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Introduction to the Space Patrol- The Terra IV


sv628-01.jpg - 4.6 KREADY FOR FLIGHT

Commander Corry's private space ship, the Battle Cruiser "Terra IV", is one of the fastest ships in the United Planets. It's kept in perfect flying order at all times. This beautiful ship has carried Commander Corry, Cadet Happy, and their friends into many dangerous adventures

sv628-02.jpg - 5.3 KAT THE CONTROL PANEL

Commander Corry calls Happy, Major Robertson, Carol, and Tonga to invite them to accompany him on a routine inspection flight. His friends accept eagerly. They enjoy riding into space on the Battle Cruiser, the "Terra IV", with its up to date equipment.

sv628-03.jpg - 6.5 KTHE FLIGHT CHART

Commander Corry explains their flight chart in the astrogation compartment to Happy and Robbie, while Carol and Tonga are standing by to help complete the routine pre-flight check of "Terra IV". Pre - flight checking is an important part of every flight.

sv628-04.jpg - 9.2 KFLIGHT CLEARANCE

Commander Corry calls for clearance on the Mars' Orbit, while Happy listens in on his miniature space-o-phone and while Carol marks down their exact time of departure. Space Patrol rules call for an exact record to be kept of every departure and estimated time of arrival.

sv628-05.jpg - 9.9 KSECURITY CHECK

Robbie and Tonga make a last minute call to see that all is in order at the Security Department, while they are away on the flight with Commander Corry, Robbie must appoint an officer in charge while he is away in order to assure safe operation of the Security Department.

sv628-06.jpg - 8.5 KTHE TAKE OFF

Commander Corry is supervising Carol and Tonga in their communications with Magnetic Force Control, which is now raising the ship to a point where they will be able to fire rockets to get them on their way. For this function Happy and Robbie are already at the controls in the cockpit.

sv628-07.jpg - 9.1 KHAPPY'S ACCIDENT

One of the rockets fails to fire evenly. Commander Corry sends Happy back into an aft compartment to check the cosmic mass reaction generator. Happy has a minor accident, burning his hand as he is checking on the rocket.

sv628-08.jpg - 9.8 KFIRST AID

Although Happy's burns do not seem dangerous, Commander Corry knows that even a slight radiation burn can prove fatal without proper and swift treatment. They give Happy temporary treatment, using the Space Patrol emergency kit. Every Space Patrol ship carries one.

sv628-09.jpg - 8.3 KHAPPY RECUPERATES

To help ease the pain caused by the radiation burn on Happy's hand, Commander Corry asks Carol and Tonga to pay special attention to Happy. From the look on Happy's face he seems to be enjoying the extra attention.

sv628-10.jpg - 8.4 KROBBIE IN A SPACE SUIT

As they approach a nearby planet, Commander Corry asks Robbie to put on his space suit and helmet to get a Radurium Glove from the nearest medical science center. An invention of Tonga's, this gloves provides the fastest and safest cure for radiation burns of the hand.

sv628-11.jpg - 8.3 KTHE RADURIUM GLOVE

When Robbie returns, Tonga places the Radurium Glove on Happy's injured hand. Commander Corry and Carol help Robbie out of his space suit and helmet. Happy's burns should now heal swiftly and successfully. The Space Patrol can now continue on their routine flight.

sv628-12.jpg - 7.7 KMAGNETIC FORCE CONTROL

When Space Patrol arrives at their destination, they find that a new Magnetic Force Control Unit has been installed to handle larger space ships. After careful inspection they approve it. Magnetic Force Control Units are used on all planets at all major space ports to insure safe landing of space ships.

Welcome to the SPACE PATROL
spicon.gif - 0.5 K
The Setting
spicon.gif - 0.5 K
The Crew
spicon.gif - 0.5 K
The Terra IV

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