Tom Corbett Photo Album Vol 1

Blast Off!

From the launch pad, Astro (left) and Tom Corbett (right) watch through the control deck viewport as a nearby ship blasts off for outer space. In the background, Roger Manning continues his navigational preparations for the impending departure of the Polaris. Many episodes had a nice special effect of illuminating the cadets in front with a rising bright light, simulating the flare from the blast off. However, although this looks similar, it is simply a bad flash picture of the set. The flash allows us to see the rough and patched workmanship on the viewport frame. Normally, the viewport was seen only in dark silouhette in front of the brightly lit control deck set, so we never saw the poor workmanship. Also, it is interesting to compare different photos of the control deck set. The various instruments on the wall and control console changed from time to time as the program evolved over its 5 year run. Probably, each network built new sets. Polaris View Port
Photo 4

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