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Ralston Rocket on tour

Welcome to the Space Patrol spacecraft page with plans and information on the "Ships of the Line". This page will provide information and research on these protectors of the Galaxy and will be a springboard for more research. So Stand by .... and enjoy.
rocketbar - 0.9 K

Floating Ball- 3.6 KTHE TERRA V

Jack's Workshop   Jack's model work will be present here. Starting with the restoration of the Terra V model used on the Space Patrol TV show.
Restoration of the Terra V model. Restoration of the model was a labor of love by Jack. See highlights of the model in its transformation to its original condition.

Jane's Spacecraft Vol. MLII :
Specifications of the Terra V as complied by Cadet Jack McKirgan

Terra V layout & Drawings:
Cadet Jack McKirgan has done a great deal of research and has provided some excellent material for fellow cadets. The following layouts and drawings were developed from his research.
  • Layout # 32756-1 Plan, Front and Rear Views
  • Layout # 32756-2 Exterior, Port Side, Starboard Similar
  • Layout # 32756-3 Ventral View
  • Layout # 32756-4 Interior, Cutaway from Port Side

  • Rockbr1.gif - 0.9 K
    Floating Ball- 3.6 KRALSTON ROCKET
    The famous "Traveling" Space Patrol Rocket from Ralston. Rumors are there were two rockets.. a traveling rocket and the "contest" rocket. This section will try to bring together as much information about the rocket and where it may be now. Please direct any questions or information for this page to the Academy.

    NAME PLANET X contest - A contest to end all contest with a 10,000 pound Rocket Club House as the grand prize. There were more prizes than the rocket. See if you remember them.

    Ralston Rocket - Newsreel footage of the Contest Rocket. Introduction and first page of a series of pages with restored pictures from the Newsreel. Cadets Bob Ekman and Chris Rasmussen are documenting the contest from a 16 mm print. Slow but rewarding work.

    Ralston Rocket Pictures   Pictures of the "Traveling" Ralston Rocket.

    Another Space Cadet visits Gent, New York June 1985. Rick DeMeis visited the Ralston Rocket during the summer of 1985 and provides an excellent tour, including some INTERIOR shots of the Rocket.

    Dale Ames - Summer 1985 - Gent, NY - A visit to the last known site of the Ricky Walker Ralston Giveaway Rocket.

    Ward Dean - Illinois 1979 - Pictures provided by Rich Gronquist of the Ralston Rocket and Dr. Ward Dean.

    Donald Schrickel - Toledo Ohio - 1954 -
    Kroger Food Store in the COLONY SHOPPING CENTER.


    The advertising people knew a good thing when they saw it. Additional traveling rockets have been reported to the Academy. Are there others to be found?

    Rocky Jones Silvercup Rocket - Doug Souter has spotted and is working on the restoration of one of the last Traveling Rockets of the Space Opera TV shows.

    Herb Deeks- Prescott, Arizona Dec 1994. Pictures provided by Herb Deeks via Jack McKirgan.

    Prescott Rocket in California,1980's. Cadet Jerry Cook sends in 1980 pictures of the Prescott Rocket before it's trip to Arizona.

    The Blakely Rocket - Cadet Bob Eisenhauer has found another "Traveling" Rocket from the 1950's. Bob toured both the Blakely Rocket and the Ralston Rocket.

    The Kraft Rocket Giveaway. An advertisement from the 1950's. Anyone have photos of this one?
    Ralston Rocket letters- Emails, letters, rumors, questions on the whereabouts of the Rocket(s)

    Floor Plan of the Ralston Rocket as it appeared in a 1950's TV guide article.

    Interior Plan of The Ralston Rocket - Caution these are TOP SECRET plans.

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