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January 1, 1955 to February 26, 1955
Episode # 202 - # 210

#202 "LAIR OF THE SPACE SPIDER" January 1, 1955

A search for a vanished space ship leads Commander Corry, Cadet Happy and Major Robertson into the clutches of Arachna, the Space Spider. Arachna is the merciless human ruler of a doughnut shaped planet who snares unwary space travelers in a web of force rays. Arachna enslaves the travelers in his escape proof domain.

#203 "WEB OF ARACHNA" January 8, 1955

Employing clever deception and the help of a fugitive from Arachna's slave ranks, Buzz, Happy, and Robbie bluff their way back into the villainous Space Spider's lair. Having escaped once from Arachna's clutches, the Space Patrolmen return to his planet to take him prisoner and free his captive workers.

# 204 "COLLAPSE OF THE SPIDER'S WEB" January 15, 1955

Commander Buzz Corry learn the secret of Arachna's invisible "web". The Patrolmen discover that Arachna has been using an artificial gravity-booster to trap unwary space cruisers on his doughnut- shaped planet. They also learn the fearful effectiveness of the gravitybooster when Arachna escapes and uses his device on the Terra Five and all of its occupants.

#205 "THE ANDROIDS OF ALGOL" January 22, 1955

Raymo and Ula inhabit a barren planet in the system of the star known as Algol. The alien couple fashion duplicates of human beings from lumps of jelly-like protoplasm with the ultimate aim of ruling the United Planets through the use of their puppets. The couple set out to capture Commander Buzz Corry and model for one of their "Androids" in his likeness. Raymo and Ula send Buzz's robot-like twin back to Terra to command the Space Patrol as their secret puppet.
Raymo: Larry Dobkins; Ula: Valerie Bales; Secretary General: Paul Cavanaugh

#206 "DOUBLE TROUBLE" January 29, 1955

Commander Buzz Corry and Cadet Happy return to Terra in a last minute effort to save the United Planets from the tyrants, Ula and Raymo. Believing the Space Patrolmen to be trapped in outer space, Ula and Raymo journey to Terra to use Buzz and Happy's robotlike "Android" creatures to take control of the United Planets.

#207 "THE ANDROID INVASION" February 5, 1955

Terra City, Capitol of the United Planets, is thrown into an uproar by the Androids fashioned by the aliens, Raymo and Ula. The clash reaches an exciting conclusion when Commander Corry, Major Robertson, and the Secretary General come face to face with their Android counterparts.

#208 "THE WILD MEN OF PROCYON" February 12, 1955

Buzz, Happy, Robbie and Carol become stranded on a planet that has been desolated by atomic war. Their investigation uncovers a civilization that has committed atomic suicide and believe that not a living being is still alive ... until something or somebody wrecks the Terra Five.

#209 "MAROONED ON PROCYON IV" February 19, 1955

Commander Corry, Cadet Happy, Robbie and Carol are given a savage greeting by the two remaining members of the planet's demolished civilization. The sole survivors have been converted into maniacs by the desolation that surrounds them. The two are determined to destroy the Space Patrollers and escape to a new world in the Terra Five.
Survivors: Bert Holland and Charles Horvaht.

#210 "THE ATOMIC VAULT" February 26, 1955

The mysterious disappearance of Happy and Carol halts the Space Patrollers from blasting off from the desolated planet Procyon IV. When Commander Buzz Corry and Major Robertson go in search of their missing comrades, they find them in the hands of Manzo and Rayzo, survivors of the atomic devastation.

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