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Welcome to the Academy's Hall of Fame. This section will spotlight the actors, producers, advisors, directors and the " movers and shakers" of the 1950's Space shows. Where possible, the information will be checked for accuracy by the featured Hall of Fame members. Each member will have a home page of vital statistics and pages related to their work. The resources will include bibliographies, notes and original documents that highlight the history and development of their characters.

The Academy would like to solicit help from those who worked on any of the early shows or from anyone who may have information on their favorite actor, producer or others who should be included in these pages. Contact the Academy with any ideas, articles or information you would like to see in this section.

The Honor Roll

Frankie Thomas - Actor - "Tom Corbett" Tom Corbett.
Memorial Page

Edward Bryce- Actor - "Capt Strong" Tom Corbett.
Memorial Page

Jan Merlin- Actor - "Roger Manning" Tom Corbett .

Paul S. Newman - Writer - Tom Corbett Newspaper, comics and related material. "King of Comic Book Writers"-Guinness Book of World.

Ed Kemmer - Actor- "Commander Corry" Of the Space Patrol.
Memorial Page

Lyn Osborn-Actor- "Cadet Happy" Space Patrol.

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