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Jack McKirgan has been active in models for many years and worked on the first two Star Wars Movies. He has just completed a very important project by restoring the Terra V Model used in the Space Patrol TV show and has developed a series of resin models of the early TV shows. These pages will document some of his work

Models for Sale by Jack. Jack's resin models are available for $15 Post Paid. You have a choice of ships which include the Polaris, Terra V, Orbit Jet, Space Patrol Battle Cruiser 100, Tom Corbett Scout ships and many others in progress. Contact Jack(mckirgan@qn.net) for ordering information.

Restoration of the TERRA V. Scenes from the restoration of the Terra V. Thanks to Beth Flood for allowing Jack to restore such an important piece of Space Patrol History.

Comments & suggestions may be sent to the Solar Guard Academy

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