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As promised, Jack's novel delivered a fine adventure in the Grosset & Dunlap tradition with some surprises. It was good seeing some old favorites, Commander Walters, Warrant Officer Mike McKenney, Major "Blastoff" Connel as well as the surprise appearances of Ambassador Sarek and the Klingon's.

Journey to a Dead Star has bridged the gulf between the 1950's "by the seat of your pants" space flight with Atomic Engines to the current "universe" of computer control space flight with faster than light wrap drives of Star Trek. Good read, good job and I look forward to even more adventures of the Polaris crew as recorded by Cadet Jack McKirgan.

I would like to thank Jack for the opportunity to publish Journey to a Dead Star and to George W. Procter, author and illustrator, for the use of his excellent portraits of the Polaris Crew in Journey to a Dead Star.
Cadet Ed

The first comment is from Jan Merlin, a published author, 1975 Emmy winner for his TV scripting and original crew member(Roger Manning) of the Polaris...:

...the new story reads very well, indeed. I was so taken with the illustration for the second chapter that I wrote to George to find out if he had a copy available... now I am looking forward to reading the rest of the Journey .....Yeah, Mr McKirgan has the old crew done to a "T".... and I'm dazzled by his description " a glare that looked like a Neptunian aero manta in attack posture...!!!

Let the Academy know your thoughts on Jack's work.. till next time.....

Spaceman's Luck

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