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Do you remember how much cereal you had to eat in order to find the “prize inside”? Or how many boxes of “delicious” Ralston Rice Chex you consumed for the right number of box tops for that Space Patrol item you were sending away for?

Anyone growing up in the early to mid 1950’s know the lure of the “Premium inside” or the anxious wait for the mailman to bring that special offer from your favorite TV or Radio show.

Premium giveaway’s have been with us since the turn of the century when baseball player cards were included in tobacco products. Early radio captivated a generation with premium giveaways from their Lone Ranger, Jack Armstrong, Tom Mix and Little Orphan Annie show offers. It was a natural progression for the kids who grew up with 1950’s television to be part of the cereal premium generation.

Now almost 50 years later, those “free” in the box and “just 25 cents and a box top” toys are in demand. The following pages will document some of the great offers from the Space Opera shows of that time period. Feel free to join in with any comments, graphics or "rare" items you may have . Contact the Academy with any updates or corrections.

Special Thanks to Bill Otto and Scott Bruce for their generous help with the graphics for the cereal box pages. Scott has several EXCELLENT books on Cereal Box's, a newsletter and a website site dedicated to the "humble" flake.

Cereal Boxes

Kellogg's Boxes- Tom Corbett Space Cadet Corn Flakes and Pep Cereal boxes

Ralston Chex- Space Patrol

Cereal Premiums

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