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The Ralston Rocket- TOLEDO OHIO 1954

Cadet Donald Schrickel sent the Academy the following photos of the RALSTON ROCKET Circa 1954. The Rocket appearance was for the Kroger Food Store in the COLONY SHOPPING CENTER, one of the first Malls in the Nation.

The pictures show an excellent view of the under carriage of the rocket - Note the wheel support in pictures . The designation of the Ralston Rocket as the Terra IV is also seen on the nose of the rocket in several of the shots. I'm not sure, but it looks like several of the Space patrollers were holding cereal box tops. Keep sending in those memories to Cadet Ed for the Archive.

Our thanks to Donald for sharing his memories with the Academy.

Ralston Rocket 1954
Backside of the rocket. Note the rear "exhaust" and compare it to the 1985 pictures from Gent New York. Both Rick DeMais and Dale Ames noted the "Christmas Tree" lights located in the "blast" area of the exhaust.
Is that a Ralston Box top in the hands of the Space Patrollers?
Note the wheel support next to Donald.
The Famous Space Patrol / Terra IV logo. Click on picture for a close up of the logo. There is a winged logo below the SP logo that looks familiar.

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