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Jack McKirgan II

Hopalong Cassidy, The Lone Ranger, Gene Autry and Roy Rogers…. These were the people that my playmates emulated. No me. My hero used his brain instead of a six-shooter to capture the bad guys. If pressed, he could ball-up his fists and dispatch an interplanetary terrorist in just a few seconds. He was a law officer, a great flier, an investigator, a diplomat, adventurer, explorer, educator, scientist and archaeologist. He was a hero and a friend, His personal character deserved respect and he always gave respect. He was everything that a young boy aspired to be. Ed Kemmer was Buzz Corry and Buzz Corry was Ed Kemmer.

After the conclusion of the program, I was always looking for Ed Kemmer’s work. On occasion I would see him in a weekly program and in the ‘70’s I caught some of his work on the daytime soaps. The little boy in me was in search of his Commander. The little boy always wanted to thank Buzz Corry for his inspiration. That search continued for almost fifty years.

Ed with Jack McKirgan SG reunion 2003When we finally met, I was overwhelmed by his appreciation of his fans. Ed Kemmer was a real person, not an attention-seeking and demanding diva. We talked… It wasn’t a lecture, but a genuine conversation. I bought my Commander a drink.

Since that first meeting, the circle of life has been completed. The boy has lost his Commander. The boy who became a man will always retain the lessons learned from Buzz Corry and the admiration for and friendship of Ed Kemmer.

Thank you and God bless you, Ed.