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Jan Merlin's TV Log

(Guest and Featured Roles in over 1500 live and filmed shows)

Special Thanks to Jan Merlin for sharing his biography with the Academy. This page will be updated as new information is added by Jan and others who may have additional shows and dates for the page. Even before this page was uploaded Allen Harris (Noted in the page as AH) sent in several dates and additional information on Jan's work, thanks Allen. I would like to encourage all others with similar information to send it on so Jan's work can be documented.

Starred in Tom Corbett, Space Cadet - NBC,CBS,ABC,DUMONT 3 years -New York- Live
Starred in Rough Riders-ABC, 2 years - Hollywood - filmed series Jan's 1975 Emmy

GOLDEN HALO AWARD - December 2007 for Actor and Writer by the Southern California Motion Picture Council.
EMMY AWARD winner 1975
EMMY NOMINATION 1977 - Another World- NBC

    -Ruditsky - Apex Film pilot
    -Jimmy Valentine - Ziv Studios pilot
    -Motive - Hal Roach Studios pilot
    -The Covenant - 20th Century Fox pilot


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