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Final Journey by Warren Chaney

Cadet Memories of

Ed Kemmer

Commander In Chief

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Space Patrol

Elliott Swanson

disperses with the square
of distance;
merciless ratios
woven in time and memory;
Ed and Elliott at SG Reunionall those unsure waves and particles
observed or not,
moving through mystery--
because it is all a mystery--
never beginning, never ending
never centered, without boundaries
into the vast reaches of
death and destiny,
one by one by one.

It's impossible to make peace
with all of that,
constantly revisited
in the light of other days.

About all one can say is
when night impersonally enfolds us,
and this Earth becomes just one more glowing stone,
there will always be stars enough for any man
to mark his way home.

ers 11/10/04