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Introduction to the Space Patrol- The setting


sv626-1.jpg - 7.6 K The Capital of the United Planets, Terra City, is located on a man-made planet called "Terra". A huge atmosphere shell covers Terra City. Space ships enter the shell through a series of carefully designed air locks.
sv626-2.jpg - 6.8 KThe Headquarters of the Space Patrol is located on Terra. Space Patrol headquarters is the low building in the center. The Space Patrol is responsible for the security and peace of the United Planets. It keeps the vast space lanes between the planets clear of meteoric or man made debris as well as capturing and transporting criminals.
sv626-3.jpg - 6.4 K"Endurium" is the strongest and most enduring metal to be developed in the United Planets. It is made from a very secret formula which is closely guarded at all times. At this plant the huge space ships are made. Often the materials for endurium must be imported from distant planets.
sv626-4.jpg - 5.5 KOn its maiden flight, the Galaxy rises into space. The ship, purple in color and located in the upper right of the picture, is designed to exceed the speed of light. Years of research and testing go into ship development such as the Galaxy. Terra is the site of many scientific and experimental projects as well as a primary ship building site for the United Planets.
sv626-5.jpg - 6.2 KLooking down from the air, the huge network of an underground and overhead communication system can be seen. The streets and buildings have been built for maximum efficiency and the fast, underground jet cars take people from one building to another without danger to life or property.
sv626-6.jpg - 5.0 KThe huge ball with curved fins in the center is Magnetic Force Control. This useful invention helps space ships to land without rocket power. It also takes over the control of a space ship at a given altitude and raises or lowers it to safety. In operation, it spins around and around.
Welcome to the SPACE PATROL
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The Setting ----->
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The Crew
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The Terra IV

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