Williamsburg Film Festival
And Solar Guard Reunion
March 11 - 13, 2004

Williamsburg Festival

Schedule of Events

Williamsburg Festival

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Schedule of Events:

For a complete list of the guests and their bibliography, check the Williamsburg Film Festival website.

A special 16 mm presentation of WAR OF THE WORLDS with Ann Robinson will be shown at 9:30 pm Friday night. Ms Robinson will be available to discuss the film and sign a special 8 X 10 graphic of the WOW that is included in the Solar Guard membership packages.

Other festival guests have SF ties that will interest attendees. John Alderson appeared in two episodes of SPACE PATROL:

#106 "THE HUMAN TARGETS" January 3, 1953

Mr Alderson will join us during the Afternoon video session Friday for his comments and memories of his work on Space Patrol.

Kim Darby will also be at the festival this year. Ms. Darby appeared in an episode of STAR TREK - Miri. The episode will be shown Friday night at 7 PM, in the same room and right after the Solar Guard video screenings.

Membership packages may be picked up at the Solar Guard display in the dealer's room or if you run into me in any of the video sessions. Check the events board in the main hall of the hotel for specific times for the dealer's room pickup. A number of 8X 10 pictures of our favorite rockets of the Academy - Ralston Rocket, Silvercup Rocket, Luer Meat /Ralston rocket and other rockets of interest will be available for viewing in a scrapbook at the Display

A copy of the video schedule with information on the shows is available in Adobe Acrobat format. You may view/download a copy by clicking HERE. You will need a copy of the Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher to view and print the schedule.

Academy Astronomer, Mike Turco, will bring his astro gear for some "Star gazing" weather permiting. Cadet Mike has advised the Academy that" the planets Saturn and Jupiter should be visible. Saturn in particular is sitting pretty, high overhead and with rings tilted to near maximum. Jupiter is rising later in the evening but should be up early enough for viewing. Venus is high early now. We might have a chance at viewing Venus if we're out early enough. The moon is just now into crescent phase. By March 13, it should be in last quarter phase. All is weather permitting of course." Bring warm jackets for night viewing, it gets cold in Williamsburg in March.

See you there .....Till later
Spaceman's luck
Cadet Ed