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Introduction to the Space Patrol- The crew


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Commander-in-Chief of Space Patrol, Commander Corry, holds the most important and responsible position in the United Planets. His responsibility is the maintenance of stable peace and security in the entire United Planets. He is directly responsible to the Secretary General.

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The winner of the Corry Scholarship, Cadet Happy is Commander Corry's own cadet and co-pilot. The planet Earth was his original home. Because of his youth and inexperience, he often gets himself into humorous, as well as difficult situations. Happy is Commander Corry's constant companion.

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Major Robertson is the good natured, highly efficient Security Chief of the United Planets and is directly responsible to Commander Corry for the Security Department of Space Patrol. All important files are kept in this office. Robbie came up from the ranks of the Space Patrol.

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The Secretary-General's daughter, Carol, is the frequent companion of Commander Corry and Cadet Happy in their daring missions. She invented the Magnetic Force Control, the power drive of the Galaxy, and the Agra Ray, a food-growing plant. She is often trusted with highly secret missions.

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Tonga serves as Assistant Security Chief, Once a criminal herself, she is now busy rehabilitating criminals. She also assists Robbie in counter espionage work to guard the peace of the United Planets. She is the inventor of the Radurium Glove, which cures radiation burns.

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These are the five most famous people of the Space Patrol. From left to right: Tonga, Major Robertson, Carol, Cadet Happy, Commander Corry. They are looking at a model of Commander Corry's ship, the "Terra IV", resting on a model ramp. Each of the five holds a key position in Space Patrol.

Welcome to the SPACE PATROL
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The Setting
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The Crew----->
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The Terra IV

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