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PEP cutout ads

HEAR!!! the promo for the PEP cutouts from a Broadcast of The Tom Corbett Radio Show. The broadcast clip,162 kb, is in RealAudio© format and is from the May 1, 1952 radio show ESCORT OF DEATH. For a detailed radio log of the show Go to the Tom Corbett Radio Log page.

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Bill Otto Collection
Corn FlakesAccording to a 1952 Sunday Newspaper advertisement:

NOW BUILD YOUR OWN SPACE SQUADRON!!! See 10 Different Cut-out Sets on Kellogg's Corn Flakes Boxes! Get'em all! Tom Corbett and his friends rocket ships - 24th century space equipment free on package. FREE! 38 Space Cadet CUT-OUTS!

Here the Polaris and her Crew stand ready for an afternoon of fun. Cut them out and make a stand for the crew and their rocketship. Now you know why it is so hard to find a complete box.

PEP the Solar Cereal!! Scenes from Space. The box art resembles the artwork of the Tom Corbett Newspaper Artist - Ray Bailey. The space scenes on the boxes could be from the newspaper adventures. Note the Alien on the next box front Solar Cereal    
Scott Bruce-Cereal Box Bonanza

Mercury Invaders    
Scott Bruce-Cereal Box Bonanza

The Mercury Invaders

The masked Alien's appeared in the Newspaper strip and the first series of adventures of the TC Television show. The Mercury invaders were also featured in a Tom RANGER adventure "Men of the Darkside".

An adventure on the moon. The scene captures the essence of the space opera.
Space Opera
Scott Bruce-Cereal Box Bonanza

Continue the BOX TOP tour with a page of pictures from the PEP cereal boxes of the Cast of the Tom Corbett show .

Cereal Boxes and Collectibles

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