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Welcome to the world of the Space Patrol. Where interplanetary justice is dispensed from a man made planet called Terra and the peace of the Spaceways is maintained by the men and women of the Space Patrol.

What better way to introduce the world of Space Patrol then in a pictorial introduction of the daring heroes of the future. The following "pictorial" introduction to Space Patrol was developed from the Stori-View 3D slide reels of the 1950's. Once again, thanks to Elliott Swanson for his contribution of the pictures from the Stori-views© slides and for his excellent technical support, thanks Elliott.

There is little information about the company but the story presented in the following three pages are an excellent introduction to the Space Patrol saga. Other articles that will help introduce you to the world of the Space Patrol include Jack McKirgan excellent Terra V introduction and Judy Harris'sarticle on Space Patrol.

The introduction is in three parts:

Part I: The setting. The artificial home world of Terra and the main buildings of the Space Patrol
Part II: The crew. The main crew members of the Space Patrol.
Part II: Typical adventure. Travel with the crew on a shakedown flight of the Terra IV.

Time to blast off into Interplanetary Adventure with the


Welcome to the SPACE PATROL
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The Setting
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The Crew
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The Terra IV

Stori-views © Space Patrol Enterprises (A Space Patrol Stori-View) Saint Louis, Mo.

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