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book update Solar Guard Library Book Update: New page for updates on new book projects as well as older reference books on Space Opera shows.

The Tom Corbett Series Books from Grosset & Dunlap
These books are one of the most popular Tom Corbett collectibles. Traditional sources are Used Book Stores and Library Sales. Both of these methods require some leg work but have proven successful.

However, a newer resource is the giant Internet auction house Ebay. Word to the wise. Bid only what it is worth to you. There is a steady supply of the books on ebay, so don't panic when you read "RARE" or hard to find etc. The books are not that rare yet, patience and smart bidding will help.

Tom Corbett Books found for Sale on the Internet

Barnes and Noble booksellers website have "affiliate' booksellers that carry used books including many of the G & D Tom Corbett books. Use the search on the intro page and search on Tom Corbett. You will find just about every one of the Grosset and Dunlap books. Prices range from $15 to $35+.

NOTE: I have no dealings with anyone from the fellowing sites and can not vouch for them, they are included as a possible resource. They may have sold the Tom Corbett books listed but you may be able to place your name on a waiting list for future copies.

Anyone having other known sites,please pass them on.

Electronic Tom Corbett Books

Boondock Books electronic copy. If you don't want to play the bidding game on ebay or search all of the bookstores within 100 miles of home... go to Boondock books for a copy of the Tom Corbett Books. For $4.95 you could be reading your copy in less than a half hour. Read the Academy Review here of the program and download your copy from Boondock books Here.


Jack McKirgan has written a New TC novel in the Grosset & Dunlap tradition. The Novel is in HTML format and is located on the Section 49-D page of the Solar Guard website. Future works by Jack and others are in progress, so keep checking.

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