

Joe Sarno adds this bit of information in a recent email to the Academy:

"Don't have a full story on the Captain Cosmos comic, but Nick Cutipublished the original issue to help promote the idea of a TV series. Idon't know if a pilot was done at the time, but a pilot was producedearlier this year featuring the actors shown in Captain Cosmos #1.

The last correspondence I received from Nick indicated that therewere some good things happening, that might in fact get C.C. intoproduction. Or at least that's the way I took it.

I've seen the 15 minute pilot, and the storyline presented in thetime alloted is pretty good, with a nice surprise ending, that I wastotally unprepared for."

Anyone have anymore information, please pass it on to the Academy.

Posted 11/8/98

SF Magazine- From the Third Planet The Hank Report #161
Reposted 11/10/98

Long time friend of the Academy, Hank Heyman, has an internet magazine (E-Zine) dedicated to SF television shows. Hank has complied reviews of Science Fiction shows from the net, added comments of his own and gives some in-depth reviews for fellow fans.

From Hank about From the Third Planet..:
" publication is a magazine (or zine) published by e-mail,not a newsletter (though it started out as one).

Nor is it exclusively or primarily reviews. It's a lot like a crossbetween TV Guide and Starlog, covering TV with a strong focus onscience fiction. Articles tend to be about the shows, episodes,actors, producers and writers. And my zine doesn't just cover currentSF TV shows. I just recently ran an article on the history of Doctor Who,and of course there was a review of a TC video. I also cover movies,and had an interview of Ann Robinson, who co-starred in War of the Worlds(1953) and appeared in some Rocky Jones, Space Ranger episodes (mentioned in the article). One recent article included an interview of Tracy Scoggins talking about the new B5 River of Souls movie.

That particular issue included a lot of reviews. Wednesdays with Seven Days,Voyager, Deep Space Nine and Babylon 5 often include a lot of reviews.

I do often include news articles, such as news of new TV series (e.g.,Total Recall 2070) and obituaries (e.g., Bob Kane, creator of Batman)."

You may want to drop Hank a line at and see if you can get on the mailing list.

SCI FI.COM reviews the new Tom Corbett Video
Posted 11/1/98

Jeff Berkwits does an excellent review of the TC Video The Mercurian Invasion available from Englewood Entertainment's website

See the Jan 1998 Cadet News for information about the first TC video.

Jeff did an excellent job of portraying the show as an enjoyable and important link in the development of SF in TV. Thanks Jeff for doing a good job. Check out the review at:

October 1998

Possible Tom Corbett MOVIE

News from Jeff Berkwits:

Hello! I found this on the Cinescape web page (, and thought you might be interested if you didn't already know! Just go to the site and do a search on Corbett to pull it up yourself.

The Cinescape site mentions the plot:
Based on the novel by science fiction giant Robert Heinlein, Tom Corbett Space Cadet introduces us to the armed forces of the 23rd century. The heroes are a group of young cadets who, under the guidance of their more experienced mentors, patrol the dangerous frontier of the galaxy. Enforcing the law at the outer limits of human civilization comprises their training to enter the elite Solar Guard.

Steve De Souza / Screenwriter Created by Steve De Souza of 48 Hours and Die Hard fame.
Edward Pressman / Producer - (Is this a connection with Wade Williams?)

Academy Observations:

1- It is reported that a Disney Building in California has made posters of the Tom Corbett Space Cadet Comic and placed them in their Hallway.
2- When Cadet Ed searched for a Domain name for this site SPACE CADET was already taken by Disney.
3- Now Cinescape has the above information posted on their website.

Anyone know if Wade Williams is connected with the project? Hopefully a project is in the works and it doesn’t go the route the Space Patrol Movie went a few years back. Starship Troopers wasn’t the movie fans would have, but then again, what film has really captured the flavor each person has for a favorite piece of work. If we are getting a new TC product, let us hope it’s true to the original.

Thanks for the heads up Jeff.


In addition to being a fine reporter :-), see above news item, Jeff writes for Sci-Fi Entertainment and is working on an article about the space opera shows of the 1950’s. In Jeff's words:

My thought is that by talking to as many people as possible who wereinstrumental in the various programs, both in front of and behind the cameras,I will be able to present an accurate, all-encompassing view of that era(conversely, if I can only reach Tom Corbett folks, I will likely focus almostentirely only on that show).

If you can help Jeff in his research contact him at his email address - . More later on this project.

February 25 - 27th 1999 Williamsburg Virginia

See Jan Merlin’s appearances page for details of the festival. So far there are at least three cadets attending, Chuck Lassen, Jack McKirgan and Cadet Ed. The western film festival will feature Jan in several panels and we hope that the “space cadet” contingent to the festival will get some time with Jan. Contact the Academy if you need further information. There will be a schedule of events, travel information and other useful information added to the page as the Feb. date approaches.


Jack McKirgan is not only the author of the New TC novel Journey to a Dead Star, he is also a model builder who is restoring the Terra V used on the Space Patrol Television program to its original condition. Beth Flood, Lyn Osborne’s sister, was kind enough to enlist Jack’s help in the restoration process. The progress of the restoration will be documented on the Solar Guard site as Jack’s time permits him to work on the project. His notes will also be added to the documentation for those who are interested in the process. Stay tuned

The final chapters of Jack’s new TC Novel should be on-line by the end of October and revisions (due to my OCR and HTML errors) will be done on-line and a final copy will be preserved in both html and Adobe PDF file formats.


Fellow Space Patroller Ken Wieland is looking for three Space Patrol “Magic Picture “Cards. Ken has tried all of the conventional avenues of locating the cards and is asking for fellow cadets in Cyberspace for help. Ken is without computer help and the Academy is one of his last hopes. The following cards are all he needs to finish his collection:

7- Robot Man
8- Planet Saturn
15 - Deadly Iron fist

Ken would really like to get these in his collection as well as the Space Patrol Coins. He may be reached at:

201 Centre Plaza Drive #3
Monterey Park, Calf 91754

Or during the day at 323-526-6456.



Paul S. Newman has returned from the 1998 San Diego Comic Convention with an INKPOT award. Paul was awarded the “emmy” of the comic world professionals for his lifetime achievement in the field of comic book writing. See Paul’s Page on the Solar Guard Site for Paul’s other accomplishments which included Tom Corbett comics and the TC Newspaper strip . Good Job Paul.

Back to top

June 1998 Email from Joe Sarno:


I've been in contact with Nick Cuti who is working on a pilot for anew action space adventure TV show for syndication. he is trying tocapture the flavor of the 1950's show, and I've written a couple ofarticles for a comic book based on the pilot. Anyhow, he's been inrecent contact with Wade Williams, and asked permission to use photo'sfrom the show in the comic. Wade told him, no problem, and I have acouple of photo's in my attache' case to send him.

The Results September 1998 Email:

Hi Ed,

Just a quick note to let you know that I have an article onCorbett and Frankie Thomas in the new issue (#1) of Captain Cosmos,which should be appearing at your local comic book stores soon.Also, I intend to put program listings on my website in the nearfuture. The first series centers around comics on television in the1950's. The second series (of course, but a long way aways, yet) willbe on the space shows of the 1950's.

Capt Cosmos #1 Thanks to Paul Newman I now have a Signed copy of Captain Cosmos #1 (see insert) with the TC article. It looks like a good start on some new Space Opera. The Academy recommends that you go to your local comic store and pick up a copy of Captain Cosmos. If we show enough support there may be hope for a new Space Opera series. Thanks Joe, we look forward to seeing your program listing soon.


From Rory Coker:

Jan Merlin asked me to relay the following about his Cheyenne, Wyoming appearance.

Web site

Time 18th - 20th September, guests include Jan, Dale Robertson, James Drury, Peter Brown and Sue AnneLangdon. Many films will be shown, including Jan's DAY OF FURY, John Wayne's SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON and Gary Cooper's VIRGINIAN.

Thanks for the heads up Rory.

JULY 1998

BIRTHDAYS: Wish Cadet Chuck Lassen (cadet_chuck@mindspring) a Happy Birthday on the 19th of July. Enjoy yourself Chuck, this birthday will only last a year :-)

The SPACE OPERA website ( is moving to Work will be completed by late July and the change over will occur in early August. See What's New for full details. My first choices for a domain name were taken: Space Opera was taken by someone in Arkansas ( I hope they are a fan of the SF Space Opera and we have another space opera site), Space Cadet taken by DISNEY Company hmmmm and my third choice was the charm... It encompasses all aspects of our hobby and allows for an easy to remember and is easily associated with Space Opera heroes.

A John Fielder (Cadet Alfie Higgins of Tom Corbett) interview was finally released in the Starlog #16 Annual for the August 1998 issue. It touches on his early work with Tom Corbett and his friendship with Jan Merlin. It's been in the "can" waiting to be published for over a year now. The issue may be in short supply so don't wait, go find a copy.

Jan Merlin will be appearing at the Western Film Festival being held in Williamsburg Virginia , Feb 1999. I know Cadet Ed Pippin and Cadet Chuck Lassen will be there and I'm sure other cadets from the east coast can make it. It will be a unique opportunity to meet Jan in person. Details are forthcoming. I have contacted the organizers and will have full information on the event posted on the site as soon as I learn more. Keep your calendars open. Jan is properly recognized more for his Bad Guy Western character than for his Roger Manning role. But he will always be the wise-cracking cadet of the Polaris Unit to me no matter how many horse's he rode.

Paul Newman (Tom Corbett Newspaper & Dell Comics writer) will be attending the San Diego Comic Convention in California. He will be on a discussion panel that will be interesting to hear. He has some very pointed opinions about comics and how they have developed over the 50 years he has been involved in the media. If you attend the convention this year, put the panel discussion Paul is on as a must see.. I think you may enjoy it.

APRIL 1998

April is a big month for Tom Corbett birthdays. Jan Merlin begins the month with his birthday on the 3th of April, followed by Frankie Thomas on the 9th of April and Paul Newman (Writer for the Tom Corbett Newspaper strip and the Dell Comics) closes out the month. MANY HAPPY RETURNS AS WELL AS A BIRTHDAY WISH FOR MANY MORE!!

Rory Coker and Tom Powers have started Space Opera sites of their own. Check them out at:



I hope to have a new page with just "Space Opera" links soon. This page would include internet sites that deal with those wonderful bygone days of the 50's space shows. Pass on any known sites to the Academy for inclusion.




Frankie Thomas has asked for help in locating Muriel Maron. She was a production assistant throughout the run of the Tom Corbett Space Cadet show, and was an adopted "mother" to the Space Cadets. She later married Ken Buckridge, who is now deceased, so she may be using the last name of Buckridge instead of Maron (Muriel Maron Buckridge). If you know where Frankie can contact Ms Maron please contact the Academy right away. All of the cadets of the Polaris crew would be thankful, its the least we can do for the unit of the Academy


Jean-Noel Bassior needs your help for a new book about Space Patrol. The following information was forwarded to the Academy by Jean-Noel.

In 1986 I told the story of Space Patrol in the first two issues of Filmfax magazine - but there's even more to tell, so I'm expanding my articles in Filmfax into a comprehensive book on the show. If Space Patrol touched your life, I'd like to know how. I welcome your thoughts, memories, feelings, comments on every aspect of the show. I'm particularly interested in how it impacted your life, both as a child and as an adult. For example, did it give you a code of ethics you still hold today?

Also, I'm asking fans what they'd most like to know about Space Patrol, so I can be sure to cover it in the book. This can include questions about the actors (Ed Kemmer is the only surviving member of the cast), writers (Norm Jolley and Lou Huston are in great shape, in their 80s), technical stuff, premiums. . . Please let me know.

You can e-mail me at Or, you can write to:Jean-Noel Bassior, 8306 Wilshire Blvd., #512, Beverly Hills, CA 90211.
Many thanks,
Jean-Noel Bassior


Congratulations Paul for being named the Most Prolific Comic Book Writer in the World. An honor long overdue. Check out the color page in the Guinness book. Paul wrote the first year and half of the Tom Corbett Newspaper strip, several TC comics and related material. If anyone deserved the title of "King of the Comic Book Writers" it is Paul. His home page will be up soon, so keep checking.


From Chuck Lassen:
Frankie told me that there would soon be a release of 6 audio cassettes of the radio shows, plus the next TC video from Englewood will be "The Runaway Asteroid".
From Elliott:
I talked to Wade, and Englewood Entertainment is reissuing the Corbett andSpace Patrol material on high quality tapes. The first Corbett is already out.
From: Dale Ames:
Great News from Wade Williams. New video tapes soon out on Tom Corbett, Space Cadet. We all may have a few of the shows but support Wade by purchasing all of his tapes when they hit the market! Each tape will have a beautiful dusk jacket of Tom corbett's Space Cadet. ALSO Wade said he has hopes for a Tom Corbett Space Cadet Movie and TV series.

Check out Englewood Entertainment's website for the latest information:
See the Jan 1998 Cadet News for information about the first TC video.Your support will encourage more tapes to be released.

Tom Corbett Grosset & Dunlap books

For those who have asked "where can I get these books?"... check out Jim Ogden's excellent Rick Brant series book website. On the site is a book exchange where collectors advertise books for sale and you can find some good bargins. Start at:




Congratulations are in order for Gene Metcalf who's ray gun site was named Sci-Fi Weekly's site of the week for week #61. Gene has redesigned the site and has added many new features and graphics. He has a new address so drop by the site at:


Tom Powers has joined the ranks of the Solar Alliance with his new site devoted to Capt Video. Tom did some excellent work on colorization of Jan Merlin's uniform (see current Space Forum) and will be featured in an upcoming TC Photo Album by Cadet Chuck Lassen.
Check out his site at:


Wade Williams has released a new Tom Corbett video starting with the first series of 15 minute shows. The first tape (THE MERCURIAN INVASION ) relates the Mercurian's attempt at invasion of the Solar Alliance from the Dark Side of Mercury. This story was the first TC Newspaper Strip and has it's roots in early Tom Corbett concepts by Joseph Greene.

Frankie Thomas told the Academy in a recent phone conversation that he was "excited about the new series of video releases". The series promises to be a treat for fans. It's the understanding of the Academy that this video is the first of a series of video's being issued in broadcast order. Is this true Wade? If so, please contact the Academy with updates. I know the fans will be looking forward to any news about the new videos.

The video can be seen and ordered from the site at:
A tip of the visor to Chuck Lassen who e-mailed the Academy with the information of the new video. Let Wade know there is support for the series and tell him Cadet Ed sent you :-)


It's come to the attention of the Academy that some of the Tom Corbett collectable knives are being sold as rare items. They are still available at a very reasonable price (See article in December 1997 Cadet News). Smokey Mountain Knife Works was running low on the knives but they can be obtained from the original source. The academy is checking out several sources for supplies of the knives. Don't be fooled into thinking they can not be found, they can and will. Stay tuned for updates.


Comments & suggestions may be sent to the Solar Guard Academy

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