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Page One and Two from the first TV Script
Cadet Ed

Note that the original title and main character of the show was to be "Chris Colby". The original sample of the page reveals that Chris Colby's name was scratched out and was replaced with Tom Corbett in the final draft (page 1). The scene opens with the oath of office being administrated to the cadets in the Academy lecture hall (page 2) and begins the first TV episode of the "Mercurian Invasion".

The same Mercury invasion plot is used as the first continued Newspaper Strip adventure from Field Enterprise. Notes from Paul S. Newman indicate the story may have been given to him for rewrite. His notes will be part of a comparison article for the TC Newspaper page.

Page 1
First page of first TC script

The show opens with the Polaris Crew meeting for the first time when they take the oath of office. Another version of the first Tom Corbett Adventure entitled "Men of the Darkside" has the Unit's Command Pilot name as "Tom Ranger" which is the name of the Space Cadet hopeful in the 1946 radio script and the proposed 1949 comic strip by Mr. Greene. The other unit mates would have a name change as well: Kitai Kuk of Venus would become ASTRO, Bruce Howard would become ROGER MANNING and Captain Storm would become Captain STRONG. The unit's ship would be renamed the POLARIS, the Golden Arrow was Tom Ranger's ship.

Again, the names and plot line for the TC Character appear in earlier concept versions of the Space Cadets by Mr. Greene. The Men of the Darkside and the proposed Space Academy strip link Joseph Greene to the first Tom Corbett TV broadcast and the Newspaper strip.

The question arises, where did the name Chris Colby come from?!?

Page two
Page 2 of the first TC show
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