Tom Corbett Photo Album Vol 1

The Cast of "Tom Corbett, Space Cadet"

This publicity photo is one of my favorites, as it shows most of the major characters at home on the control deck of the Rocket Cruiser Polaris, where most of the action took place. The location was the "home page of the site", so to speak.

Seated, front center:
Frankie Thomas, Jr. (Tom Corbett)
Standing, left to right:
Al Markim (Astro)
Jan Merlin (Roger Manning)
Edward Bryce (Captain Steve Strong)
Margaret Garland (Dr. Joan Dale)
Tom Corbett Cast- 9.8 K
Photo 1
The Heart of the Polaris

The command deck with the full Tom Corbett Crew- ready for blast off!!

(Photographs of Dr. Dale are very rare. The only other one I remember was on the back of a Kellogg's Pep cereal box. Does anyone out there have a copy of it that they would like to contribute to this page?)

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