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By Cadet Joe Sarno
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January 2, 1954 to December 25, 1954
Episode # 158 - # 201

Blast off #158 "THE PHANTOM SPACE PIRATE" January 2, 1954

Captain Dagger boards a ship of the planetoid payroll service fleet, climaxing a series of lootings which Commander Corry has been trying to solve. Captain Dagger gives Buzz, Happy, Robbie and the payroll ship pilot a rough time and an unpleasant surprise.

#159 "THE SPACE VAULT ROBBERY" January 9, 1954

A public furor is created due to the inability of Buzz Corry and the Space Patrol to stop Captain Dagger's looting of ships and banks. An investigation is requested by the Security Council when Captain Dagger almost steals the entire treasury reserve from the space vault. But Buzz and Cadet Happy are there to turn the tables on the Wiley Captain.

#160 "THE PIRATE'S ESCAPE" January 16, 1954

Captain Dagger and his henchman, Dr. Maddox, lead Buzz, Happy, and Robbie an exciting chase but they eventually track the pirates to their hideout. They not only recapture Captain Daggar and his men but also reclaim their stolen "treasure".

#161 "THE AMAZONS OF CYDONIA" January 23, 1954

Dr. Oliver Tuttle and his assistant, Dr. Johnson, have a laboratory in the Cydonia Jungle on Venus in order to experiment on plant life as the basis for a synthetic food. When their daily report fails to reach Space Patrol, Buzz, Happy and Robbie investigate. Arriving at Cydonia they find it ruled by a tribe of Amazon women who make slaves of all strong men and destroy the weak ones. Buzz manages to rescue Dr. Tuttle and send him back to Terra with Happy and Robbie but is trapped by the Amazons.

#162 "THE MONSOON TRAP ON CYDONIA" January 30, 1954

After helping Dr. Tuttle escape the Amazons of Cydonia, Buzz and Happy continue their search for the doctors assistant. Dr. Johnson, meantime, is working in league with the Amazons, and sets a trap for Buzz who is almost killed by the death wind monsoon. The Commander escapes with the aid of Cadet Happy, but the pair are captured and held hostages by the Amazons.

#163 "THE MEN-SLAVES OF CYDONIA" February 6, 1954

Commander Corry, Cadet Happy, and Laboratory Assistant Johnson are at the mercy of Queen Riva. She is attempting to make them menslaves of Cydonia. Riva forces Buzz to become one of her slaves in exchange for saving the life of Happy, who has been seriously wounded. Johnson, looking out for his own interests, spirits Happy away in an attempt to recover a stolen micro tape. The lab assistant is Riva's slave master but he betrays her and meets an untimely end at the hands of the Amazon Queen. Major Robertson arrives in time to rescue Buzz and Happy.

#164 "THE DEADLY RADIATION CHAMBER" February 13, 1954

Commander Buzz Corry and Cadet Happy are called upon to investigate the shutdown of three plants that produce 75% of the United Planets fissionable material. Buzz and Happy are thwarted by Mr. Halifax in their attempt to investigate his company and determine why the sudden shutdown of power. However, they are given special permission from Mr. Proteus, Security Council Director, to enter the plant. Once inside they are trapped in a deadly Radiation Chamber.

#165 "THE PLOT IN THE ATOMIC PLANT" February 20, 1954

Buzz Corry and Cadet Happy's investigation of the power plant's shortage revels that the shortage threatens the entire solar system with total destruction. More attempts are made upon their lives. Buzz and Happy, who know Mr. Proteus only as the Director of the United Planets Fissionable Materials Commission, are unaware that it is he in his chameleon-like disguises of Mr. Halifax and Ben, the watchman, who is plotting against them and trying to corner the market on the supply of atomic power units.

Proteus is played by Marvin Miller.

#166 "THE BLAZING SUN OF MERCURY" February 27, 1954

Commander Corry learns that Mr. Proteus is the man who is trying to gain sole control of the atomic energy of the United Planets. COrry is lured along with Cadet Happy and Major Robertson to Mercury, where they almost perish from the intense heat. Proteus blasts off in his ship for Terra making certain that the three Space Patrollers and the real Halifax, Matsoong and Justin will die from the heat. But Proteus underestimates Buzz and is in for a startling surprise.

#167 "THE BIG PROTEUS SHINGLE" March 6, 1954

As the Director of the Security Council, the ruthless Mr. Proteus has authorized the purchase of six thousand power units for the blackmarket price of six billion credits. The transaction will be in cash and will be paid to Mr. Halifax. Mr. Proteus, disguised as Halifax, accepts the money and travels to Venus. When he arrives on Venus he attempts to pose as Mr. Matsoong and swindle the United Planets out of four million more credits. The Space Patrol crew catch him in the act, but Proteus deals the Space Patrollers an unexpected blow.

# 168 "THE ESCAPE OF MR. PROTEUS" March 13, 1954

Buzz, Happy and Robbie have trapped Mr. Proteus on Venus where he has fled with the six billion United Planet credits. Believing that they have at last stopped him in his unscrupulous plan, they momentarily are caught off guard when Mr. Proteus effects another of his clever disguises and once again escapes.

#169 "MR. PROTEUS AND POISON GAS" March 20, 1954

Commander Buzz Corry and Cadet Happy recover the six billion credits from Mr. Proteus, but the unscrupulous villain once again eludes them. Through a diabolical ruse, Mr. Proteus lures Buzz and Happy into his space ship and nearly succeeds in ending their lives with poison gas. Although Buzz and Happy turn the tables on their adversary, the cunning Mr. Proteus manages to escape once more.

#170 "THE REVENGE OF MR. PROTEUS" March 27, 1954

Mr. Proteus almost succeeds in his attempt to do away with Buzz and Happy once and for all in revenge for being foiled in his attempt to swindle the United Planets out of six billion credits. Buzz and Happy outwit Proteus in a last minute bit of strategy, but he once again escapes the clutches of the Space Patrol.

# 171 "THE CAPTURE OF MR. PROTEUS" April 3, 1954

Buzz and Happy follow Mr. Proteus to Mercury, where he has escaped with Carol as a hostage. Yet another trap has been set by the wiley villain, but this time the tables are turned for the last time. The Space Patrollers finally bring an end to the devilish misadventures of Mr. Proteus.

# 172 "BACCARRATTI'S 'Z' RAY" April 10, 1954

Prince Baccarratti appears again with a double vengeance to plague Commander Buzz Corry and the Space Patrol. Buzz and Happy learn a startling family secret about Prince Baccarratti which forces them to make a trip back to the 20th Century.

Bela Kovacs plays a duel role as Prince Baccarratti, and an equally unscrupulous criminal, Zarra.

#173 "MAROONED IN THE PAST" April 17, 1954

Commander Buzz Corry and Cadet Happy are marooned in Hollywood, California in the 20th Century. In a desperate effort to capture Zarra, Prince Baccarratti's twin brother and true heir to the throne of Venus, Buzz and Happy travel to 20th century Earth. Zarra's guardian, Groata, has hidden the twin for the past 30 years in the past where the Space Patrollers must search for him. Marooned temporarily on Earth by Zarra and Groata's "Z" Ray Guns, Buzz and Happy manage to escape with the help of a rocket test pilot. They head for Terra in an attempt to head-off the two diabolical criminals.


Buzz and Happy narrowly escape being marooned in the 20th Century and race back to their own time in an attempt to overtake Groata and Zarra. When they return to the 30th century they learn that Zarra, with the help of Groata, has already begun a devastating attack upon the United Planets. Zarra is trying to re- establish himself on the throne of Venus and Corry is trying to prevent any further disaster. Once again Space Patrol is lured back into the past among a tribe of Indians, who almost burn them at the stake as evil spirits.

#175 "THE FALL OF THE KINGDOM OF ZARRA" April 30, 1954

Zarra kidnaps Prince Baccarratti, Happy and Major Robertson and attempts to set himself up as Ruler of Venus. Commander Corry learns that Zarra has used the "Z" Ray on Happy and Robbie and is holding them prisoner in the roles of two of his "loyal subjects". Corry takes a daring and death defying gamble to save their lives. The result is the fall of the Kingdom of Zarra.


A giant comet, a million miles in diameter, with a tail millions of miles long, enters into our solar system from outer space and threatens everything in its path with total destruction. Carol, flying a ship en route to Terra, is caught directly in the path of the onrushing comet. Desperately trying to escape, she is caught in its tail and faces certain death. Buzz, Happy and Robbie blast-off in the Terra Five in an attempt to rescue her but the gravitational pull of the comet also imprisons them.

#177 "THE DEMON PLANET" May 14, 1954

Escaping from the magnetic pull of The Giant Comet, the Terra Five drifts toward the surface of a mysterious unknown planet. In the most terrifying experience of their lives, the Space Patrol crew find themselves trapped on a planet composed of live rocks and furry-mouths of grass which devour anything that gets in their way. Almost eaten alive, the Intrepid crew manages to escape, only to be lost in galactic space.

Space Patrol on the Radio #178 "LOST IN GALACTIC SPACE" May 21, 1954

The entire crew of the Terra Five are lost in galactic space after narrowly escaping death on The Demon Planet. With the air purifier damaged beyond repair, their oxygen is going fast and the entire ship damaged beyond repair, the frantic crew fights desperately to find their way back to the United Planets.


Buzz and Happy blast-off for Mars to join the famous archeologist Dr. Lambert. The Doctor has just discovered the underground city of the ancient Carnacans who disappeared from the planet a thousand years ago. The Commander and his Cadet find a clue to the hidden treasure and encounter the Wrath of the ancient worshipers. The worshipers are a tribe of men who wear totem heads and throw their enemy's into an ancient Carnacan torture chamber.

Dr. Lambert: I. Stanford Jolley. Carnacan: Nestor Paiva. This is the initial episode that introduced the Totem Mask premium offer.

#180 "THE MARTIAN TOTEM HEAD" June 4, 1954

Commander Corry and Cadet Happy, in their efforts to rescue Dr. Lambert, find themselves trapped once again by the ruthless men posing as the real Carnacans. Buzz and Happy find the hiding place of the real Carnacan treasure in the Martian Totem Heads.

#181 "TRAPPED IN A PYRAMIDS " June 11, 1954

Buzz and Happy are trapped with the bogus Carnacans in a pyramid after escaping the disintegration of the ancient underground Carnacan city on Mars. Fighting for their lives against insurmountable odds, Commander Corry and Cadet Happy effect a last minute escape from the pyramid, capture their adversaries and rescue their friend, Dr. Lambert.


A pleasant vacation for Buzz, Happy, Carol and Robbie ends as a nightmare on the depths of the ocean floor as the quartet is trapped in an underwater space- ship graveyard. The diabolic Agent X, whom Space Patrol believed dead for four years, suddenly reappears and cleverly maneuvers the unsuspecting Space Patrol crew to his underwater hideaway, where they face almost certain death.

#183 "THE GIANT MARINE CLAM" June 25, 1954

In the Western Hemisphere of the planet Venus lies the huge Caloric Ocean. Commander Buzz Corry, Major Robertson, Cadet Happy and Carol Carlisle have been drawn to the bottom of this ocean by a force field controlled by Agent X. Aided by a mechanical robot named Junior, Agent X, a former agent of an interplanetary crime syndicate, has become an undersea space pirate.


Agent X, mysterious denizen of the ocean floor of Venus, finds himself a prisoner of Commander Buzz Corry and his pals, but manages to turn the tables on them. After recovering his gun from Commander Corry, Agent X and his robot aide, Junior, prepares to drown Happy and Carol. He promises to save them only if Buzz and Robbie will help him in his scheme to lure space ships to destruction beneath the ocean depths.


September 4, 1954

The baffling disappearance of Major Robertson and a pair of young Space Patrol Cadets named Clay and Victor sends Commander Buzz Corry and Cadet Happy on one of their strangest adventures. Buzz succeeds in learning that they have been abducted to the planet Manza by an unknown force controlled by an invisible creature who bears the same name as his remote lair.

#186 "THE SPACE PATROL PERISCOPE" September 11, 1954

The invisible creature Manza intends to use his Space Patrol captives as gunners in a war against his enemies, the Icarians. The Manza long ago drove the Icarians from the planet on which his stronghold is located and is now the sole master. Buzz and Happy arrive on the planet and are captured by their invisible foe. The Space Patrolmen become even more horrified when the Icarian battle fleet of flying saucers appear overhead and give Manza a surrender-or-else ultimatum.

#187 "THE SPACE WAR" September 18, 1954

Commander Corry and Cadet Happy are helpless as the Space Battle begins with the Icarian fleet of saucer ships. The Icarian's start to melt the stronghold of Manza to the ground with their heat rays. Making a desperate escape from Manza, Buzz succeeds in reaching the Icarian General, Nardo, and briefing him on the perilous situation of Happy and the other imprisoned Space Patrolmen. Then as Buzz and Nardo plot Manza's downfall, their ruthless foe suddenly tosses a lovely blonde monkey-wrench into the fray.

#188 "THE DEFEAT OF MANZA" September 25, 1954

While plotting with Nardo the downfall of the evil being known as Manza, Commander Buzz Corry is abruptly forced to surrender his freedom and return himself into the clutches of Manza. Corry takes the drastic step when he learns that Manza has captured Carol Carlisle and is holding her as a hostage for his return. But Buzz manages to save the day when Manza accidentally imprisons himself. When Buzz and Happy plunge to the very heart of Manza's stronghold they find themselves in a final duel to the death with the invisible creature.

#189 "THE GIANTS OF PLUTO III" October 2, 1954

Suspicious happenings on the third satelIite of the planet Pluto come under the scrutiny of Buzz Corry. Buzz and Happy soon meet with trouble at the hands of Dr. Frederic Kurt, undersize operator of a sanitarium for rundown citizens of the universe and his pack of oversize puppets. In fact, Buzz and Happy are startled to find that their fellow officer, Major Robbie Robertson is also under the doctor's influence.

#190 "THE FIERY PIT OF PLUTO III" October 9, 1954

Determined to bring the evil Doctor Frederic Kurt to justice because of his practice of converting his patients into giant, robot-like slaves, Buzz and Happy are hampered by the very zombie like creatures they are trying to save. The two Space Patrollers attempt to overcome the zombies without harming them, only to wind up as candidates for a bath in a pool of molten rock.

#191 "MANHUNT ON PLUTO III" October 16, 1954

Having reconverted all but one of Doctor Kurt's zombies into the normal humans that they were originally, Commander Buzz Corry and Cadet Happy turn their attentions to the task of corralling the evil scientist. But thanks to his one remaining giant slave, Dr. Kurt is able to escape from Buzz and Happy. The two Space Patrolmen become the hunted, rather than the hunters. Their plight appears hopeless when Kurt and his stooge, Atlas, trap them in a deep canyon that offers no means of escape.


The top-secret Terra 5, experimental model for a fleet of sensational new space ships ticketed for Space Patrol service, falls into the hands of interplanetary gangsters. Using Carol as a hostage, ruthless Gart Stanger forces Cadet Happy to take him aboard the Terra 5 and pilot him back through space and time to the planet Earth in the year 1954. At his destination Stanger intends to construct duplicates of the Terra 5 with which he will equip his henchmen when he returns to the 30th Century. Unfortunately for both he and Happy, the pair arrive on Earth to find themselves imminent targets for an atomic bomb test.

#193 "THE ATOM BOMB" October 30, 1954

Stanger and Gregory masquerade as military policemen in order to steal a powerful new space cruiser, the S-RC. But their plans run awry when they are exposed to deadly radiation from an Atom Bomb test on 20th Century Earth.

#194 "DANGER: RADIATION" November 6, 1954

Contaminated with a lethal dose of radioactivity from an atomic bomb, Stanger and Gregory seek aid from a small-town doctor on 20th Century Earth. Commander Buzz Corry and Cadet Happy trace the villains but they are captured and face death along with the doctor. Stanger and his henchman have received their lifesaving injections of anti-radioactivity serum but leave the Space Patrollers to die.

#195 "THE EXPLODING STARS" November 13, 1954

Commander Corry and Cadet Happy are summoned by a new type of observatory stationed in outer space to halt the imminent explosions of a series of stars near our solar system. All indicators point to an organized pattern of destruction to the stars within our galaxy. The pattern further indicates that Sol, the sun in our solar system may be the next to go

#196 "THE DWELLERS OF THE PRIME GALAXY" November 20, 1954

Buzz and Happy venture into deep space to learn what might be causing the explosions of suns near our Solar System. They discover that fantastic beings are to blame for the exploding holocausts of neighboring suns, but see little hope of defeating them. The Space Patrollers soon come to grips with Ahyo, an alien who handles his foes by shooting them to the ceiling with a gravity-inverter and then knocking them cold by dropping them to the floor.

#197 "TERRA, THE DOOMED PLANET" November 27, 1954

Ahyo, the super-intelligent alien whose mission is to destroy our entire galaxy, falls victim to an old-fashioned belt on the button administered by Commander Corry. Ahyo's advanced weapons prove worthless against the fury of Corry's fists when Ahyo attempts his annihilation of the Solar System by sending the planet Terra to collide with the sun.

#198 "REVENGE OF THE BLACK FALCON" December 4, 1954

Prince Baccarratti, false pretender to the throne of Venus, once again returns to haunt his foe Commander Buzz Corry. Thought to be on the road to rehabilitation with the use of the Brainograph, the evil Prince springs a trap which launches the Space Patrollers to ancient times to be burned at the stake for the crime of witchcraft.

#199 "THE SORCERERS OF OUTER SPACE"December 11, 1954

Having been shanghaied by Prince Baccarratti to 17th Century America, Buzz Corry and Cadet Happy become candidates for burning at the stake as suspected sorcerers. Baccarratti also falls suspect by the superstitious colony, but is rescued by the Space Patrollers.

#200 "THE DEFEAT OF BACCARRATTI " December 18 1954

After recapturing Prince Baccarratti and his pal, Barti, Commander Corry and Cadet Happy have one more task to complete before returning to the 30th Century. Goodwife Martin, a woman who has helped Buzz and Happy, has been accused of witchcraft by her own husband and son. Somehow the Space Patrolmen must save the woman from death before they are free to return through time to their own era. The two comrades take a drastic step to clear Goodwife Martin, only to find that through an oversight they may spend the rest of their lives stranded in the 17th Century.

#201 "A CHRISTMAS PARTY FOR HAPPY" December 25, 1954

Christmas on the planet Terra is a dismal date for Cadet Happy. He has good reason to think that he has not a friend in the universe until a pair of old friends from Earth, Happy's native planet, arrive and make Christmas a joyous occasion and a day to remember for the young cadet.

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