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Current hard cover or paperback books are availabe from the Xlibris online book store.

AINOKO (former title: Brocade) -First novel published by AVON BOOKS in 1982, reissued in 1999. A novel based on the Occupation of Japan after World War II and contains some insight into Jan's love of the Theater.
CRACKPOTS - Two short stories from the Philippine Republic to early Hollywood's version of early New York Greenwich Village. The Bakla's Cross - A film company in the Philippines. The High Priestess - Odd residents of a notorious hillside in Hollywood.
GUNBEARER -An adventure set in darkest Africa from 1857 to 1862.

GYPSIES DON'T LIE (Former title: King of the Jungle) -A novel about a struggling Polish immigrant family in New York City during the Depression Era.
SHOOTING MONTEZUMA The plot is about a real film but in a fictional account. Celebrated stars and a legendary director make a film with a secret they cannot keep. A fiction based on Jan's involvement with the THE LIST OF ADRIAN MESSENGER, a Universal-International motion picture.

The Following are co-authored with William Russo:

THE PAID COMPANION of J. Wilkes Booth- Was he a misled young Rebel deserter? An american Lincoln myth haunts and scandalizes as it explodes into final moments of guilt and horror.
The Paid Companion will be a graphic novel from BLUEWATER PRODUCTIONS soon.
TROUBLES IN A GOLDEN EYE. A murder in a Southern fort. A book concerning a failed John Huston movie starring Elizabeth Taylor, Marlon Brndo, Brian Keith, and Julie Harris.
MGM makes BOYS TOWN - from Scripts to Film. Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney vie for an Oscar.
HANGING WITH BILLY BUDD. The various versions constructed of the Human Melville high seas poetic tragedy for stage, opera, television, film, radio, and a one night Broadway musical flop.
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