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The next few pages will highlight other activities and comments of the rally by those who attended. As with all activities each person has a different perspective on the event, which can led to interesting observations :-)

Monster Rally 99


Count and Cadet Chuck Dick Dyszel (AKA Count Gore DeVol) was able to spot both Rocky Jones and Tom Corbett on Cadet Chuck's jacket. Dick is a fan of the Space Opera shows of the 1950's and we look forward to hearing from him on a number of subjects. Check out his website Creature Features for updates on his activities.

Dick has been a host on a local Washington DC Channel's creature features for a number of years. He is kept busy with personal appearances and work as a DJ.

Martin Grams Jr. Martin Grams Jr. has supplied the Academy with an updated list of titles and broadcast dates for the Tom Corbett Radio shows. Through his research of old scripts and early Radio logs, Martin has determined titles and broadcast times for the Tom Corbett radio series. Many of the shows may be lost but Martin's research has helped document the existing Tom Corbett log and his work may result in new finds . Look for an updated log on the Solar Guard site soon.

Thanks Martin for all of your research. We look forward to hearing of new information you may unearth in the future.

Contest winner Cadet Chuck submitted this photo from the costume contest as his pick for first prize. Not many were in costume. In fact, the cadets were in full dress during most of the affair, showing the colors of the Space Patrol, Rocky Jones and Tom Corbett.

Great Grand Dad Corbett Tom Corbett's Ancestor, many times removed? Outside of the Hotel, Cadet Jack spotted this sign "CORBETT CONSTRUCTION" at a building site across from the event in the hotel. A time Warp? Is this a relative of Tom Corbett from the 20th Century? Interesting concept that was pondered by all..

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