Tom Corbett Photo Album Vol 1

Lecture Hall
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Photo 9
This scene from a Space Academy classroom introduces a new character to Volume 1 of the Photo Album. Science Cadet Alfie "The Brain" Higgins, played by John Fiedler, (left), was introduced into the Polaris unit to tutor the academically-challenged Astro. Astro was the best power deck jockey in the Academy, but he choked up at exam time and had difficulty maintaining passing grades. Alfie played a minor role throughout the 1950 - 52 seasons of the program, and, like the others, John Fiedler was a fine character actor. Judging from the drawing on the chalkboard, Alfie is giving a lesson in orbital mechanics to Tom, Roger, and Astro. Photos of Alfie are rare. (Alfie plans to return to a future volume of the Tom Corbett photo album, so stay tuned.)

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