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The Ralston Rocket- Gent, New York Summer 1985

A "more recent" sighting of the Terra V. Dale Ames sent these pictures along with his latest Galaxy Patrol Fan Club newsletter. For information on how to subscribe to the newsletter, contact Dale and tell him Cadet Ed sent you. For all of Dale's comments click here for the comments page.

Following a lead in the summer of 1985, Dale and his then 9 year old daughter Helen, tracked down the reported Ralston Rocket in Gent NY. The space ship was on the front lawn of a small construction company. Both he and Helen took pictures of the ship and went inside. The space ship was owned by a movie producer in NY who had plans to fix it up and use it in a Sci Fi movie. A few months after Dale's visit, a construction worker put his foot through a rusted out part of the hull and the company had the ship destroyed.

If the Rocket was destroyed by the company a few months after Dale's visit, then the Ricky Walker Giveaway Ralston Rocket was destroyed in the Fall of 1985.
Questions to be answered:
  • What was the name of the Construction Company,
  • who was the Movie Producer and
  • are there pictures of the interior of the rocket?

    Thanks Dale for sharing your information with Fellow Cadets.
    Ricky Walker Rocket
    Ricky Walker Rocket, Gent New York - 1985
    Ricky Walker rocket - opposite side
    Opposite side of rocket
    Dale Ames and Daughter Helen
    Dale and Helen. Interesting head gear she is wearing

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