Comments and Observations
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Comments from Fellow cadets and interesting items from the Rally.

Opening night
Opening event
The opening of the event on Friday night featured Count Gore DeVol and music by the "Manimals". Reports from some attendees indicated that the sound was a "little" loud for some of the older cadets.

SF Panel1950's SF panel Ed was seated second from the right at the panel table. The SF panel concentrated more on the participants acting experiences rather than SF from the 1950's. Ann Francis (to the left of Ed) did get many questions about her work as "Altaira" in the 1950's classic SF movie FORBIDDEN PLANET.

Crew standing down
A fan from Canada was kind enough to snap this picture of the Cadets just before the panel discussion began.

From Mike Elmo
Greetings Fellow Cadets,
To say that it was a great pleasure to be at the Monster Rally with myWilliamsburg Buds is an understatement!! It was made even better by thefact that I got to meet for the first time my E-mail pal, Cadet Laser,AKA, Clyde Lyman. We were a team to contend with alone, but through in 3seasoned Cadets and the Head of The Space Patrol and you know you are infor it!! We all met out side the main dealer hall and advanced in, tothe dismay of those poor, unsuspecting Monster Lovers, and headed forour main objective, Commander Corry's Table. Once there, we linked upwith the Commander and a wonderful time followed!! We made ourpresentations to the Commander and he thrilled us with many wonderfulstories of Space Patrol and his time as a fighter pilot in World War 2.There were many fans of the Commander there!! He was kept busy by aconstant stream of fans and well wishers!! That, in its self was a realtreat to see!!

After the Cadet contingent milled around the hall for some time, wewithdrew to the lounge for some liquid refreshment!?! Having to stepaway and take care of some business, I returned to find the CommanderHimself partaking in some liquid refreshment with our contingent!?!Again, more stories and plain old good times were had with CommanderCorry!! After about an hour, the Commander excused himself and left usto run a-muck!! WE later attended the evening activities and wasentertained by Cadet Gore-De-Vol and the Manimals, plus the featuredguests of the Monster Rally. Needless to say, we enjoyed ourselves!!

Cadets Ed, Jack and Chuck left the Rally on Saturday night so CadetClyde and I were left to show the Colors. On Sunday, Cadets Marianneand Tom invited Cadet Clyde and myself to join them and the Commanderfor a taped T.V. interview conducted by Cadet Tom. On the way to thestudio, the Commander talked at length about his World War 2experiences. He told us how the Bomber Pilots wouldn't let the fighterescort Pilots buy a drink back in England. They were thrilled to havefighter coverage over Germany. He told us of his early days with SpacePatrol and the great love and friendships that developed with hisco-stars. When the interview airs, it should be a no-misser for sure!!Any fan of Classic Space Opera will find this interview will beentranced by this event!!

After the interview, Cadet Clyde slipped into our main mode of transportand returned to my home base in New Oxford, Pa. By the way, what do ASpace Patrolman and a Space Ranger travel in? A Saturn!! What Else??

Well Fellow Cadets, Keep your sights on the stars, Spaceman's Luck, S.R.
Mike Elmo

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