Planets and Kids Book

by Dansen T. Stahl

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Welcome to the Tom Corbett Universe. This is a world of the future. Man has traveled to the stars in atomic rockets and begun the hard and often dangerous task of colonizing other worlds and moons. The Planets and Kids series has been designed to introduce young readers to these worlds. In these books you'll be introduced to the worlds and moons on which men live and you'll see them through the eyes of normal kids from around the Solar System and beyond.

Be warned, though, you'll find that, just like our world, the Tom Corbett Universe is not always a nice place. It has many of the same problems that we have including drugs and violence and some that we don't. However, like us, they are trying to find answers to their problems and they are finding that many of them can be solved through careful consideration and hard work.

About the Tom Corbett, Space Cadet Series
Early history of the series and its relation to the new Planets and Kids book series

A Note to Parents
A message to parents about the series purpose and goals.

Planets and Kids Books Series
Join fellow Cadets in this new Tom Corbett series for kids.

Solar Terms
Terms and slang of the furture used within the Planets and Kids series

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