Flash Gordon
$1 DVD's
This is an attempt to catalog the different titles and covers that are being offered from Dollar Stores and other $1 outlets

Unknown Vol number Treasure Box Collection
Found-Dollar Store

1-Deadline at Noon
2-Race Against Time
3-Forbidden Experiment

No Vol number Television Classics:
This and the next DVD have different covers, but the same shows.
Found-Dollar Store
1-Flash Gordon and the Planet of Death
2-Deadline at Noon
3-The Subworld Revenge

Volume # 1 Television Classics:
Found: Dollar Store

Titles: Same as above

Volume # 2 Television Classics
Found Dollar Store

1-Akim the Terrible
2-The Breath of Death
3- Claim Jumpers

Volume # 2 Television Classics
Found- Dollar Store
Different cover as above same first three shows plus extra show and cartoon

1 -3 Same as above plus
4-Deadline at Noon and
a Popeye Cartoon-A haul in one

DIGI VIEW no Vol # item # TV-728
Found Walmart

1-Deadline at Noon
2-The Planet of Death
3-The Brain Machine