Solar Guard Cadets With Erin Gray

Solar Guard Reunion
Mid Atlantic Nostalgia Convention(MANC)
September 18-20, 2008
The Clarion Hotel
Aberdeen, Maryland

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2007 MANC Solar Guard Reunion page

This year's Nostalgia convention is shaping up to be another good one for the cadets. The convention will feature many vintage movies, cliffhanger serials, pulp magazines, old time radio, guest panels and a featured guest of interest for fellow cadets - Patty McCormack. Cadets who remember the Tom Corbett Space Cadet commercials for Red Goose shoes will remember Patty as one of the regulars on the show. She is most remembered as an Academy Award nominee for THE BAD SEED and for a number of TV series such as Route 66, One Step Beyond and Playhouse 90. But for many cadets, she was the "Annette" of our 1950s SF shows.

For a full list of MANC activities go to the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention Web site.

XR-CThe Solar Guard will have a table in the dealer's room where we will meet fellow cadets and make new friends at the convention. As it always does, the XR-C prompts a lot of favorable attention and it will be once again featured as a drawing card for new cadets.

Some highlights that may interest cadets include:

There will also be time for cadets to browse the dealer's room that may contain new Space Patrol, Tom Corbett or other 1950s rarities that we can add to the Academy archive.

A special Solar Guard trading card will be given to all cadets who attend the convention, see the 2007 MANC convention report, so be sure to e-mail ( cadeted @ ) and let me know you plan to attend.

Don't wait, make your reservations now and plan to attend the Saturday night banquet, one of the best meals you will have ... honest. Till later ...

Spaceman's Luck
Cadet Ed