TC Photo Album Vol 2

Alfie "The Brain" Higgins

Cadet Alfie
Photo 12- Photo courtesy of Paul Greene
An occasional member of the cast in the first couple years of the show, Cadet Alfie Higgins was aptly played by a young John Fiedler. Alfie was assigned by Commander Arkwright to tutor Astro, who was always having problems maintaining passing grades in his studies. This was a critical situation, as the Polaris unit was graded as a team, using the average of the grades scored by all three cadets.

John Fiedler developed into a fine character actor, who went on to play a plethora of roles in film, stage, and television. You may remember him as "Mr. Peterson" on the original Bob Newhart show.

Photo restored and digitized by Ragenet Media Inc and comes from the Joseph Greene collection.
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