Tom Corbett Photo Album Vol 1

Zero-G and We Feel Fine!
The Polaris was equipped with an artificial gravity system which normally kept everyone firmly in place in an earth-like environment during space travel. Here, in a training exercise, the crew practices techniques for maneuvering in zero gravity with the artificial gravity controller disabled. Special effects in the early days of television were limited to simple techniques, such as this overlay of the photo of the cadets against the Polaris control deck background. Zero Gravity - 15.8 K
Photo 5
(Years later, the USS Enterprise would have artificial gravity and other features originally pioneered by the Polaris, such as "tractor beams" and "warp speed". Gene Roddenberry borrowed a lot of ideas from the early space operas and put them to good use in Star Trek.)
rcketbar.gif - 2.7 K
tcpa.gif - 5.2 K
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