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A page for cadets who are looking for a particular item (s). You may post our wants on the bulletin board or email the Academy. A program to post directly to the site is in the works. PLEASE advise Cadet Ed when you find your item and no longer need the posting.

From: Ned Avejic (

The following are needed by Cadet Ned to complete his MEN IN SPACE video collection. Can anyone help him out?

Men Into Space (TV series..1959/60)
"Beyond the stars"
"From another world"
"Flare up"
"Mission to Mars"
"Sun never sets"

Help Wanted

Art work for Tom Corbett Children's books:
From:Geoffrey Tolle  As most of you probably already know I've been working on a set of ten or twelve children's books set in the Tom Corbet Universe. The first five have been written and I'm trying to work with Ed to post them in Section 42-D.
However, I am no visual artist. I would like to try to get in touch with someone who might be interested in collaborating with me on the series. If you've had a chance to read the stories and you know someone who might be interested in the project please let me know.
It's an experiment on my part, trying to tell a series of short (hopefully) interesting stories. That will appeal to the young (new generation) Tom Corbett fan yet, at the same time, provide adult readers with enough information for them to feel a "real" universe of possibilities awaiting them.

___For those who aren't familiar with the series I'm trying to cover the following planet/kids:

________Nong: a Boy from Mercury (Growing up to be an Ice Hunter)
________Isaiah: a Boy from Venus (Growing up to be a Trapper)
________Marguerite: a Girl from Venus (Growing up to be a Fishboy)
________Mary Jo: a Girl from Earth (Growing up to be an Ugly Earther)
________Zachariah: a Boy from Earth (Just trying to grow up in the "nuclear" wastelands of Earth)
________Billie: a Girl from the Moon (Playing Mercuryball) [Coming]
________**: a Boy from Mars (Exploring the Canals and Tunnels of Mars) [Coming]
________**: a Boy from the Belt (Growing up to be an Asteroid Belter) [Coming]
________**: a Girl from Europe (Growing up on a Science Station) [Coming]
________**: a Girl from Tara (Growing up to be a Dinosaur Rancher) [Coming]
________**: a Boy from Romulus (Adventure in the Wolf 359 System) [Coming]

___and there may be others as the series evolves.

Space Patrol

From: Ralph Perry Space Patrol Stamps/Album/Diplomatic Pouch
Desperately trying to track down a complete mint sheet of Space Patrol stamps and the stamp book, both of which I believe came in the Space Patrol Top Secret Diplomatic Pouch premium. Will pay 'premium' price for this, too! PLEASE HELP!!!!!Ralph
Additional wants:Space Patrol Magic Picture Cards (the 24 card set which wereprinted in 'negative'
Space Patrol Magic Picture Cards
# 7 Robot Man
# 8 Planet Saturn
# 15 Deadly Iron Fist
From: Ken Wieland,
201 Centre Plaza Dr # 3
Monterey Park, CA 91754
Ken says: "I am willing to pay $35 each for them. My telephone Number is (213) 526-6456

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