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A Letter from Lyn "Cadet Happy" Osborn

Provided by his sister, Beth Flood

The following letter was written by Lyn, to our Mom on Sunday March 5, 1950. The postmark on the envelope is 7 PM March 5, 1950 and "this coming Thursday" would be 4 days later, on March 9th, 1950.

(From Lyn)......."In about a week, I graduate from the Playhouse, but I don't think I'll have to worry about a job. Last Thursday, I received a call from my agent, to go to ABC Television Center, for a reading. I went, read a script, and got the part.

The first show is this coming Thursday, and will run 5 days a week, from then on. It will begin as a sustaining show, with the Studio paying for it, and I'll get $8 per show, until we get a sponsor.

I got my wardrobe fitted yesterday. The show will be television's answer to Buck Rogers, complete with space ship and all. It is called "SPACE PATROL". The star is Kit Corry, Commander in Chief of the Interplanetary Space Patrol, and I am "Happy", his co-pilot & buddy. Mine is the second lead, and comedy part.....just the kind of part I love. If it goes on a network hookup, it will show back East also. I will also get to work on ABC radio programs, and other TV shows, from time to time. I may become an American institution yet ! The whole American Broadcasting Co is behind it, so I don't know how it can miss !!!"

It is signed "Buddy", which his family called him, all his life.

Beth Flood

Based on this letter , I would say the first Space Patrol show was March 9th, 1950. Thank you Beth for sharing your personal memories with us. Cadet Ed

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