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Space Patrol debuted on March 9*, 1950 (*Date Revision: see letter from Lyn Osborn) as a fifteen minute local show on KECA-TV in Los Angeles.... 50 YEARS AGO!!! Since that time, we have landed on the moon, explored all but one planet in our solar system and made advances into the 21st century that could only be dreamed about when Space Patrol roared across the small screen.

However, this "small step" for science fiction has left a lifelong impression on many who remember the "roaring rockets" of the Terra V and her valiant crew, Commander Corry, Cadet Happy, Major Robertson, Carol and Tonga.

Thanks to Jean-Noel for contributing the back lot photo of the Space Patrol crew that appears on the A FAN REMEMBERS page by Cadet John P. Simelaro and in the Space Patrol screen saver. Another thank you to Bruce David for discounting those great Space Patrol tapes on his website SwapSale during the kick off Anniversary week in March.

The Space Patrol Screen Saver that was available during the anniversary week in March will be available by request during the year. The Screen Saver was removed to allow for additional downloads. If you would like a copy of the Screen Saver email the Academy with the request and the Screen Saver will be emailed to you.

The Solar Guard Academy will continue to remember the show's 50th Anniversary year with additional pages, downloads and events. Reaching a 50th Anniversary is a special milestone and a good excuse to celebrate :-) So stay tuned for announcements of new pages and more downloads.

I hope you enjoy our salute to the show and those who created those special childhood memories. Please feel free to contact the Academy with suggestions or contributions to the celebration.

Cadet Ed

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Cadet Tom Mason Remembers - Tom worked for ABC-TV in the 1960's and met many of the original crew members and engineers who worked on Space Patrol. Tom's unique look at the show as both a fan and an insider is fascinating reading and is serialized on the The Nostalgia League's On-line Magazine website. Two parts are on line now... Check it out.

A Letter from Lyn "Cadet Happy" Osborn - Lyn's sister, Beth Flood, shares a letter from Lyn that was written to their mom just before the show aired on March 9th, 1950. The letter gives us a firm date for the first local show. These early episodes were sustaining shows waiting for a network sponsor. Lyn's optimism and prediction about the shows success is history. One that we are grateful to have witnessed.

Mouseketeer Lonnie was on "Space Patrol" - Another great tradition of the 1950's was the Mickey Mouse Club. One of our favorite Mouseketeer's turns out to be a Space Patrol fan who did some work on the show. Lonnie Burr's memories of the show give us a little insight into what "live" commercials were like in the early years. Lonnie has his webpage on-line as well. Be sure to drop by his site and relive the early years of the MMC.

"I was on the Space Patrol Television Lot" - Cadet Joe Sidore had a childhood experience we all would like to have.... he visited the Space Patrol set on a REGULAR basis. This is the introduction to an article about his visits to the ABC TV lot. He was kind enough to share the introduction as part of the 50th Anniversary of Space Patrol. We look forward to seeing the full story when finished.

"A Fan Remembers" - Cadet John Simelaro's response to finding other fans of Space Patrol is typical of those who remember the early shows. John pursued a career in medicine and credits Space Patrol with the inspiration to do so. Read his story and see if you can relate to his experience.

Cadet Jean-Noel is working on a comprehensive Space Patrol book and needs your help. For more information about her book and how you can help, go to the "soon to be published" page on the Academy site.

Judy Harris space patrol pagehas an excellent overview of the Space Patrol show. This link is now the RIGHT link to her site. Sorry Judy, I had the wrong link on the Academy site.

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