TC Photo Album Vol 2

Commander Arkwright

Commander Arkwright and Cadet
Photo 11- Photo courtesy of Rory Coker
A no-nonsense Solar Guardsman, the commanding officer of Space Academy, Commander Arkwright was stern, formal, but always on top of things and meted out justice fairly. He was genuinely concerned with the cadets' academic progress, and even arranged for special tutorial assistance for Astro. Played by Carter Blake, the good commander usually sent the cadets off on new assignments just received on paper ticker-tape in his office, and fretted until they returned. Once in awhile, he would travel into space with the cadets and usually ended up in need of rescue. He was the "father figure" of the show, and always treated with the greatest of respect.

Here, Tom Corbett (Frankie Thomas, right) greets Commander Arkwright (Carter Blake, left) with a snappy salute upon arriving for a mission briefing.

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