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The Ralston Rocket- Another look at the
Prescott Arizona Rocket

Submitted by Cadet Jerry Cook

Regarding the "Look alike" Space Patrol Rocket. Before being moved to Prescott, Arizona, this rocket sat for years alongside the highway in Idyllwild, California. According to the owner, this was the Luers Meat Rocket, which toured the country much the same as the real Ralston Rocket. It was sold to an older gentleman who moved it to Prescott for a small amusement park he built. The rocket was open for tours, which I took, and it was very similar inside to the Ralston Rocket.

As an aside, I grew up in St. Louis about 1 mile from Ralston-Purina. The Ralston Rocket was kept there when not touring. It was parked right out in the open in the parking lot. I would ride my bike there and play in the rocket. Just raise the door and go in and have fun. They didn't care as long as you didn't hurt anything. I was convinced that Tom Mix and Buzz Corey lived inside the Ralston Building !!!

Click on the thumbnails for a larger picture.

The Prescott Rocket when it was first moved there from Idyllwild, CA in the early 1980's...

Jerry Cook Prescott Rocket
Jerry Cook Prescott Rocket
Jerry Cook Prescott Rocket
Jerry Cook Prescott Rocket
Jerry Cook Prescott Rocket

Thanks Jerry for another look at the Prescott Rocket and it's travel from California.

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