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The SOLAR GUARD site has it's roots in the mid 1960's when I had to pack my collection for storage and head for college. Found among the treasures, saved since pre-teen years, were several Grosset & Dunlap TOM CORBETT books. Re-reading the adventures of Tom, Roger and Astro was enjoyable and stimulated memories of the early TV shows. What started as a fond memory developed into a 30+ year research hobby. As I found other fans of Tom, Space Patrol, Rocky Jones and the space heroes of the early 1950's, a common statement of "I thought I was the only one interested in Tom Corbett and the 1950's Space Heroes!!! was repeated many times. Even in 1996 when the first page of the then named SPACE OPERA site was first placed on line, I receive e-mail with the same exclamation of wonder!! A small fanzine called Space Opera, dedicated to Tom Corbett, was published in 1977 and served as the core of the site when it went online as my home page in December of 1996.

The pages grew as more cadets found their way to the site until September 1998 when the Space Opera site became a Domain name site called SOLAR GUARD in honor of all of the Space Heroes of the 1950’s. The logo and spirit of the site became known as the SOLAR GUARD ACADEMY.

The Academy is composed of Cadets, because we are still learning about the early shows, spread across the United States and some from overseas. Membership is easy, just be a fan of the early shows and be willing to share memories with other cadets.

If a cadet would like to form a unit and invite others to join in the fun, the Academy will provide them with a Solar Guard Academy badge. The first Academy unit was the Polaris II Crew formed in 1999 when Chuck Lassen, Jack McKirgan and Ed Pippin attended the Williamsburg Film Festival. Just contact me, Cadet Ed, at the Academy with a name for the Unit (a favorite spaceship or unit ID) and an ID badge (JPG graphic) will be emailed to you. It will be sized so you may print it out as a name badge that would identify you to fellow cadets at special events, conventions, festivals etc.

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The site is dedicated to researching and preserving the heritage of the early shows and those who worked on them. It is also a “fanzine” for old as well as new fans to gather and exchange information and ideas. It is also a resource for others to use in their research of these early shows. What is the attraction of shows over 40 years old and dated by today’s standards? The treatment of the Space Characters of the 1950's is, at best, passed off as "Juvenile". Most articles or books written have given the genre a short salute and dismissed them as just children’s shows. Granted this was the target audience and judging from the magazine articles of the 1950’s, the shows hit their mark. However, there was magic in the shows and we would like to keep that magic alive for future generations.
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