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Pictures and Particulars of the ship

The Particulars

If you look at one of the front views of the rocket there is a lightreflector (more likely a radar dish). Behind the dish is a standard semitractor hitch mounted directly to the fuselage. At the rear of the rocket,under the fins, there are 2 (one on each side) beautiful 1930's style teardrop cowlings which cover the tires in other words, the rocket was it's own trailer, no flatbed or separate trailer attachment.

I wonder what the rocket was made out of, the Ralston rocket and thepictures I have seen of it, do look like a propane tank with fins attached.The rocket I found looks like an aircraft body or an old V2 rocket body,also from the rear hatchway to the end of the rocket is an enclosed roomthat may contain some interesting clues (bunk beds?, speakers, aliens incryogenic suspension?)

It is my firm belief and dream that this is NOT it's last berth, it's merelysitting in a "Previously Owned" used space ship lot. I would be open to discussions on the subject, I should mention that the company I work for is a sheet metal fabrication plant (robot welders, laser cutters working in aluminum, stainless steel etc.)Almost all of our fabrication machines are computer controlled (one of my jobs) and it would be easy to repair the damage.

Also I have a friend who owns a 4 story warehouse filled with electronicsfrom the 50's and 60's to be used for replacements of the controls inside. Ihope we can find some interior shots of it's original layout.

I look forward to posting info about this on the Solar Guard site andinteracting with the responses.

Do any cadets live anywhere near Michigan? There is apossibility that the Rocket was made from scrap parts from the WWII DetroitWillow Run Aircraft plant (I think the fuselage is made from aluminum) ifany live in that area they could help. A dry dock is my only problem, I would like to find an indoor, heated one to allow for year round restoration.

Cadet Douglas C. Souter

The Pictures

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Outside Front

Outside Back


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